Monday, August 23, 2010

Alaska pictures

So I am home again. A little older (I did have my birthday during my visit.) and a little wiser. I do know that I was doing a lot of mourning. While my mother is still very much alive, she is just not the same and I had to face that loss.

They gave me the "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo", "The Girl That Played With Fire", and "The Girl That Kicked the Hornets Nest" for my birthday present. I am already done with the first two and half way through the third. They are good mystery thrillers.

Master has left with the 'struction to "finish that book" so I won't be sneaking off to read alla the time and he can give me longer lists of things to do. But to tell you the truth he was so happy to get me home that I have been totally spoiled since I have gotten here. Direction to "take nap now" twice a day. Order out Mexican put down in front of me when I rouse and blink bleary eyed. And he was right... I was pretty drained when I got home. Both physically and mentally exhausted. And lets not forget the amazing sex. I really needed the rest.

Here are some pictures of my Alaska trip.

If you get up very early in the morning...

... and you keep a sharp eye out, you will sometimes see the caribou as he swims across. He is the little black thing in the water.

And you will have a better chance of actually catching a salmon to eat.

Here is a picture of that unfortunate rainbow trout with the terrible facial scars from being caught and released so many times. He was big and strong and healthy... if a bit battered and having an ugly mug.

And here is that lonely Stellar Sea Lion at the Seward Sea Life Center.

So I guess I better get to reading if I am going to obey the 'structions and finish that book.

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