Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shower sex and headaches don't mix.

He wanted to go for a cycle ride first. He usually does, claiming in that 'know for sure' voice that it makes the fucking better after some exercise. But his bike had a flat tire. I suggested going for a walk. I kinda miss going for walks sometimes but he ordered me directly to the shower.

I had been dealing with a nagging headache, well not exactly a headache, more a painful place on the back of my head, like a little man had had hit me with a hammer. It sometimes feels like that, a pop and zing, then if I reach back and touch, the very scalp and skull underneath hurts. It is most likely a tiny muscle spasm. And just when you get used to it, the pain starts to ease, the little fucker nails me again. POP... Zing.... I had hoped that the ride and rush of oxygen would chase it away but now I quickly popped some "Aleve" and stripped down telling myself that the drugs would work.

He was all up in my grill, watching me critically as I brushed my teeth, once again upping the expectations. He had me use one of his new electric toothbrushes... a sonic one again. I hate sonic toothbrushes, they make my nose itch. But there is no fighting it when he decides something. I met his narrow, gauging eyes with mine and tried my best to hold the brush at the exact angles he was dictating.

In the shower he hurried me through my washing and shaving, soaping my ass as I bent over to shave my legs. For years I was so humiliated by his "making sure my ass was clean" I was incapable of the simplest of hygiene, but then again, apparently I can't even brush my teeth without his guidance. I have learned since, that the act of washing my ass carries some very strong sexual trigger for him. And it worked just like it always does... in fact he got impatient and started to bend me over before I finished shaving... I think I have a 50/50 shaved pussy. (starting a whole new style). I got one side all smooth and nice, the other half still sports a 'stache.

He fucked me for a while and then the sharp tap on the shoulder to signal me to turn around quickly and make my mouth available. We proceeded like this, fuck, suck, fuck some more. Finally one of the peremptory taps turned into a grab and I was disoriented, hesitating, this wordless yank and push was not familiar. I sent a questioning look up to his face and he shoved me down on my back, flat on the floor of the shower, his words were short. "Play with your pussy." He knelt between my legs, looking down, lazily jerking off as he watched me. Then he began to stick his fingers into me, into my ass and pussy both, growling under his breath as I tensed and trembled, building closer to orgasm.

I came hard, crying out and thrashing around on hook of his fingers. But there is no rest for the weary, and he had me up and his cock deep into my throat before I even stopped spasming. By the time he tapped me with the "get up and bend over" nudge and slammed into me, coming what seemed like a gallon into my pussy. I remember still being bent over after he pulled out, watching the stream of come ooze out and run down my leg. He helped me to stand up and I leaned up against the side of the shower. The water had gotten cold, and I watched him lather up and scrub any possible contamination, any smear of nasty fluid from his skin with tired eyes.

The headache had gotten worse. I don't know if it was the orgasm or the being bent over sharply, or the straining that comes with tightening up my cunt muscles on his cock, or the repeated violent gagging that comes with the rough face fucking... but I was trashed. Normally we start in the shower and finish in bed and afterward I can curl up under warm blankets rather than shiver under a cold shower. Normally I feel giddy and happy after a good fuck... but today I was sad and unusually irritable. My head hurt, I was tired... when Master touched me I froze and shrank into myself.

"You really don't feel good." It wasn't a question, but I wordlessly shook my head. I could feel that my forehead was crimped into a perpetual frown. After I made his breakfast he interrogated me as to my food consumption in the last 24 hours, pronounced that I should eat more protein. He sent me to bed with orders to take a nap... I think I lay there half asleep, half awake for a couple of hours.

I am still irritable. I miss that happy, warm, relaxed feeling I usually have after Master soundly fucks my brains out.

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  1. I'm sorry it wasn't great for you. It is a long weekend, maybe you'll get a do over.