Friday, November 12, 2010


Lol... so soon after the last gravy drama, when I put it to Master to decide what he wanted for dinner he said "Baked Chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy... ZOMG... he didn't say it. He didn't say "gravy".

We were in the car and I teased him a little. I said... "But you hate my gravy."

Refusing to be baited, he nodded solemnly as he drove. "Yes, you are right. Your gravy sucks."

"Then I might as well just buy a jar again."

His voice was calm, "If you buy a jar of gravy, you better check to make sure it will fit."

I did not ask exactly where he was threatening to put it. He seemed satisfied that I gave him a shocked, speculative look and then deftly changed the subject.

We had a nice quiet Veteran's Day staying home together. We went out to breakfast and shopped around in a couple Good Will/Salvation armies. Then bought a couple things I needed for dinner (no jar of gravy... I am not that brave).

The gravy turned out good. Even Master said so.

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  1. omg! that is hysterical.

    somewhere i have a recipe for "foolproof gravy" ...want it?

    lmk (

    i'm trying something totally new this year for Thanksgiving...brining the turkey the night before. i've read that it makes the bird exceptionally juicy and tender.

    We'll see...