Wednesday, October 12, 2011


As I sit here in this messy house... and seriously, my dear, I seriously don't seem to care... and thank gawd... neither does he.  I remember reading recently in someone else's blog that if you get told to go wash the dishes and you do, you are submissive... because if you were a slave he would not have to tell you... or something like that.  Anyway... I have let the service part of this deal go down the pooper. 

Work has been taking a lot of my energy... and more than energy... it leaves me unambitious.  I just can't care enough to keep ahead of it... dishes... Hah!  They can pile up... and up... and up. 

And this last weekend, when he ordered me to come climb up in his lap... a short bark of 'mere'!  I crawled up and mumbled in his neck... "I don't think I am really a slave."

He asked me why.

And I said... "I just don't do all those slave things... I don't do a good job of keeping this house.  I am not a slave."

And he said... "If you are not a slave what are you?"

And I sat up and looked him in the eye... "I am a 'mere-bot."  A snuggle on demand lazy ass bitch.


  1. Laughing... I love this...

    If you have to be a good housekeeper to be a slave, I'm not either.



  2. i just wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday and hopes for a perfect new year :)