Monday, November 11, 2013

Beautiful fall leaves... all over my yard.

I think this is the only place I can come and tell on the man in my life.... one time husband... once upon a time Master... Can't go to face book... he reads that.  And one of the sad things about our relationship is he WON'T read my writing. 

But this is not about all that crap.

This is about a crazy thing that happened this afternoon. 

He was out "mowing up" the leaves.  It works quite well.  Put the bag on and push the mower around.  Dump often on the compost.  Neat pile of leaves already shredded up and decomposing to make nice dirt for the flower/vegetable garden next year.

As usual he cannot focus for more than a few minutes on any one task without getting distracted by something else.  So as he 'mowed up' the leaves he became dissatisfied with certain areas of the lawn that had gotten bald spots during the brief months of no rain we get every summer. 

Distracted, he stops the 'mowing' of the leaves and starts to throw around fertilizer and grass seed.  And then he does this weird thing... he goes and starts to put the 'mowed up' leaves back on top of this.  Being a bit of a know it all I point out that mulching the seeds might be a good idea "IF" the mulch is not so deep that it kills them.

He grins and shrugs and tells me to spread it out "just right".  Me and my big mouth.  So there I am... probable the only person in town using a rake to put the leaves back down on my lawn. 



  1. It was good to see you pop up on my dashboard again.
    I hope that all is well in your world.

  2. Ditto ^ Lil.

    Could have been worse... the leaves could have been wet, ad you could have had to use your hands.