Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Properly Submissive?

I am home from work today. Master has some medical tests and he requires my chauffeuring skillz.

I wonder if it is properly submissive to have the urge to giggle sadistically at the thought of Master facing the "scope". Well, not exactly facing it... if you get my drift.

But I am lying low... very low... A Master that has not eaten in 24 hours and has been shitting his brains out is not safe to giggle at. One is working on her sympathetic facial expressions and fighting the urge to grin sadistically.

When I was browsing my "tags" for this post the only one that stood out was "implements of ass destruction"... Oh I am sooo bad.


  1. Wicked, for laying low, but wicked none the less ;-)!

  2. This may be the only time that it's safe for your sadistic little giggle. But it would probably catch up to you sometime later.

    Tread lightly missy.

  3. *giggles*

    oh, funnah...dangerous, but verrah funnah!!