Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sleeping Music, I Needs It

Sleeping Music… I needs it...

Master needs the TV running in the bedroom to go to sleep. He turns it on, turns the sound down to an unintelligible murmur, sets the sleep timer for some amount of time and goes to sleep. It can’t be any type of show; they have to be what Master calls “sleeping music”… documentaries with soft spoken narrators… ideally nature shows, history… Richard Attenborough really does it for him, knocks him right out. But many times the deep dark night is a bleak time and he has to choose something else… and something he chose last night woke me right up.

I don’t need the television but I have learned to adapt to the flickering light and hum of voices. Most of the time, it does not bother me. Especially after I told Master that for some mysterious reason Star Trek can yank me wide awake from a deep sleep. But last night… something… I am not even sure if it really was the TV, woke me up at 1:30 a.m. The TV was still running and clicked off as I tried to fight to keep my eyes closed. But nothing I could do would recapture that elusive sleep. My head was “ON”… Now I am an early riser but that was not cool.

I did get some writing done… just a piece about a couple of new implements of ass destruction I bought for Master. I came up with a name for my most hated and loved things he hits me with… but I think I will put this up… and put down my computer… and hopefully find some sleeping music… I needs it.

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