Saturday, August 13, 2011

Eden Fantasys sex toy review

Eden Fantasys sex toy review of pocket vibrator.

After I opened the box, my first impression was that jennas-vibe-with-attachments was small, much smaller than it looked like in the picture… hardly bigger than my thumb.  It was like a miniature vibrator, more of a salesmen’s sample… not quite the real thing.  It only had room for one AA battery.  And once I got it all put together and twisted the bottom its “vroom” was miniature too (if that is four out of five… than my Hitachi wanna-be would most likely rate 50 or 60) and to be honest, I need all vrooms I can get.

For straight masturbating, it is useless.  I would rather use my hand.  Putting on all the different little (key word “little”) attachments make very little difference… though I would caution you to make sure that little finger hand looking thing doesn’t have any sharp places.  (It’s pretty amazing how pokey “jelly” can be.)  Bottom line… my fingers work better.  And the Hitachi wanna-be works ten times better.   

Now for the upside… yes, it is very water proof… and yes, it helps in the shower solely for the fact that it gives me a critical two inches of extended reach and when one is contorted into his preferred angle, it is hard to get to exactly the right place.  It also gave one an excuse for only using only one hand to brace oneself against the forces banging ones forehead against the edge of the tub.  I still cannot come in there but with the aid of those four vrooms, I must say the enthusiasm hasn’t been quite so feigned.  It does manage nudge the aging libido enough to make the time in the shower waiting for the water to turn cold pass so much more pleasantly. 

So final assessment is that it is a “foreplay” vibrator rather than the “get the job done” kind of industrial earth mover I seem to require in order to orgasm.  So it is seeing some use… once a week.  In fact, it sits in my toothbrush cup, right next to the shower.  (And it’s so small and so innocent looking, at first glance it could be any sort of personal hygiene device.) 

So while it did not fulfill the fantasized function of orgasms in the shower, it has not ended up in the reject box.

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  1. Haha, this sounds like the perfect vibrator for me! I have problems with too much vroom!