Saturday, November 20, 2010

Toy box... um bag?

As you can see the "box" is more of a bag. You would be surprised how much you can stuff into a bag...

...see all the nice neat plastic bags? Master makes me be so neat and organized. He stands over me and micromanages the meticulous scrubbing of the insertables. (so humiliating... washing ones pussy juice off (or something far, far worse) off something and then having your Master look it over, even sniff it to make sure it is not "dirty" any more.)

See all the pretty toys? It seems from looking that my kink seriously lies in bondage and te' buttsecks. How embarrassing.

Remember how I said Master likes to make sure I am all organized and "clean"???? Just look at the mess that is his collection of implements of ass destruction...

There is no way I could fit all that into a bag... no matter how many Ziplock baggies you apply to the equation.

Speaking of cheese...

Here is a pic of that spreader bar I made. It was pretty simple. Buy bar. Sand bar. Spray bar with satin clear finish. Drill hole and twist in eye screws on either end. Add a couple of snappy things so Master does not have to bother with the tying of the pesky knots.

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