Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First Post

Its funny, Master left me with a list, mostly paper stuff, bills, the silly census thing, the not so silly income tax thing... and as per usual I am procrastinating. The good thing is the dishwasher is rumbling away and the potatoes are boiling to make a big potato salad to go along with the barbecued steaks tonight. I am halfway thinking about putting on some bread to rise.

I figure anyone that takes the time to read another persons blog must be curious but rather than go on a long tiresome this is me type thing, I think I will let you get to know me as you go.

I will be posting some things I have written in the past, both fiction and non fiction. I will post poetry and excerpts from my books with clumsy amateurish attempts at self promotion. It is funny, I can write like a dream, but sell... oh my fucking god, that is hard as hell.

I think next I will put up a conversation I had yesterday on Fetlife.com with a wanna be slave/subbie/property... pick your label... girl who kept whining about total power exchange not being fair, how angry she was that he did not do his share of the house work. It will give you some insight into where I am now and how I feel about it.

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