Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thirty days of.... Help!

On FetLife I am currently participating in a "Thirty days of Kink" writing, thinking, exercise thingy.

The idea is that for each day of the month of November the group moderator posts a question (about kinkiness) and you think about it and answer it. It is kind of fun, but the questions don't often resonate with me and my particular situation.

What does "kink" actually mean to you?

In defining your role within kink, what was your greatest influence?

If given the opportunity... would you live your greatest fantasy? Or let it stay a fantasy?

Me and Master are not particularly sexually kinky. I do not see the Master/slave... Owner/pet thing as particularly sexual (though I tend to eroticize boring or onerous chores to make them more fun... i.e pretend I am chained to the lawn mower, that there is a big mean sadist with a big stick watching and flogging me around the lawn... no such reality... unfortunately). Anyway... back to the original thought. Master and I are not particularly sexually kinky.

But the premise of the group, the idea of the writing/thinking exercise where you examine your attitude, what got you here, how it is now, where do you think you are heading... that is interesting.

I think I want to make up my own questions, Thirty Days of Servitude???

But that means I will need to come up with more topical questions... ones that relate to living it, 24/7... relate to power exchange and mindset and acceptance and struggle to accept. I am going to need some help, so this month as I flounder through the thirty days of kink, and family and Thanksgiving and rain and darkness, I am going to note down ideas for my "Thirty days..." Please feel free to make suggestions, I will need all the help I can get.

Once we get the questions hammered out, we can start... anyone that wants to play along is welcome to join in... either on their own blog or here.

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  1. Great idea! and I love the whole "chained to the lawnmower" thing...I have been known to wear imaginary restraints ;).