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Serial Saturday NORTHWEST HUNTERS Book Two, Chapter Fifteen

Chapter 15:  A Subpoena to Testify

The week passed quickly.  Over and over Junie fought the impulse to beg her Master for his answer.  She wrote to Tammi and her sons.  Nearly every day she exchanged notes with Monica, little everyday messages about books, movies, how the baby she was caring for was growing, how the puppies were growing up.
The small, flat-screen television Junie ordered online came in, along with a DVD player.  Junie discretely installed it in her sewing room and started up a membership in a by-mail video rental club. 
Junie finished her corset and gasped as her Mistress laced her up tight into it.  Junie was torn between loving the image in the mirror and the shallow-breathed agony at being forced into an unnatural hourglass shape.  Her large breasts looked huge as they were forced up and out by the shelf bra she had built into the complex, confining garment.  She looked in the mirror and squeaked in a shallow breathless voice, “Oh my god, I have a waist, take a picture quick before I faint.”
Donna laughed and said, “I can see why these things are used by Dom’s around the world.  They look hot and it’s torture just to wear one.”
Junie tried to laugh and then squeaked, “I’ll get to work on yours first thing tomorrow morning.”

Junie’s phone rang and, when she checked to see who would be calling her, she was surprised to see Agent Durant’s name on her screen.  A little pang of worry about Monica shot through her. 
As soon as she answered, she blurted out, “Is Monica all right?”
Agent Durant’s voice was all business, “Ms. Thomas, Junie, I am not calling to talk with you about Monica.  The judge assigned to the case in Oregon has ruled that she will not accept your deposition regarding how the knife was found in your car.  We are going to need you to testify.”
Junie’s heart sank, “Testify?  You mean like in court?”  Even as she said the words she knew how stupid it sounded.
“Yes, ma’am, the judge ruled that the defense has the right to challenge your statement.  It’s the law that any accused criminal has the right to face his accusers and have the opportunity to defend himself.”
“He’ll be there?  They’ll ask me about… about…the picture and me doing those foolish things online?”  Junie’s voice shook, all her old fears roaring back.  Almost unaware that she was pacing, she roamed her room like a caged animal trying to find a route to escape.  It took her a minute to realize he was still talking.  Over the buzzing in her ears, his voice was just another noise.  He was saying something about a subpoena and court dates.  Junie looked at the phone and turned it off and carefully put it away in her purse.
Her mind was still buzzing with panic, but her steps were determined.  She walked quickly out to the garage and, sitting down, gathered the puppies into her lap.  Holding Happy close, she crooned and rocked.

Donna found her there, whispering to the puppy.  “Junie, I have been looking all over for you.  Agent Durant called me.  He said he was talking with you and the connection was broken and you didn’t answer when he tried to call back.  He’s a little worried about you.”
Junie’s voice was choked, “I don’t care.  I won’t do it.  Please don’t make me do it.”
Donna stood looking down at her for a while, a soft worried frown on her face.  Finally she sat down next to Junie and picked up a puppy and began to pet the squirming little bundle of yellow fur.  She spoke softly, “I’m sorry, Junie, but if they subpoena you, you have to go.  I can’t protect you from that.”
Junie began to plead, “They’ll ask me questions, ask me about Sir James and… and…”  Junie’s voice broke, “I won’t do it.  I can’t.” 
“Sweet, sweet girl, how do you think Monica is going to do what she has to do?  They want to talk to you about finding a knife in your car.  Monica will have to go over every detail of the horrible things that man did to her.  You want her to be brave.  Don’t you think you should be brave, too?”
A tiny sob shook Junie, “I guess so, Ma’am.”
“Come on back to the house and we’ll call Agent Durant back and find out what we need to do.  He said a representative will be coming out to serve the subpoena and they’ll tell us more about when we need to go to Portland.”
“We?  You mean you would go with me?”
“Sweet, silly Junie girl, I am your Mistress and your lawyer.  You don’t think I would allow you to go alone?”
Junie pressed her lips together, “If Monica can do it, so can I.”
“Good girl.”

It was only four days later when Donna called Junie up from her sewing room.  She  was relieved to see that one of the people sitting at the kitchen table was Agent Gold, next to him was a small African American woman with very short hair and large gold earrings busily sorting out some papers that were arranged in front of her on the table.  Donna was making a pot of coffee.  Bob stood in the kitchen next to Donna.  Junie moved to put the counter between her and the table.  Agent Gold smiled and spoke up, “Ms. Thomas, it’s good to see you again.  How have you been?”
Junie forced herself to smile back and replied stiffly, “I’m fine.  How are you?”  Unconsciously she took a step closer to her Master, almost hiding behind him.
Agent Gold blinked, and turned to the woman, “Ms. Thomas, let me introduce Ms. Lurleena Benson.  She’s an assistant district attorney with the prosecutor’s office in Portland.  She’s here to formally serve you with a subpoena and will talk to you about what you’ll need to do.”
The woman looked up from her papers and spoke briskly, “Nice to meet you, Ms. Thomas.  We have only a few papers to go over and sign.  Currently, the trial is scheduled to start on October 15.  At this time, we don’t know exactly what days you will be called to testify.”
Junie nodded fearfully.
Donna interrupted, “Do you know how long Junie will be expected to be in Oregon?”
The lawyer frowned, “Ma’am, it is nearly impossible to say.  It depends on the line of defense Sam Card’s defense team decides to make.  At this point, he’s only been charged in the case against Ms. Monica Bond, kidnapping, sexual assault, assault with a deadly weapon, and attempted murder.”  The little dark skinned woman continued to frown, “You’re acting as Junie’s lawyer?”
Donna nodded, “Yes, I am.”
“Could I talk to you privately?”
Donna nodded briskly, “Why don’t we take a walk down by the lake.”
Junie watched the two women walk out the front door and move down across the lawn.  She looked up at Bob and then at Agent Gold.  “What do they need to talk about that I can’t hear?”  Her voice vibrated with panic and anxiety.
Agent Gold looked uncomfortable and looked at Bob.  Her Master put his hand on her shoulder, “I don’t know, Junie, but you need to trust Donna.  Remember she will always do what’s best for you.  Trust us, Junie.”

When they were down by the water Donna turned to the District attorney, “What’s up?”
“Ms. Campbell, both Agent Durant and Agent Gold have spoken to me about Ms. Thomas’s problems with anxiety.  I don’t want to panic her if it is unnecessary.  There is a possibility that Sam Card’s defense team is going to try and bring out the sexual history of Monica, and perhaps Junie, into the trial.  They’re going to try to say that the relationships between Sam Card and both women were consensual.  We’re fighting that now in motions.  Even if it was a consensual relationship that doesn’t excuse the things he did to Ms. Bond.  I believe it’s a strategy to try to frighten the women away from testifying.”
Donna nodded, “Yes, I see, if Junie knew about this, she may very well panic.  She was dealing with panic attacks only a few weeks ago.  She’s made a lot of progress in just a short time.  I would hate to see her fall back.”
“If this line of defense is going to be allowed, she will need a lot of coaching and support.  So will Ms. Bond.  Agent Durant has mentioned that she and Junie have become pen pals.  That may work for us and it may work against us.  Do you know if either of them has spoken about their experiences regarding Sam Card with the other?”
Donna nodded, “I’ve read all the letters that Junie and Monica have exchanged and their emails as well.  There have been some very general references to Monica’s medical condition and about how they’ve been feeling emotionally.  But neither has talked in detail about the crimes.  I still have all those communications.”
“Good, I’ll need to have those and any more that may occur.  I don’t want Ms. Thomas or Ms. Bond to communicate privately.  I want you to be privy to all future communications.  I may need to subpoena you and these communications, if the defense team tries to infer that these two witnesses may have been colluding with each other.  As long as they don’t talk about the specific crimes, I think it will be okay for them to continue to communicate.  Hopefully, they can support each other through this.”
“That won’t be a problem.  In those communications, Junie does make very general references to the fact that she’s in a BDSM sexual relationship with me and my husband.  Do you think that will be a problem?”
The little lawyer looked worried, “I hope not.”  She looked at Donna with a tired, exasperated expression, “This would be so much easier without all this stuff.  Don’t get me wrong.  We all have our kinks, and I would be the last one to point fingers, but for just once I wish things could be simpler.  I just worry how much this will distract a jury from the real facts.  That man carved Monica up like a Christmas turkey.  She came within inches of dying.  I could care less what the kink was.  He was trying to kill her.  And god knows how many other women he has killed.  If we can get a conviction here, then we’ll have all the time in the world to build those other cases against him.  Then, hopefully, someone will put a needle in his arm.  God knows, I’m not a big fan of capital punishment but I think, in this case, I will not object.  This is one person that needs to die.”  The little dark skinned woman held out her hand to Donna, “I hope we can work together to get this guy put away where he belongs.  Let’s just pray that we can keep this thing from going sour.  I’ll be in frequent contact with you letting you know how motions are going.  If the judge lets them use that consensual line of defense, we’ll need to prepare both Junie and Monica for that.  I’ll want to have Junie come to Portland and go over her responses to that line of questioning.  The district attorney’s office will pay for all travel expenses of course.”
Donna took her hand and shook it, “Of course.”

When they walked into the house Junie was glassy eyed with nervousness, wiping at the counter over and over with a damp rag.  She looked up as the two women came through the door and a shudder ran through her.  Donna looked at her sharply, her voice was suddenly cool and crisp, “Junie, do you trust me?”
Junie flinched and nodded convulsively, “Yes, Ma’am.”
“District attorney Benson and I were discussing some possible lines of questioning that you may need to deal with but, until we are sure exactly what is going to happen, I’ve decided to not talk with you about them.  I’ve decided that there’s no reason to worry about something that may not happen.  I promise that as soon as I know for sure what is going to happen, I’ll talk to you about it.  Until then, I am commanding you to do your best to calm yourself.”
Junie swayed and gripped the edge of the counter, “I don’t know if I can.”
“That’s why I said for you to do your best.  Failure will not be disobedience if you’re trying.”
Both Agent Gold and the district attorney were carefully ignoring the conversation.  Junie suddenly realized that they were there and shot Donna an alarmed and embarrassed look, her pale face suddenly blossoming red.  Donna laughed, “Junie, everyone here is aware of the nature of our relationship.  I see no reason to hide things now, especially when you need firm direction.”  Donna looked at Junie, her eyes sharp and measuring.  “You need it now, don’t you?”
Junie felt herself almost involuntarily slow and calm.  Her mouth quivered as a tiny smile fought with the expression of terror that had frozen her features.  “Yes, Ma’am, I do.”
“Good girl.  Now I want you to come over, sit down at the table, and sign whatever papers they need you to sign.”

The month of July was drawing to a close.  The puppies were weaned and set free to roam around the yard a great deal of the time with Junie officially assigned as their shepherd.  She found herself continually diverting them from chewing up all the landscaping and was worn out a lot of the time from running after one or another of the little vandals, diverting them out of the garden, or from chewing on nearly everything around them.  For the first time, she began to think to herself that she would be happy to see them on their way to their new homes.
As each buyer came to pick up their puppy, Junie was kept busy keeping the house spotless, the yard perfect, and the kennel clean and neat.  Finally, the only puppy left was Happy.  Junie lavished her attention on the little girl puppy, bringing her into the house and working on house training her.  It was everything she could do to honor her Master’s direction to not ask about what his decision was.  She kept telling herself that Happy was still here, that meant he had not decided to sell the puppy to anyone else.
Over dinner Donna spoke up, “Junie, you have done an amazing job trusting your Master and me.  You have not asked about the puppy one time.  I know that it’s been weighing on your mind.”
Junie held herself in check, waiting with her breath held.  She found herself quivering in nervous waiting.  Donna continued, “Have you spoken to Monica about the puppy?”
Junie swallowed, “I talk about Happy.  I tell her what a good puppy she is.  I’ve sent her pictures, but I haven’t asked her if she would like to have her.”
“Good girl.  Do you still want to do this?  Do you still want to try and give Happy to Monica?”
“Oh yes, Ma’am, it would be so wonderful.  I just know they were meant to be together.”
“Well I have very strong personal beliefs that it’s wrong to give puppies as gifts, so I’ll have to be there when you talk to Monica about wanting her to have Happy.”
Junie could not help but squeal and interrupt, “We’re going?  We’re going to see Monica?”
Donna laughed and held up her hand.  “Calm yourself, girl.  Yes, we’re going to Portland.  Your Master and I have decided that I’ll drive you down.  He’ll stay here and take care of the dogs and the house.  We will go see Monica.  If she decides that having a dog is a commitment she can make, you can give her the puppy.  If not, we’ll bring Happy home and then find another family for her.  You have to be ready for that.”
Junie did not even think, “Oh yes, Ma’am.”  A wildly excited grin lit up her face and she was practically dancing in her chair with excitement.
Donna’s face did not match Junie’s glee.  “We’ll also be stopping by the District Attorney’s offices in Portland.  We’ll need to go over your testimony with them.” 
Junie froze, all her excitement gone, a wave of dread going over her.  “You’ve heard from Ms. Benson.”
“Yes, Junie, I’ve been talking with her on the phone almost every day the last few weeks.  The district attorney’s office was trying very hard to keep certain lines of questioning out of the trial, but it looks like you’re going to need to be prepared for just about anything.”
“Anything?”  Junie’s voice quavered.
Bob’s voice was a growl, “Junie, you will trust your Mistress.  You will obey your Mistress completely while you are away from me.”
Junie looked at Bob and Donna wildly and nodded struggling to control the panic that was surging through her.  She started to stand up and then sat back down.  Her breathing was getting hard to control, coming in short tiny gasps that seemed to have no oxygen in them.  Slipping from her chair, Junie crept to kneel at her Masters’ feet.  Her voice as strangled, “Help me.  Please, I want to obey, but I don’t know how.  Please, help me.”
Bob reached down and lifted Junie’s face up to look at him.  “For now, it will be simple.  And so that you become more accustomed to looking to Donna for support and direction, I am going to have her take you a lot deeper in your submission to her.  Are you willing to do that for us, Junie?  Will you let us control you completely?”
A wave of relief rolled over Junie, “Oh yes, Master.”
Donna spoke up, “Junie, until it is time for us to leave I will require you to strip and be naked.  You are forbidden to speak unless directly questioned.  You will need to depend on me for even the most basic of your needs.  Do not ask to use the bathroom.  You will pee or shit when I decide.  You will eat what, and when, I decide.  You will sleep when, and where, I decide.  You will obey me completely.”
Junie remained kneeling and didn’t speak.  Her eyes were huge as she looked up at Donna and then Bob.
Bob knelt and stroked her face.  “Do not forget I am your Master but, for now, it will all flow through your Mistress.  It will give you the help that you begged for.  Look to your Mistress.”
Junie nodded and turned her eyes to Donna, uncertain what to do.  Slowly she began to remove her clothes and when she saw the approval in her Mistress’s eyes she quickly stripped off all her clothing.  Donna nodded, “If you are not directly obeying a command, you will kneel at my feet.  I’m pleased to see you’re already remembering to obey by not speaking.”  Donna placed Junie’s half eaten meal on the floor in front of her.  “Finish this and then go clean up after our meal.” 
Junie looked for some utensils and seeing none carefully began to pick up the food with her fingers and ate delicately licking her sticky fingers off after she was finished.  When she began to rise to start cleaning, Donna spoke sharply.  “Your plate is not clean enough.  Lick it off, Junie.”  When Junie picked up the plate, Donna made a sharp negating growl and Junie froze.  “No hands, Junie.  Lean over and lick it off.”  Junie felt a wave of embarrassment as she ran her tongue over the stoneware dish, licking up every last crumb and drop of sauce.  Her hair hung down into the food and she could tell that there was some salad dressing getting on it.  When she was finished she rocked back on her knees and looked at her Mistress, waiting for her approval. 
Bob stood and stretched, “It looks like you have things under control here.  I’ll take the dogs out for their walk.” 
Donna looked at Junie’s plate and grunted, “Good enough.  Go ahead, clean up this place.”
Junie hurried through her task and quickly knelt at Donna’s feet, waiting.  She still felt a deep background storm of anxiety, held only at bay by the fragile dam of her commitment to obey her Mistress.  Donna looked down at her.  “Junie, you will wait here.  Do not move until I return.” 
When Donna returned, she had Junie hold her hair up and out of the way as she buckled a leather dog collar around Junie’s neck.  She attached a leash to the collar and pulled up sharply on the leash forcing Junie’s face up towards hers.  When Junie tried to rise, thinking that she was being prompted to stand, Donna barked, “No, I did not tell you to stand, girl.  You will not do anything unless expressly commanded to do it.  Keep kneeling.  Look at me.”
Junie nervously licked her lips and looked up at her Mistress.  Donna spoke, “Junie, we are going to go pack for our trip.  We will pack my clothes first.”  Donna grinned bitterly.  “Lucky for us I still have a lot my awful lawyer clothes.”  When Junie tried to stand again Donna jerked on the leash forcing her back down.  “Crawl, girl, you will only walk once I tell you to stand.”  Junie scrambled along on her hands and knees behind Donna as she walked to her room. 
Donna pointed wordlessly at a spot near the foot of the bed.  Once Junie was kneeling, Donna touched her lips and pushed the leather handle of the leash into Junie’s mouth.  “Hold this for me.”  Junie obediently held the leash in her teeth, the chain dangling down between her breasts, watching as her Mistress began to lay out her clothes.  As she went through her drawers and closet, Donna idly commented, “It is sure nice to have everything clean and put away so neatly.  Junie, you really do a good job taking care of me.”  Junie felt a soft balm of comfort.  Donna continued, “Trust me to take care of you now, Junie.”  After Donna finished packing her bag, she took the leash from Junie’s mouth and headed down the stairs, Junie crawling behind.
Again, Junie held the leash in her teeth as she watched as Donna lay out a selection of her clothing, ranging from her dressiest little black dress, to a couple of nice looking slacks and blouses, even including her corset.  Donna grinned, “Just because this is a business trip, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun, girl.  Speaking of fun, I need to remember to pack some toys.”

Once Junie’s things were packed, Donna led her into the bathroom and pointed at the toilet, “Go.”  Junie quickly sat and peed, but when she reached for the toilet paper Donna made the same negative grunt and Junie snatched her hand back.  “Remember, girl, only what I say.”  Junie blushed miserably as Donna took some paper and wiped her clean.  Again Donna pointed at the floor and, when Junie was kneeling, she pressed the handle of the leash to her lips.  Junie obediently took the leather between her teeth.  “Wait here.”
Junie knelt alone, her mind a soft fog of emotions, but everything seemed muted.  The anxiety was there but it was like a background noise now.  It seemed that all her attention was focused on listening for Donna’s step, waiting for her return.  She had a simple single thought.  ‘Yes, wait here.’
Donna had the familiar pitcher of enema solution in her hands when she returned.  She got out the enema bag and spoke softly, her words simple and short, “Turn around.  Face on the floor.”
Junie felt almost graceful as she spun and laid her cheek on the clean cool tiles; she noticed her hands lay soft and open, palm up.  It was like parts of her were gradually turning off.  She was becoming increasingly aware of her Mistress; her senses were intensely focused on her Mistress’s slightest movement and change of expression, and her words were irresistible.  But it was like everything else was switching off.  There was a stillness and silence inside her that she had never experienced before.  She felt amazingly peaceful.
At the same time, she felt very in touch with her body.  She could feel each breath as she took it and the warm liquid in her belly seemed to fill her with a pressure and a deep, almost pleasant, aching sensation.  When Donna prompted her to sit and release the fluid from her bowels, she did so with a happy sigh of relief.  The feeling of emptying her bowels matched, and somehow emphasized, the sense of peace.  She smiled softly and looked at her Mistress, waiting.
“Stand up and walk into the shower, Junie.”  As Donna scrubbed her clean, she continued to speak.  “I have plans for you this evening.  I must sleep so I will be rested for the drive tomorrow.  But, before I go to bed, I will be giving you a task to endure.  It is my intention to keep you awake and tire you out.  I want you pushed to the edge before we leave tomorrow.  Your Master will be here to monitor you so you will not be alone.”
Donna led Junie into the playroom on her hands and knees.  She had her kneel on a thin pad in the center of the room and put a blindfold on.  Junie felt her wrists being put into her familiar leather cuffs and then clipped together behind her back.  “Spread your knees out girl.”  Junie felt ropes tied around her thighs, just above her knees, and then a bar tied against her legs, keeping her knees spread wide.  There was the sound of a pulley and Junie felt her hands being lifted up behind her back, forcing her to bend over at the waist.  For the first time she heard her Master’s voice.  “Junie, is that too tight on your shoulders?” 
Junie had to pause for a minute to find the words, her voice already feeling odd in her ears. “No, Sir.”
“While you are not allowed to speak, it is not disobedience to use your safe words if you need to.”
Junie felt lubrication being applied to her anus and then fingers moving in and out.  Oddly, she had not felt at all aroused all evening, just calm, quiet, and peaceful.  The sensation of the fingers fucking her was odd and she felt only a soft stirring.  Bob’s voice was a soft distant rumble, thunder in the distance.  “Junie, you have permission to be aroused.  I want you to come for me as often as you can.  You may not speak, but you may cry out with your passion.”  His other hand reached down between her legs and began to lightly stroke her cleft.  Junie sighed and began to rock her hips, her breasts swaying as they hung down, feeling herself warm and moisten as her tissues began to engorge with blood.  The fingers in her ass moved regularly, thrusting in and out; soft moans of pleasure began to make her lips quiver.
A soft cry of dismay broke from Junie’s lips as his hands left her, but then she sighed when she felt something probing and pushing deep into her cunt.  It was clearly a dildo and she pushed back against it, making soft needy cries.  When she heard the familiar click and whir of the fucking machine, Junie froze and gave a soft cry of dread.  “Yellow light.  Oh god, yellow light.”
The machine was instantly turned off.  Donna’s voice was soft, “Tell us what you need, Junie.” 
“Please, Mistress; don’t leave me alone with that thing.  Please, just have your hand on me somewhere so I know you’re there.  I can do it if I can feel your touch.”
“Your Master will be here with you, Junie.  You won’t be alone.  He will touch you.”
“Thank you, Mistress.  Oh, thank you.”
Donna’s hand was cool against her lips.  “Hush, girl, remember your instructions.  No more words from you.”
Junie kissed passionately at the fingers against her mouth and quivered as she felt the machine turn on again, the dildo sliding smoothly in and out of her cunt.  It was moving slowly, but there was an irresistible power behind it.  She groaned in apprehension and then felt a wave of relief when she felt Bob’s hand touch her face.  She felt him pulling up a chair and sitting down at her face, pulling her head to rest in his lap, his fingers stroking her face and hair.  Without any other stimulus, beyond the endless rhythmic thrusting of the machine she was attached to, Junie’s excitement was slow to build.  She found herself kissing at her Master’s fingers and then trying to suck at them, soft hungry whimpers communicating to him her need.
When she heard him unzip his pants she made a happy sound, and reached with her lips and tongue, eager to take him deep into her mouth.  Inhaling his scent with a deep groan of satisfaction, Junie held him gently in her mouth, not wanting him to leave.  Softly, with the most feathery light of touches, she ran her tongue around the tip of his cock and then took him deep into her throat until she could not help but gag.  She forced herself to hold him there, her throat closing around the tip of his cock, her eyes watering behind her blindfold.  Slowly she began to move up and down his cock, perfectly matching the slow inexorable plunges of the dildo in her cunt.  She could feel something big forming slowly inside her; it felt like a storm building on a late summer afternoon.  Soft electric tingles were crawling along the skin of her legs; she could feel her cunt tightening and pulling at the dildo as it slid in and out of her.  Junie was in no hurry.  She knew that she wasn’t in control of this; it was in control of her.  She relaxed and let her attention focus on her Master’s cock filling her mouth, only dimly aware of the soft rhythmic moans that seemed to be forced from her by each plunge of the two cocks filling her.
Her only sense of time was the building of the thing inside her.  It seemed to grow and grow, filling her with heat and tension.  Junie found her whole body surging back to meet the cock as it filled her, every muscle tense, trying to hold this thing inside her. Knowing it was inevitable, but fearing its release as well.  A tiny bit of her rational mind knew that, when she released her passion, she didn’t know if it would stop.  Soft cries of urgency were muffled as she worked her lips up and down her Master’s cock.  She could tell he was close to his come; his cock was hard and throbbing in her mouth. 
His voice was a strained groan, “Oh fuck, Junie, come for me.”  When it hit her she groaned long and low, her body writhing.  She could feel her cunt clamp down on the dildo as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her.  Bob’s hand on her head forced his cock deep in her throat as he came.  Junie held him deep and swallowed convulsively.  Each pulse of her Master’s cock was matched by a spasm of her cunt.  The dildo continued to thrust inside her, the rhythm unchanged, pushing her pleasure higher and dragging out her orgasm.  Even when it subsided, it didn’t completely empty her of the thing inside her.  She felt the tension building faster this time and, letting her Master’s cock slip from her lips, Junie whimpered in fear. 
She felt his hand stroking her back, his voice soft, “You have it in you, Junie.  Let it out.  Give it all to us.”
Junie didn’t know how long she knelt there, her head in her Master’s lap.  Orgasm after orgasm rumbled through her until she could not remember why she was here.  Soft little mumbles began to leak from her lips.  “Master, please.”  Finally Bob turned off the machine and got her a glass of water, loosening the rope that held her arms so she could stretch.  When he returned her to the machine, he pushed the dildo up her ass instead of her cunt.
Junie broke into tears and began to sob, “I’m so tired, Master; please, not my bottom.”
Bob’s voice was sharp, “Remember, Junie, no talking.”  When the machine was turned on, Junie grunted and panted as she adjusted to the new wave of sensations.  At least this way there was less of the unbearable build toward orgasm that had accompanied its assaults on her cunt. 
She felt her Master’s hand on her back steadying her and then heard the buzzing of the vibrator just as he pressed it against the length of her cleft.  Junie screamed as the intense sensation shot through her.  She convulsed and tried to escape, when her Master’s voice made her freeze.  “Obey me, Junie.  I want more from you.  Give me more.  Give me everything.”
Junie was sobbing as she nodded.  She found herself hanging from the ropes tied to her arms, convulsing as climax after climax were forced through her, the spasms more agony than pleasure.  Junie heard her voice scream out, hoarse and weak, “Red light, Master, red light,” as the darkness swirled around her and her awareness slipped away.

Junie woke to a strong hand shaking her shoulder.  Donna’s voice was loud and impatient in her ears.  “Get up, girl, time to go.”
Junie tried to remember where she was and then remembered the night before.  She wondered how she had gotten into bed.  Her mind was foggy and, when she stretched, she became very aware of a deep stiff ache in her belly, loins, and thighs.  Her shoulders didn’t seem to want to move easily, either.  Without thinking she whimpered, “Oh, god.”
Donna’s voice was an icy whiplash, “No talking.  Get your ass up and put on these clothes.  The car is loaded.  It’s time to go!”
Junie pulled on the soft comfortable shorts and t-shirt with sandals.  Donna snapped the leash on her collar and led her on her hands and knees to the bathroom.  “Pee,” was the only word that came from Donna’s lips.  Junie obediently released her water and waited as Donna wiped her clean.  Donna jerked on the leash and muttered, “Walk, Junie; I don’t have time for you to crawl to the garage.”  Donna walked close behind Junie, pushing her along, rushing her into the car.  Before she could think, she climbed into the passenger seat.  She couldn’t help groaning in pain as she settled down onto the seat. 
Donna quickly snapped her hands into handcuffs and attached them to a chain that ran under the seat, effectively pinning her hands down by her sides.  Donna fastened her seat belt and closed the door.  Junie could hear the puppy scrambling around in the travel box in the back of the SUV. 
Donna climbed into the driver’s seat and grinned at Junie, in apparent good spirits.  “Perk up, girl.  We’re going on a road trip.  We are going to have a hell of a lot of fun.”  She arched a brow at Junie.  “Just remember, all the rules stay the same.  You do nothing without me deciding.  No talking.”  Then she laughed gaily, “Here we go.”


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