Sunday, September 18, 2011

Serial Saturday: Northwest Hunters: Book Three: Chapter Three

Northwest Hunters:  The End of Evil

Chapter 3: Practice Testimony and a Night Out

“We don’t need to be at the courthouse until later this morning.  Let’s grab a breakfast in the hotel restaurant and then walk around a little.  We can swing by Powell’s Books.  I always have to go there when I am in Portland.”  Donna laid out pair of slacks and a light yellow blouse for Junie to put on with her favorite yellow panty and peek-a-boo bra set.  “I know for a fact you did not put on your rubber bands yesterday.  You could probably plead that you were too busy submitting to me, that you were not allowed to do anything without permission.”  She handed Junie a couple of her rubber bands. 
Junie looked at the light blouse and the bra and looked askance at Donna.  “Ma’am, that will… um… sort of show through.”
Donna laughed and raised a brow, “Really, Junie, do you think so?”
Junie gave her Mistress a look of embarrassment and wound the rubber bands around her nipples.  Looking down at her large nipples and knowing they would soon be even bigger, she swallowed hard.  She pulled on her peek-a-boo bra and then her blouse and looked nervously in the mirror.  Telling herself that it did not look that obvious, she noted the time on her watch and hurried to finish dressing. 
Donna looked her over and nodded, “You look nice.  I like the nipple thing.  I can tell they are there, but it will only be people who stare at your boobs that will notice.  Here is what I want you to do.  If you notice anyone staring I want you to give your tits a little shake.  Go ahead do it now.  Give me a little shimmy.”
Junie clenched her eyes shut and shook her shoulders back and forth, making her large breasts sway and bounce.  Donna laughed delightedly.  “Oh, that was good.  Tell you what, if I notice anyone looking I will tell you to shimmy.  We don’t want to have you miss any opportunities.”
Donna picked up her briefcase.  “Grab your handbag, Junie, and anything you will need for the morning.  I don’t want to worry about heading back up to our room after breakfast.”
Junie looked in alarm at her watch and begged, “But, Ma’am, I have fifteen more minutes before I can take off the rubber bands.”
“Come on, girl.  You will be able to take them off in the bathroom or wherever.”
In the hotel café Donna ordered them a light breakfast of yogurt and granola with a tall carafe of fresh squeezed orange juice.  Before the food arrived Junie leaned close to Donna and whispered, “Ma’am, may I please go to the ladies?  I have to take off my rubber bands.”
“Do it here.”
Junie looked at Donna in shock and whispered in horror, “Here?”
“Sure, just slip your hand up inside your blouse and pull them off.  You have done this often enough you could do it in the dark.  Don’t look around, just do it.”
Junie could not help looking around.  The café was busy, but it did not seem like anyone was looking at them.  Cautiously she slipped her hand up under her top and jerked one rubber band off and stiffened for a second as the pain shot through her.  Looking around a second time she saw an older man who was sitting alone looking at her with a puzzled look on his face, like he was not exactly sure what he had seen.  Her eyes flashed to Donna’s face and Donna raised a brow and gave her own shoulders a little shake. 
Junie lowered her eyes and stared at the breakfast and gave a little jiggle, her face felt like it was on fire.  Donna spoke in a conversational voice, “Come on, girl, you can to better than that.  Give him a show.  He will be happy all day thinking of what he saw this morning.  Go ahead.  Make his day a happy one.”
Junie pressed her lips together and then forced herself to smile broadly at Donna and shimmied her shoulders, the waves of movement picked up and echoed by her breasts.  Donna returned her smile and then murmured, “Our Master will be displeased if you leave that second rubber band on too long and injure your nipple.”
Junie did not look toward the man she knew was staring openly at her now as she removed the second band.  Her smile turned brittle as she tried to control her expression and then she picked up her latte and took a sip.  She whispered to Donna, “This is horrible.”
“Yes it is, but look at yourself.  You are doing it.  Do you feel sick?”
Junie paused and looked at Donna, “Oh my god.  I am doing it.”  She took another sip of her coffee, “And you are right.  I don’t feel that sick, butterflies yes, but not like I am going to throw up.”  She looked at the untouched food in front of her.  “I don’t really feel like eating though.”
Donna laughed, “Well that might be just as well.  We do have a lot more things to do today and I expect that the butterflies will get worse before they get better.”

Junie was distracted by all the people and cars in the city.  The buildings were tall and there seemed to be little pieces of whimsy and beauty carefully placed to take the grim edge off the hardness of the downtown environment.   Junie paused to look up at a mural and Donna nodded, “Yes, I like that about Portland.  There is a sense of humor and a love of beauty in this city that transcends the sense of desperation that pervades most cities.”
Donna took Junie by surprise when she turned abruptly and walked into a store.  As Junie walked in she froze, the smell of leather filled the store.  A bewildering variety of fancy clothes hung on racks but Donna walked quickly past them and through a beaded curtain that had a sign prominently displayed over it saying ‘Adults Only’.  Junie stifled a giggle when she looked through the curtain and saw that all kinds of kinky bondage gear was displayed on the walls:  leather masks, whips, straps and restraints hung from the ceiling.  The shelves were lined with a bewildering variety of dildos, vibrators and other sex toys.
Junie looked around nervously and hurried to stand close to Donna.  Donna shot her an amused look and spoke in a conversational tone, “Have you ever been in a store like this?”
Junie mutely shook her head.
Donna picked up an elaborate vibrator in a box.  Junie noticed it was one of those rabbit style vibrators that had the clitoral stimulator attachments on one side.  It had a rotating head and beads that were designed to massage and stimulate the inner passage of the vagina.  “You ever try one of these?” 
Again Junie mutely shook her head looking around nervously.  A bored young woman stood by the cash register watching them.  When their eyes met the girl sighed and came out from behind the counter.  Her voice was falsely bright, “Can I help you find anything?”
Junie cringed and looked around, an older man turned around from a rack of books and smirked openly as he watched while Donna responded, “How long do the batteries last in this thing?”  Junie’s mind was filled with buzzing confusion and she could feel her breathing getting uneven.  She found herself outside the store standing on the sidewalk with Donna’s hand firm on her arm, her Mistress’s voice penetrating through her panic, “Breathe, Junie, take a deep slow breath and hold it.  Look at me.”
Junie inhaled through her nose and held her breath, nodding, staring up into Donna’s warm hazel eyes.  “Good girl.  Hold it… hold it… Okay, exhale really slow… now breathe deep and slow.  That was too hard?”
Focusing on her breathing, Junie nodded. 
“I could tell.  You went from red as a beet to white as a ghost in seconds.”
Junie’s voice was quavering, “I don’t remember.  Did I run away?”
Donna stroked her hair.  “No, you just turned white and started to hyperventilate.  I brought you out here.”
“I am sorry.”
“Don’t sweat it, girl, I was trying to push you a little.  You came out of it pretty fast.  Ready to go back in?”
“Do we have to?”
“You can choose to come with me clear into the back or stay in the clothing part.  If you come in I will let you pick out something sexy for me to wear out tonight.”

Junie nodded reluctantly and let Donna lead her back into the store.  The clothes were all pretty flashy and seemed way too young for either of them, but Junie found a soft leather bustier that laced up the back and a soft multicolored skirt with a handkerchief hemline.  It was the colors that caught Junie’s eye; they looked like an impressionist watercolor, rich greens and yellows mixed with blues.  The fabric was almost like transparent tissue, but there were layers and layers that seemed to move and float weightlessly.  Junie held the skirt up and shook it, smiling as the colors seemed to dance and swirl.
Donna’s voice was close to her ear.  “I like that.  I knew you would find something pretty for me.  Come on, let’s pay for these things.”  Junie looked at the price tags and started to say something and Donna interrupted, “No, don’t tell me.  I will freak.”   She handed Junie a credit card, “You just sign and I will try not to look until we get home.  If you hear any screams of anguish then, you will understand.”  Donna gave Junie a reassuring glance, “Don’t worry, little one, it is not a matter of not having enough money.  It is my scrooge personality.  You are not the only one confronting their issues in this store.”  Donna held up a bag that obviously contained several items.  “I thought we would get some new toys for Bob.”
Junie giggled, “For Bob?”
“Well, I hate to spend money on myself, but if I can convince myself it is for the people I love it is not so hard.  Like the hotel, I told myself it was for you and the fact that the prosecutor’s office is picking up part of the cost helps.  Come on, let’s go drop this stuff off at the hotel, we need to head on down to the courthouse.”
The first time that Donna said “Shimmy,” as they walked toward the courthouse Junie looked around nervously wondering who was looking at her breasts and Donna corrected her, “Girl, I did not say look around.  I said ‘shimmy’.”  Junie blushed, but gave herself a little wiggle and kept walking.  It was hard for Junie to focus, but it seemed every time she relaxed and was distracted by the busy movement and sights of the city Donna would command her to jiggle her breasts again. 
Finally she stopped and looked around in outrage.  She whispered to Donna in frustration, “Who is it?  Show me!”
Donna laughed and took her arm.  “It’s me, Junie.  I am the one looking at your delicious breasts.”

The courthouse was much less busy and Leena met them at the security screening station.  She led them to the courtroom and then led them to a room to one side.  It had a big table and some comfortable chairs.  “This is the room you will wait in when you are not testifying.”
“You mean I won’t be able to watch the trial?”
“No, Junie, witnesses cannot watch the trial.  That would influence your testimony.  In fact, once the trial commences, Judge Waldenback will instruct you to not speak of the crime with anyone other than the prosecuting team.  You will have to swear to not watch news or read the paper about the progress of the trial.”
Junie looked nervously at the empty room.  “I have to wait in here all by myself?”
Donna laughed, “No, Junie, you will never be all by yourself.  I will be with you.”
Leena nodded, “Yes, Junie.  You can have Donna wait with you if that would help.  And you only have to be at the courthouse when you are scheduled to testify.”
“Will Monica wait here with me, too?”
Leena shook her head, “No, Junie, like you, Monica will only be here when she needs to testify and if you both are here at the same time, we will have you wait in separate rooms.  You will find that testifying in court will end up with you waiting a lot more than you think.  You should plan on bringing some things to keep you busy.”
“Will I still be able to talk to Monica, send her emails?”
Leena looked uncomfortable.  “That would be highly unusual, but perhaps the judge will allow that to continue.”
Junie looked at Leena, “Will there be reporters?”
The assistant prosecuting attorney made a face, “There are always reporters.  And there will be more than usual.  This is a very high-profile case.  Have you read about it in the news at all?”
Junie shook her head.  “No, Ma’am, I don’t watch television and we don’t get the newspaper.  I never even thought to look on the internet.  All I know is what the police and the FBI have told me.  I just want the R. P. Sanders lady to stay away from me.”
Leena looked very surprised, “R. P. Sanders has been talking to you?”
Donna interrupted; her voice was angry, “More like harassing us.  She has been talking to Monica and trying to talk to Junie.  She actually came onto our property and was taking pictures when one of our dogs chased her up a tree.  We told her to stay off our property and just yesterday she was outside the courthouse trying to get a rise out of Junie saying things that made it seem like she had been talking to the defendant about Junie.”
Leena looked very disturbed, “Well, it’s no surprise that she has been talking to Sam Card.  She is paying for his defense and is listed as a consultant to his defense team.  She should know better than to try to talk to a witness that has been subpoenaed by the prosecution.  Judge Waldenback and Mark Freeden will be very interested to hear of this.”
Junie wrinkled her nose, “She says she is writing a book.  She has paid Monica some money and has promised to give her more after the trial is over for interviews.”
Leena shook her head, “When it comes to a high-profile case like this, everyone is writing a book.”
Donna laughed bitterly, “Maybe I should write one, too.  It couldn’t be so difficult.”
Junie nodded earnestly, “You would write a good one, Ma’am.”
Leena shook her head again, “Let’s go to the courtroom.  A bailiff will come get you and escort you to the stand.  You will go through these doors.”  Junie followed her down a hall and looked at a door marked ‘courtroom’ and walked in.  It was not like she expected.  It looked nothing like Perry Mason or Law and Order.  It seemed smaller and more modern.  There were the tables, seats and the flags; there was an elevated place for the judge to sit and a double row of modern chairs, which was where the jury would sit, and the witness box.  There was a small group of men and another woman standing in a group talking.
When Leena, Junie and Donna came through the door they stopped talking and a big florid man in slacks and a polo shirt approached with his hand out.  “Ms. Thomas, thank you for coming here to do this.  It will be a big help to you if you know a little about what to expect.”
Leena spoke up, “Junie, this is the prosecuting attorney, Mark Freeden.  During the prosecuting phase of the trial, he will be asking you how you found the knife during the trial.  He will be the one that will say ‘object’ if there is something wrong about the questions the defense may ask you during cross examination and will conduct your redirect testimony.”
Junie could feel her mouth getting a little dry and she looked nervously toward Donna.  She whispered nervously, “I don’t know what all that means.”
Donna leaned over and whispered into Junie’s ear, “Shimmy.”
Junie froze and squeaked in alarm, “No.”
“Then maybe you should ask these people to explain.”  Donna laughed and gave her a push out into the room.  “Agent Durant, I did not expect to see you here.”
Junie turned back and was surprised to experience feeling a little rush of happy excitement to see the FBI agent that was in charge of the investigation of all the murders Sam Card was suspected of committing.  Now she saw him through Monica’s eyes, seeing a strong man, devoted to all their safety.  Raising her hand she gave a little wave.  He looked at her and started to raise his hand to wave back and then stopped himself.
Mark Freeden laughed, “I am sorry, Ms. Thomas, what didn’t you understand?”
“I guess the only thing I really did not get is ‘redirect’.”
“It’s pretty simple.  You are a witness of the prosecution.  You will be called to testify during the prosecution half of the trial.  I will ask you questions then about how you found the knife and how you gave it to the police.  Then the defense attorney will be able to ask you questions.  After he is done asking you questions, I will have a chance to ask you more questions.  That is redirected testimony.  We will continue to go back and forth until we decide that there is nothing more to ask.  Then we will let you leave.  There is a good chance that one or both of us will reserve the right to question you again at a later date.  Does that answer your question?”
Junie nodded, “Yes, Sir.
The big prosecuting lawyer pointed at the chair with a microphone, “You will sit up there.  Go ahead and try it out.”
Junie went up and sat and looked uncertainly out at the room.  Looking at the microphone she asked, “Will I be recorded?”
Mark Freeden nodded, “Recorded and videotaped.”  He pointed at some cameras mounted on the ceiling.  “The judge is still trying to keep television cameras out of the courtroom.”
Junie’s voice was terror stricken, “Television?”   Standing up, she looked around wildly and whimpered.  Finally her eyes found Donna, her voice was pleading and childlike, “We really need to go home now.  Please take me home.” 
Leena shot Mark Freeden a pained look and spoke up.  “Junie, we don’t know that for sure.”  She looked at Donna not sure what to do.
Donna’s voice was sharp.  “Could you all please step out of the room for a little while so Junie and I can talk?”
A tiny sane part of Junie’s mind was mildly amused to watch both Leena and Agent Durant hustle the prosecuting attorney out of the room.  Once the room was empty Donna turned to Junie, her voice was icy, “Junie, sit!”
Junie felt like her legs buckled under her before even her brain registered the command.  “Yes, Ma’am.”
“Now stand up.”
Junie blinked and stood back up.  “Now shimmy.”
Junie looked at her Mistress in consternation and looked up at the cameras and toward the door the people had all gone out of.  “Now?”
“Your ass is in so much trouble, girl.  I am telling you to shimmy.  Start shaking those big ass tits and don’t stop until I say for you to stop.  If I hear any more disobedience from you, you will be doing it naked.”
Junie whimpered and began to shake and jiggle.  Donna looked at her critically, “More enthusiasm, Junie, smile and wave at the camera!  Shake it like you mean it.”
Junie was completely mystified to feel a little giggle bubble up, and then another.  Somehow the thought of standing up in a courtroom shaking her breasts at some cameras was so far over the top that she could not contain the giddy feeling of silliness.  Donna began to laugh along with her and began to dance around too.  “Keep dancing, girl.  Get it all out.”
Junie was sweating and breathing hard when Donna finally told her to stop.  “Okay, that’s enough.  Now go over to that door and apologize to those people and ask them to come back.  Let’s get this over with.  And then I will take you home.”
Junie went to the door and opened it, “I am so sorry.  I think I can do this now.”

Mark Freeden looked irritated as he walked back into the courtroom, but Leena gave her a thumbs-up sign from behind his back.  Junie took a deep shaky breath.  “I am sorry.  It’s just that I get so nervous sometimes.  I don’t do well in public situations.  I really appreciate you all coming down on your weekend to help me with this.”
Mark Freeden looked at his watch and shrugged, “I do have a 2:00 p.m. tee-time, so let’s get started.  Go ahead and sit down, Junie, and I will go over some of the questions I will be asking you.”
They spent about an hour asking and answering questions, talking about how the people are expected to behave in court and reviewing possible things that the defense might ask.  Somehow the idea that Sam Card would be sitting there watching her answer the questions did not bother Junie as much as the worry about how Monica would be able to deal with having him there.  It was close to 1:00 p.m. when Mark Freeden stopped and said, “Well that’s all I have time for.  We will want to meet with you again for awhile right before the trial.  If you have any more questions go ahead and contact Lurleena here.”
After he walked out, Leena came up to Junie.  “You did great, Junie.  How did you calm yourself down so quickly?”
Junie giggled and whispered, “I danced.  My Mistress made me dance.”  Junie looked archly around and then gave the tiniest of shimmies. 
Leena started to giggle along with her.  “I would never have thought of that.”

Junie saw Agent Durant put some papers together and close his briefcase.  As he stood to leave she hurried up to his side.  “Agent Durant, I never had a chance to thank you for coming.”  She paused and looked puzzled, he had not spoken during the whole time Mark Freeden had been going over her testimony, “Um, why did you come?”
“I had some business at the courthouse.  Lurleena mentioned you were doing this and that she thought it would help if there was a familiar face.”  He shrugged and looked down at his briefcase, “I really just sat here and got caught up on some travel vouchers.”  He paused and then smiled, his features softening, “Monica told me about the puppy.  She is on cloud nine.  That was really Christian of you, ma’am.” 
Junie giggled, “I don’t know about Christian, but I just knew it was the right thing to do.”  Her stomach rumbled and she realized that how hungry she was.  She had not eaten much breakfast and now her appetite was back with a vengeance.  “Have you had lunch?”  When he shook his head, she grabbed his arm.  “I bet you know the best places around here to grab a good hamburger.  I could kill for some French Fries and a shake.”
Donna laughed, “Sounds like Junie has lunch all planned.” 
Agent Durant initially looked a little uncomfortable, but then shrugged, “There is this little place not far from here that puts a chili relenno on their burgers and they make the best onion rings in town.  They don’t make milk shakes but they have some really good beer on tap.”
Donna laughed, “Sounds like someone is off the clock.”

It was a tiny little hole in the wall restaurant and they got a table in the back.  Agent Durant looked up from the menu, “You ladies will have to let me pay.”
Donna smiled and nodded, “You won’t get an argument from me about that.  I would never stand between a southern gentleman and his chivalry.”
Junie spent lunch working at getting Agent Durant to talk about himself.  He told her that he had been close to retiring from the FBI when this case started.  “I have a nice little piece of land in east Texas and I am looking forward to building a nice little house and maybe raise some horses.”
Junie looked at the ring on his left hand, “You and your wife?”
“Ma’am, my wife died about fifteen years ago, breast cancer.”  His voice was neutral and his face impassive.
“Oh, I’m sorry.  Did you have any children?”
“No, ma’am.  We never had any children.”
“So you are going to just be all by yourself when you retire?”
“I am used to being alone, ma’am.”

Junie could not get her head around the idea of anyone wanting to be alone and changed the subject.  “I am worried about how Monica is going to handle the trial.  Leena told me that you are helping with her testimony.”
“Yes, ma’am, that was one of the things I was doing here in Portland.  I was also trying to interrogate the defendant about some of the other missing women.  He is still denying anything to do with that.” 
Agent Durant took a long drink from his beer, “I always try to drop by and see Monica when I can; it helps cheer her up to have visitors.”  His expression softened and warmed at the memory, “She was completely giddy with excitement with that puppy and your visit.  I can’t remember ever seeing her smile quite like that.”
Junie’s heart leapt at his words, “That girl certainly deserves some happiness.  How do you think she is going to deal with testifying?”
The corners of his mouth turned down, “Well, ma’am, I don’t think she is going to panic on the stand.  She will make a good witness, but I worry about the long term impact on her mental state.  Having to face him could traumatize her all over again, but that is not such a great concern for the prosecuting attorney.  They only seem to care about a witness’s mental health as far as it impacts their ability to testify and their credibility.”  Agent Durant drained his glass and looked down into it like he was debating ordering another, “I have to admit I have been a part of that whole system.  I always put catching the bad guy way above how it may hurt the victim.  I always told myself that catching the criminal was my job and it was always up to someone else to put the pieces back together.” 
Donna spoke softly, “And now you have let one of those victims into your heart.”
His voice was soft and bemused, “I didn’t even see it happening until it was too late.”  Agent Durant suddenly seemed to wake up and realize where he was and what he was talking about.  Junie could almost see his armor come back up.  “Well, ladies, I really have to get going, I have a couple of long-shot leads I need to follow up on.”

As they got to their room, Donna commented, “You surprised me when you asked Agent Durant to lunch.”
“He is not so bad.  He likes Monica.”
Donna paused and looked thoughtful, “He a lot more than just likes her.”  Then she shrugged and turned to Junie, “Sweet girl, I want you to go ahead and put on your rubber bands and wait here.  I am going to go out for a little while.  I saw a couple things in a store window I want to get.  I shouldn’t be too long.”
Junie started to ask what she was going to get and Donna held up a hand, “Never you mind, girl.  It’s a surprise.  You will see soon enough.”  Donna leaned over and kissed Junie on the nose.  “You did very well today.  I know how hard all this stuff is for you.  But every time you found yourself pushed into a corner you listened and obeyed.  You reached inside yourself and found the strength there.  I am very proud of you.  We are going to go out and celebrate tonight and then we are getting the hell out of town.”
Junie’s heart jumped at Donna’s words.  The praise was sweet, but the promise of going home was better.
“While I am gone, hang up that new outfit; I want to wear it tonight.”   Donna winked mysteriously at Junie and then left her alone in the room.
Junie wound the rubber bands around her nipples and then got the skirt out and hung it in the bathroom and turned on the shower to steam the wrinkles out.  Curious about what else Donna had purchased she looked into the other bag and exclaimed, “Oh my.”  On top of several other smaller boxes were two matching rabbit vibrators.  The only difference between them was one was blue and the other lavender.  She carefully put the bag down and got out her little black dress and hung it in the bathroom next to Donna’s new skirt.

Junie was sitting by their room window looking out at the busy street when Donna came back in.  She handed Junie a bag.  “Get out your corset.  I want to see how these things fit with it.”
Junie peeked into the bag and gasped at the confusing jumble of shiny black taffeta and mesh.  It looked almost like a ballerina’s tutu.  Donna laughed at her reaction, “Girl, I said put on your corset.”  Donna helped Junie into the tight yellow garment, pulling the laces tight.  Next she pulled out a skirt from the bag.  “They promised me that this should fit.  It has an elastic waist.”  Donna helped Junie step into the black crinoline petticoat and stood back.  Junie looked at her image in the mirror; the skirt was very full and short, stopping a couple inches above her knees.  Normally she would never have worn anything that would have added to the visual size of her hips but with the corset it looked right somehow. 
Junie looked at her large exposed breasts, supported by the shelf and peered hopefully toward the bag.  There was no way she could go out like this.  Donna looked at the skirt and nodded, reaching into the bag she handed Junie a handful of lace and as Junie unfolded it she recognized a chemise style corset cover made of black lace.  It looked a little small, but as she pulled it on she realized it was very elastic and fit over her breasts and corset like a second skin.  The lace strategically got a little denser over her breasts, but still lots of skin showed through. 
Donna reached into a second bag and handed Junie a pair of fishnet, thigh high stockings and a black pair of Victorian looking ankle boots with two inch heels.  When Junie had the whole outfit on, she looked at the mirror.  She thought she looked a little like a French Cancan Dancer and giggled.  “Where are we going and will I get arrested?”
Donna stood behind her with a predatory look on her face.  Her voice was low and throaty, “You look like you just stepped out of one of my fantasies, girl.  I could eat you up.”  Then she smiled, “We are going dancing, girl.  Leena has recommended a nice girl bar that has some good food and a nice dance floor.”  Looking at her watch, Donna commented, “But it is too early to go anywhere.  Take off those clothes.  I have an idea for round three of our little competition.  I thought we would try and make things perfectly fair.  I would hate to be accused of cheating again.”
As Junie carefully took off her complicated outfit she watched Donna take out both vibrators and put batteries in them.  Donna stripped off her clothes and beckoned Junie over to the bed.  “Okay, these things have a lot of different types of vibrations, but I think for our purposes we should just turn them all on high.”  She handed Junie the vibrator and showed her how the controls worked.  “Let’s lie side by side, looking at each other’s cunts so we can see that the rabbit is where it is supposed to be.  Make sure this part is right up against our clits and start at the same time.  The only thing we can do to each other is talk.”

Junie found herself lying on her side, staring at the blue jelly clitoral stimulator pressing snuggly against Donna’s cleft.  Somehow the sight of the thing seemed to emphasize the sensations coming up from between her own legs.  Donna’s voice was a mix of silly humor and determined competitor, “On your mark.  Get set. Go!”
Junie grunted and stiffened; the sensation of the dildo inside her simultaneously vibrating and rotating was new and very strong.  The stimulator on her cleft made all her folds vibrate and sent strong waves of pleasure through her.  “Oh, Ma’am, that’s really good.”
Donna’s voice was strained, “Oh yes, I have to agree.  Tell me, my little slut, how much you love to serve me.  Tell me what makes you hottest.”
Junie felt her hips starting to surge, rocking in their primal rhythms, straining to meet and match the waves of pleasure pulsing through her.  “Oh, that is easy, Ma’am.  It is putting on that biggest strap on cock and fucking your beautiful juicy cunt.  It is lunging deep into you and seeing the ecstasy in your eyes, hearing you cry out, forcing you to scream as you come for me over and over again.”
Donna made a strangled groan.  “Oh fuck.  This is crazy.  I like to see you on your knees with your eyes pleading, your lips trembling with the need to serve me.  I love the taste of your tears and the way your cries of pain and passion fill my mouth as I kiss your lips.  I love to hear you beg.”
Junie was staring mesmerized at the little plastic vibrator buried deep in Donna’s folds, buzzing softly relentlessly.  Her voice shook with tension, “Yes, begging on my knees looking up, I like that.  I like feeling helpless, completely at your mercy, but most of all it is the love I feel for you when I give myself to you every day.”
Donna did not speak again.  Junie could see the muscles of her thighs and stomach were tense and vibrating, a soft whimper of desperation squeaking out from her lips.  Junie gasped out, her voice hoarse and compelling, “It is irresistible.  There is nothing you can do.”
A soft sob of defeat bubbled up from Donna as she reached down and pulled the vibrator away.  Junie quickly did the same and lay back and letting the trembling spasms of need slowly ebb.  When she could finally think, she giggled softly.  “Ma’am, I have always wondered what those things felt like.  Thank you for the opportunity.”
Donna turned around on the bed and pulled Junie into her arms.  “Girl, I am starting to think you really are made of steel, steel and love.  Let’s take a nap and then we can go out after that.”

While they dressed, Donna kept Junie’s wine glass full.  “We are going to get a taxi.  No reason not to get silly.”
Junie finished getting into her skirt and made sure that the bottom edge of the corset lay smoothly over the skirt.  The stretch lace of the camisole hid and yet, at the same time, revealed her flesh underneath.  With the fishnet stockings and the Victorian ankle-boots Junie felt like she was dressed up more for a costume party than to go out.  In the spirit of the outfit Junie really laid on the eyeliner, mascara and shadow, emphasizing her already large eyes and then painting her lips scarlet.
She turned to look at Donna and caught her breath.  The leather bustier fit her smoothly and there was a soft inch or so of her golden smooth skin between it and the waist and the soft beautiful colors of the skirt.  “Oh, Ma’am, that looks beautiful on you.”
“You don’t look half bad yourself, girl.  Let’s get this party started,” Donna took Junie’s arm and urged her out of the room.
Junie hesitated, “Ma’am, I don’t have my hand bag.” 
Donna laughed and patted hers, “We have everything we need in here, girl.  Relax and enjoy the ride.”
Junie smiled and slipped her red lipstick tube between her generous breasts.  “Okay, Ma’am, I guess I have everything I need.”

It was already dark when the cab dropped them off in front of a trendy looking club.  Donna stopped Junie in the parking lot and, raising her eyebrows, fastened her leather collar around her neck and then attached her leash.  “I don’t want any confusion as to who owns you, girl.”
Junie looked up at Donna in alarm, “Ma’am, what kind of club is this?”
“Nothing too crazy, Leena told me about it.  It’s a girl bar, but once a month they have a leather night.  People dress up in their best fetish gear.  Leena said there is no nudity or real play allowed.  That it’s mostly a costume party.  Don’t worry, sweet, I won’t let anything bad happen to you.  We are going to eat, drink, dance and ogle the other patrons.”
Junie giggled, “If I had known, I would have picked out something like thigh-high boots and a cat woman suit for you.”
Donna looked down at her outfit.  “I like this better and this skirt will look good with my corset when you finish it.”
Junie was amused when a woman in biker’s leathers and elaborate tattoos actually carded them at the door and was relieved to see that Donna had her I.D. with her.  There was a high cover charge.  Inside it was a dimly lit and crowded with a large number of people who just seemed to be milling around.  Most were wearing black, but here and there Junie could see the flash of skin and chains.  Heavy, loud music made the air seem oppressive.  A woman in a leather bikini top and mini-skirt greeted them, yelling over the music, “Good evening, ladies, can I get you a table?”  No one had even looked twice at Junie’s leash as she led them to a booth.  She laid their menus down and yelled again, “What would you like to drink tonight?”
Donna looked at the girl and then at Junie and yelled back, “Something good and very strong.”  She looked thoughtful and yelled again, “Something with raspberries in it.  Surprise us.”
The girl shrugged and wrote something down on and leaned over, “Sam will be serving you tonight.  She will be back with your drinks and to take your order.”

Junie watched the crowd as they moved around the room.  Little groups would form and talk and then break up.  There was a surprising age range.  Junie had expected to feel old and out of place, but there were all ages of women and not a few men who were out and moving around.  There was a lot of leather, but only a few were blatantly fetish outfits.  However, Junie did see quite a few women and a couple of the men who were wearing collars. 
Most striking was the relaxed and open way the women were interacting with each other.  Junie smiled softly to see open gestures of affection, hugs and kisses, the familiar caresses of long time lovers, open and easy between women.  Impulsively she reached across the table and took Donna’s hand and brought it to her lips.
When their server brought their drinks, Junie curiously tasted hers.  It was sour and tasted of raspberries.  It was clearly very strong and she sipped it very carefully.  Donna ordered a selection of appetizers and told the server to keep bringing them drinks, but to keep surprising them, “Make them good, make them strong, and I don’t care what their names are.  I just want lots of variety, but no gin.”  Donna slid around the table and sat close to Junie and lifted her own glass to Junie’s lips, urging her to take a swallow.  “Keep drinking, girl.  I want you sloppy drunk before I take you home.”
Junie leaned over and spoke into her Mistress’s ear, “It won’t take many of these drinks and you will get your wish.  I am a cheap date.”
Donna frowned and then laughed, “Sweetness, let me tell you there ain’t nothing cheap about this date.”

The club continued to fill up even more.  Junie and Donna sat close together and, once the appetizers came, Donna casually fed Junie bites of the different finger snacks, Junie especially liked the stuffed mushrooms, but thought the calamari was over cooked. 
A slender Hispanic woman in her thirties came to their table and hollered over the music, “Do you mind if we share your table?”  Junie stared shyly at the woman’s short spiked hair, elaborate tattoos, and countless piercings.  Standing behind her was small plump blond girl in her twenties.  “Sorry, if we are bothering you, but there aren’t any tables empty.”
Donna nodded and the two women happily climbed into the booth as Donna and Junie scooted over.  The first woman held out her hand, “Thanks, I am Jamie, this is Babs.  I haven’t seen you here before.”
Donna shook her hand and yelled over the music, “We’re just in town for the weekend.”
Junie looked curiously at the couple and sipped at her latest drink, this one was tall and sweet, silently grateful for the loud music that made it almost impossible to have a conversation.  Already she could feel the effects of the alcohol, making her cheeks feel flushed and her thoughts slower.
Donna pushed Junie out of the booth and led her onto the dance floor.  Junie stood nervously staring at Donna as she began to dance, slowly and sensually gyrating to the beat.  Slowly and uncertainly, Junie began to move in time to the music.  She had been dreading this.  She had the random thought that the last time she had danced in public was at her wedding when she was nineteen-years-old and even then she had been nearly six months pregnant.
Donna stared at her and yelled, “Dance girl!  Shake that booty!”  She reached out and took Junie’s hands and began to push and pull her around the floor, forcing her to move to the music.  Junie let her lead and began to relax.  She was out of breath when Donna led her back to their table.  Donna leaned over and pressed her lips to Junie’s, kissing her quickly and then yelled, “Girl, you need dancing lessons.”
Junie nodded and yelled back, “Yes, Ma’am, I do.”
When Junie excused herself to go to the restroom, she was surprised to see Babs following along behind.  The bathroom was a lot quieter, and the little blond spoke up, “I like your outfit.  The leash is so cool.”
Junie smiled nervously, “Um… thanks my… um… Donna bought it for me.”
The little blond girl grinned and asked, “Your dress or the leash?”
Junie blushed and carefully reapplied her lipstick, “Both.”
“Are you a couple?”
Junie shrugged, “Yes, I guess you could say that.  We live together.”
The little blond girl moved closer and put her hand on Junie’s arm, “Do you date other girls?”
Junie froze and shook her head.  She held up the leash that still dangled from the collar on her neck, “No, as you can see she keeps me on a pretty short leash.” 
Babs dropped her hand and laughed.   “Jamie and I just date now and then.  You are lucky.”
Junie smiled, “Yes, I am lucky.”  She turned and went back to their table. 

There was a fresh drink next to her half finished one and Donna insistently pushed her drink toward her.  “You are falling behind, sweet girl.  Drink up.” 
After that the evening turned into kind of a blur.  Junie remembered dancing and drinking.  At some point Donna ordered chocolate mousse for all four of them with a coffee drink that their server actually lit on fire when it arrived at the table.  She had a clear memory of licking the smooth chocolate dessert off Donna’s fingers.  At some point all four of them were dancing together on the dance floor.  Her last memory was giggling as Donna tickled her in the cab on the way home. 
Junie woke with a terrible taste in her mouth and it felt like her eyeballs were raw.  Donna was still sleeping soundly, curled in a tiny ball.  Junie looked around the room and smiled cautiously.  Their clothes were strewn about like a windstorm had struck.  Silently she dressed and slipped from the room and got a fresh bucket of ice and, once she was back in the room, she poured herself a tall glass of ice water.  The room was cleaned up and she was sitting looking out the window at the sky sipping on her third glass of water when Donna woke up.
Twisting and stretching Donna flinched and closed her eyes against the light coming in the window.  “What time is it?”
Junie pulled the curtains shut, “Almost 9:30.  Would you like a glass of water?  It will help.”
Donna nodded and flinched again as the movement made her head spin.  “Pack up our stuff, girl.  I want to go home.”

Donna had tipped the passenger seat all the way back and was lying with her eyes closed as Junie drove the SUV out of the city.  Her voice was quiet, “So, girl, did you have a good time last night?”
Keeping her voice carefully soft, Junie murmured, “Yes, Ma’am, it was fun.  I liked being able to feel free to be open about my love for you.  It was nice to see the other women who loved each other too.  That little blond girl, Babs, actually started to ask me out on a date.” 
Donna laughed, “Yeah, it was pretty obvious that they were both checking us out.  They were cruising looking for someone to take home.  Jamie seemed very taken with you.  She offered to swap for the night.  That little blond was very tempting.  I almost took her up on it.”
Feeling a pang of alarm, Junie looked over at Donna and was relieved to see a teasing smile.  She played along, “But I would have wanted the little blond, too.  You should have ditched Jamie and we three could have had some good fun.” Junie winced and added, “I still can’t figure out why you wanted to get me so drunk though.”
Donna started to laugh and then stopped herself with a groan, “Well, I wanted to cut loose a little and I didn’t want to drink alone.  I can’t remember the last time I got a little crazy.  And I wanted to see how you are when you are smashed.”
“And how was I?”
“You completely stopped talking and started giggling at everything.  But you did loosen up on the dance floor.  That and you could not keep your hands off me.  You were putting on a nice show for our new friends.”
Junie blinked, “I don’t remember a hell of a lot.  The last thing I remember clearly was you ordering the dessert.  I remember licking your fingers and then only a few confusing images after that.  I don’t remember coming back to the hotel at all.”
“Then you don’t remember losing last night?”
“Losing?  Losing what?”
“Our game, I challenged you to round four and you hollered ‘uncle’ almost before we started.”
Junie looked over at Donna with an outraged look.  “Oh, I get it now.  It was all a plot to break through my defenses.”
“It worked.  The score is even.  Maybe we should leave it at that.”
Junie felt a little rush of relief.  She had been planning on letting Donna win and was more than a little worried about how she was going to make that happen without getting caught.  “I would like that.  We are both winners then.”
“Yes, now hush for a while.  I will try to sleep this off and then I will take a turn driving.”  Junie was glad that Donna had her eyes closed and did not see the look of outrage at the unfairness of having to drive when she felt so miserable, too.  After all, she had not really wanted to drink all those drinks.

Donna slept for almost two hours and then had Junie pull into a rest stop.  After they had gotten out and stretched their legs and peed, she took over the driver’s seat.  “I feel a lot better.  How are you doing?”
Junie realized she was feeling a lot better, too.  Her energy was still really low, but her head had stopped aching.  “Not bad.  A little tired is all.  I can tell I really drank a lot of poison last night.  It will take a while to feel good energy.”  She looked over at Donna, “I really don’t like drinking that much.”
As Donna began to drive, Junie leaned back and closed her eyes, but the cool voice of her Mistress made her eyes pop back open, “No, don’t you go to sleep.  We are going to practice witness questions for a while.” 
Junie sighed and brought the seat back upright and took a deep breath.  “Yes, Ma’am.”
Donna laughed at her resigned tone, “No rest for the weary.”  For an hour Junie listened to questions and answered.  Finally Donna nodded, “You are doing really good.  There is not much more you need to learn about answering the questions.  Now we just need figure out a plan for how to keep you in the right emotional space.  There will be no way to clear the courtroom if you start to panic.”
Junie looked over at Donna, “Ma’am, you have been helping a lot.  I am a lot better about my shyness than I have been in a long time.  I don’t think I could have gone out to a club like we did yesterday a year ago.  I think as long as I know what to expect and keep myself focused I will do okay.  It is the unexpected that messes me up.  I did not expect the thing about television; and I did not expect you to take me into that sex toy store.”

Donna nodded, “I wish there was some way to predict everything that is going to happen with that trial.  But we will just have to do the best we can.”  Looking over at Junie she grinned excitedly, “Only about an hour ‘til we get home.”
Junie smiled back, “It can’t be too soon for me.  I hope our Master has big plans for us.”
Donna raised a brow and murmured, “Let’s start now.  Junie, I want you to take your pants and panties off.”
Junie gulped and stammered, “All… all the way off?”
Donna’s voice chilled, “Did I say part way off or did I say off?  Junie, we are off the freeway.  No one will be able to see much.  And your blouse is long enough to cover up almost everything.”  A teasing grin crossed Donna’s face, “As long as we don’t get into any accidents or get pulled over by the cops you should be just fine.  Now get those fucking clothes off this instant!”  The last words were an icy lash. 
Soon Junie was sitting on the seat, trying to pull her shirt down as far as possible, staring miserably down at her naked thighs.  They rode like this for a while and Donna spoke with a giggle, “In my bag on the top is your new vibrator, if you get up on your knees you should just be able to reach it.  There are no cars coming right now.  I would recommend you hurry before one comes around the corner.”
In terror Junie looked out the car window at the deserted stretch of highway and quickly unfastened her seat belt.  She scrambled up, stretched her arms out to reach the bag and began to fumble with the zipper closing the suitcase.  Donna’s voice as relentless, “Hurry up, girl, we are coming to a town.”
Junie squealed in panic, grabbed the vibrator and sat quickly back down.  She could feel her heart racing and a familiar wave of nausea swept over her.  She looked miserably over at Donna and mumbled, “I am starting to feel sick.”
Donna’s voice was dry, “Well, get the bucket ready then.”  Then she softened and patted Junie’s thigh, “You are doing good.  Take a deep breath, remember to breathe, and if it would make you feel better, you can use your pants to cover your lap.” 
Junie quickly spread her pants across her legs, looking gratefully at Donna, “Thank you, Ma’am.”
Donna nodded, “You know that is the first time you warned me ahead of time.  You are learning to recognize when it is starting.”
“I never used to throw up so much.”
“Yes, you just never tried.  If it got hard you ran away and never went there again, correct?”
“And now I can’t run away.  You are making me face my monsters.”  Junie giggled, “Oh god, that made me think of a nature program I saw once.  There were these birds that would vomit on their predators as a defense mechanism.”
Donna cracked up and commented, “It is more likely a fight or flight thing, but I must admit that being vomited on would make me back off.  Okay, girl, take that fancy new vibrator and start teasing yourself.  I want you to take yourself right up to the edge and then stop.”
Junie eased her hips to the edge of the seat and carefully, keeping her slacks over her hands and lap, began to touch the vibrator to her folds.  She looked at Donna and whispered, “It is hard to relax.  I feel all exposed.”
“Don’t worry about being in a hurry.  Just put it in and turn it on, let it do the work.  Don’t even think about it.   Lay the seat back, close your eyes, and tell me a sexy story.  Tell me your fantasy.”

Junie’s voice was soft and distracted, “I am always alone and I know it’s just a matter of time before they catch me.  I can hear them hunting for me.  There are a lot of them and they are loud, shouting and laughing.  You can hear the confidence in their voices.  They know it is just a matter of time as well.  It is a game for them, one they are used to winning.”  She paused and licked her lips, swallowing.
Donna prompted, “Who is after you?”  Her voice was a barely audible push to keep talking. 
“I don’t know exactly who they are.  Men, they are all men, big men, strong, cruel, and they are insatiable.  I know they are going to catch me and when they do they will take what they want.  They will use me.  I know it is my fate and yet I run and hide.  I am in an agony of terror.”
“They are going to rape you?”
“I don’t know exactly how or why, but I am caught.  I fight with all my strength, but it is useless.  They are so strong and violent.  There are too many of them and they overpower me.  They tear my clothes off.”  Junie made a soft moan and squirmed on the car seat.
“Tell me what they do to you.”
Junie’s voice was soft and breathless, “Oh god, um… their hands are strong, they grip my arms and legs really strong, squeezing tight and pulling hard, they stretch me out on the ground.  They spread my legs so wide it feels like my hips are breaking.  And I never stop fighting.  I squirm and scream.  I beg them to stop and let me go.”
Donna smiled as she drove, “Say the words, Junie.  Say the words you would use out loud.”
Junie whimpered and gasped, “No… don’t… please stop… I can’t… Don’t hurt me… Let me go… Help… Somebody help me…”  Junie gave a strangled gasp and reached down and turned off the vibrator.  “Oh, Ma’am, that’s crazy, I almost came.”
Donna’s voice was deep and vibrant, “Leave if off for a while.  I will tell you when to turn it back on.  But don’t stop telling the story, Junie.  You have me all interested.  Do they listen to you?  Do they stop?  Is there anyone that will come to your rescue?”
“No, they don’t listen.  They laugh and mock me.  They say the words back at me, laughing at my terror and tears.  I scream as the first one climbs onto me and forces his cock into me, it feels really huge and hurts as it goes in.  They all laugh, calling me a whore and a slut.  Their hands are all over me grabbing, squeezing and pinching.  The one raping me humps me hard, his thrusts are violent and endless, he grunts as he slams his cock into me.  He does not come inside me, he pulls out and it squirts across my belly and breasts.  I can feel it hot and slimy on my skin.”
“Is that all of it?  Or is there more?”
Junie giggled a soft embarrassed giggle, “Oh no, Ma’am, there is more, a lot more.”
“Then keep talking.  This is a great way to make the ride go by, much better than the radio.  How is that pussy of yours?  Are you ready to tease it some more?”
Junie squirmed and took a deep breath.  “I don’t think I can last very long, but I could try.”  She reached down and turned on the vibrations and started telling the story again.  “There are so many of them.  They all want me.  One after another they rape me.  I never surrender.  Even when I cannot speak any more, I lay there sobbing.  After a while they get tired of using my cunt.  One of them makes some crude comment that my cunt is all sloppy and fucked out.  He tells them to turn me over and I realize they are going to take my ass.  I beg and plead for him to not do that and he laughs and says if I do a good enough job sucking him he might just leave my ass alone.”
“So you start to cooperate?”
“Oh yes, anything to keep him from raping my ass.  I am so terrified that it will hurt terribly.  He stands and they let me go.  I crawl over and he grabs my hair and says if I bite him he will knock all my teeth out personally.  Then, as he pushes his cock into my mouth, he laughs and says to the others that he will probably end up knocking my teeth out anyway.  He says he likes his whores toothless because they give better head that way.”
Donna grunted, “My goodness, girl, your fantasy men are scary-ass mother fuckers.”
Junie giggled and nodded, “I had the scariest fantasies.  I haven’t really thought about them much lately.  The reality is so much better lately.”
“Keep telling me the story.”
Junie twisted in the seat.  “Can I turn the vibrations down to low?” 
“If that would help.” 
Junie adjusted the controls and continued. “I suck him.  I try to do a good job, but he is impatient and grabs my hair and starts to fuck my face, raping my throat.  I try to cooperate and keep from hurting him with my teeth, but he is rough and fast.  I can’t keep my teeth from scraping him.  He pulls out and slaps me hard, knocking me to the ground.  He curses me again, calling me a careless slut.  He tells them to pick me up and bend me over… um… something.  I guess maybe a log… something that will hold my ass up and my head down.  Again I am screaming and fighting.  He tells me to shut up, that he is going to fuck my ass and I better get used to it because he is going to be doing it a lot.” 
Junie’s voice strangled and broke.  She clenched her teeth and pulled the vibrator out.  “Damn, that was close.  It always gets to me when I think about him saying that.  The whole idea of being bent over and told that I am going to get my ass raped is so fucking hot to me.”
Donna laughed, “I am going to have you tell me all my bedtime stories from now on.   Keep talking, girl.  You have me on the edge of my seat.”
“He is rough, taking me hard and fast.  It’s funny how in my fantasy it always hurts, like it did when Greg did it.  It feels like I am being torn apart and I scream and scream, and when he is done another one takes his place.  It is endless.  Finally they leave me huddled on the ground, numb and beyond tears.  They put an iron collar around my neck and chain me to a post in the center of their compound.”
“You never come in your fantasy.”
Junie giggled, “But I come over and over while I think about it.  They keep me there and use me whenever they feel like it.  If I fight them, they beat me.  They will only feed me if I cooperate.  Eventually I break.  I start to want them and I start wanting the abuse.  I start to come when they fuck me.  They find that vastly amusing.”
“Well it is a good story and I want to hear all of it, but we are almost home so it will have to wait.  Maybe I should have you write it down.”
Junie sat her seat up and looked happily at the familiar trees.  “You are right about this making the trip go by faster.”  When they came out of the trees she could not help but murmur, “Oh, it’s so good to come home.”


  1. If Junie won round 3, why did Donna get to declare the start of round 4?

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