Monday, September 5, 2011

Arghhhh Farking Blogger

Blogger does this to me on a semi annual basis... it won't let me in.  All I get is this black screen... I have learned from experience that it is failing to load the "adult content" warning page correctly.  (and I know it is not blogger... it is my computer... and some nasty little virus... but I haven't been looking at nasty porn... I swear... it must be farmville... yes it is all that fertilizer...)

Through trial and error, through google I can get into my dashboard and into settings and turn off this helpful little warning... but I don't much like having to do that.  People should be able to make a choice about what they want to see before they read it...  

In the past I have been able to delete recent caches and cookies and things get back to normal, but now that strategy is not working..

So reader beware...

Edit......  Oh... Sweet... it won't let me look at anybody elses blog either... arrrrrggghhhhhhh!!!!!  .Okay... on further examination... I CAN see the background image... for me it is black... thank you to those that had the foresight to choose something prettier.. I can see other blogs from other blog services... it is just blogger... grrr...

Second Edit.... Oh it wasn't me... it was them... because it IS working now.  Grrrrrrrr.


  1. I had one of those Blogger moments yesterday...every blog I tried to look at came up HTML gobbledy gook instead.I'm seriously thinking of moving to WordPress.

  2. None of us could read you two either.. in case that matters.
    But that was early this AM EDT. Seems to be OK now.
    Maybe that is the reason I've not got a blog??

  3. Yes I soon realized it was google's problem when it was only the blogs which have a warning that I couldn't access. Not so scary as when google deletes your blog due to an obscenity complaint, that is a heartbreaking moment.

  4. Hrm...i haven't had trouble, but Sir J's blog has apparently disappeared. It's been gone two days now. Google deletes? Eeep!


  5. The relationship with blogger is an uneasy one at best and you always wait for the hammer to fall. Unfortunately it is also compatible and easy to navigate :(