Monday, March 29, 2010

A trip to the Chinese Gardens

Yesterday, Sunday, I went to the Society of Submission meeting. It was Miss Rebecca's birthday so we went to the Lan Su Chinese Gardens.

It was not such a beautiful sunny day and I forgot my camera so I found this picture on the web. But even in the rain it was breathtakingly beautiful. No... not breathtaking... breath giving. I could feel my spirit calming and expanding.

We went to the tea house and I ordered "Golden Monkey Tea"...

And steamed buns....

The conversation was deep and sometimes touching as the sisters that sat with me shared their stories of hope and heartbreak.

It made me realize how truly lucky I am to have a Master and love at all... this world is not often so kind.

I came home thoughtful and more aware of how happy I really am.

Thank you Master.



  1. By the way, the steamed buns were delicious.

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