Sunday, September 5, 2010

Damn it...

After yesterdays fucking, not only was I irritable and tired... I was forgetful. I forgot to take my PRN antibiotic and now I have a UTI. Damn... damn... damn... at least my PRN will double as a remedy. I will double dose myself today and then make a serious effort to suck down an extra gallon or two of liquids.

Right now, it is in that almost pleasurable agony stage. I need to pee allllllllll the time but when I sit only a few drops dribble out. Then a wave of not quite pain... not quite pleasure... a whole body shiver of almost orgasmic sensation sweeps over me. A wave of goose bumps chases across my skin, I can feel all the hair on my head stand up... I literally shudder all over. If that was all there is I could become as addicted to this as I am to scratching my.... oh... um... never mind. But experience tells me that eventually it will soon become all pain... unbearable pain... with aches, fever and fatigue. And I have had enough lectures from doctors about kidney disease to reflexively reach for the drugs.

And already it is sapping my energy... all I want to do is sit and stare at the TV. Master has me on light duty but he did give me the "do I need to remind you to take your medicine lecture"... and I ducked and mumbled "yes, probably would be a good idea".

Luckily the D&D game is canceled (mannn I am revealing all my geeky kinky secrets aren't I)... all I have to do now is cook the dinner later on and I still have tomorrow to get caught up.

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