Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Holidays...

It was a regular outfit… form fitting jeans, long red polka dot shirt, black cardigan. The polka dot shirt did hang out below the sweater making a sort of a frilly, flouncy skirt thingy. But something about it caught Master’s eye. He was happy with it, making rare positive statements about what I am wearing. Usually, the only outfit that draws his attention is the lack of outfit. Naked will always catch his attention. But his compliment was a bit strange, he said I looked like Wilma. Wilma??? This was no off the shoulder, mammoth fur mini dress. There was not necklace of big white rocks around my neck. My legs were not bare… Wilma?

I screw up my face in my classic ‘Master, I just don’t get it’ expression. “Is Wilma sexy?”

“Oh yes, very much.”

Sexier than Betty?”

“Without question.” He seemed very serious about this. I have some vision of him as a pimply faced teenager masturbating to old Flintstone comics.

“And I am like Wilma?”

“You ARE Wilma.” Okay this is a bit much. He is NOT Fred. I can’t really come up with a comic book character that would fit what he looks like… maybe you could visualize a bald fifty-ish Shaggy from Scooby Doo. But you would have to put in the personality and smarts of The Brain from Pinky and the brain. But I can definitely picture him yelling, “Wilma!” There are echoes of that in the sing song, warning of “Pretty girrell….”

My black eye has gotten even prettier… spread to the other side and while they don’t match… I definitely have two black eyes now. And the yellow of the healing bruises has suffused to surround my nose and both eyes. I told Master that the yellow, brown, red and purple colors are just my fall colors. He asked if that meant my nose was going to fall off soon.

I tried to plead that marathon fellatio does not go with bruised and swollen noses. But from his unsympathetic expression, he apparently did not care. And it wasn’t so bad… actually it was very good, judging from the sounds he made as he came. For me that is better than any orgasm, that wave of joy that I feel when he comes so hard that he gets loud.

Today it is cold and nasty and wet… as usual… but the house is warm. My parents are flying in for the holiday and are arriving this evening. I am staying home all week, so I have a whole day to finish up and to just rest and relax. I got ninety percent of everything done this weekend, so there is not all that much to do. As Master was about to leave this morning and I went to kiss him good bye and wish him to drive safe and come home soon to me… and as he pushed me against the wall he said his usual… “I should tell you…”

And you know what? I interrupted him and said, “I wish you would stop talking about what you should do and just tell me.”

So I got a list of things to do. He told me to go down and hide that big pile of implements of ass destruction, to sweep and vacuum in his room. That is huge… not the hiding of whips and paddles, the dusting and sweeping stuff. He usually, hell he NEVER lets me clean his room. I washed the sheets too… something he never objects to, as long as it is all put back together before he gets home. (ppsssttt… the weapons are now under the bed in a duffle bag…)

In many ways I am fortunate that Master does not care about dust or cobwebs. He does not care about that kind of house cleaning all that much. And I am equally lucky that my parents come to visit twice a year, so that I have some external motivation to beat back the creepy cobwebs. Part of me wishes he was stricter, part of me knows I am a lucky lazy bitch.

Anyway, it is all done. I knocked down six months accumulation of dusty spider webs, swept herds of dust bunnies (muskoxen would be more accurate) into the dust bin. I had time to go get my nails done… the ultimate spoiled girl indulgence… red sparkly in honor of the holidays. And I still have about four more hours to hang out and write.

So holidays... here I come. Ohhhh, speaking of holidays... time to get that turkey bird out of the freezer. I don't know if I will have much tome to poke my head in and say hi, what with family and cooking and all those kinda fun thingies... you guys have a good one.

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