Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Day..

Happy New Year.  May all your resolutions be possible.

Every year I think about New Year Resolutions but I rarely make them.  Last year's plan of writing more and gaming less was in many ways taking a risk... a risk of disappointing myself.  And I am realistic to know that the idea that you can control the world around you and how it impacts you is supremely foolish.  In fact it seems like the world is actively sabotaging all my plans.

Being 100% available to help my parents with anything and everything they need is a given.  Making plans always involves them.  It is harder to plan ahead.

So perhaps new year's resolutions will have to become new month's resolutions, or new week's resolutions... or new day's resolutions.  Jeebus... some days it will dwindle to hours or even minutes.

So it is a new day.  My New Days Resolution.  Pay Bills.  Yeah... I can do that.  

Happy New Day.

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