Wednesday, September 7, 2011


“Is this a reward or a punishment?”  My voice may have been muffled, shoved forcefully into the bedspread...

Sometimes it is so hard to tell… the punishments are so rewarding… the rewards can be so punishing. 

Like last week after a too long dry spell… wayyyy toooo lonnggggg… not all Master’s fault, even though he is the one in charge of initiating sex… I had been on a trip to Alaska… ten days of old folks and killing fish… but when I got back there did not seem to be any hurry to get me horizontal or even bent over in the shower.  So anyway back to the original story… after a wayyy too long dry spell, when he proceeded to fall back on old successful sexual strategies… old and boring and uninspired sexual strategies… I had this huge tantrum.  No feigned enthusiasm… just narrow eyed glares willing him to hurry up and get this over with… and when he questioned me I blew up… BORING!!!!  IF I GET ANY MORE BORED WITH FUCKING I THINK I AM GOING TO GOUGE MY EYES OUT!!!!!!!  My punishment was new sex… mean, angry sex… harsh face fucking and lots of nasty talk… topped off with a healthy dose of up the butt… now was that a punishment or a reward… I ask you???  Any more punishments like that and I am going to turn into a stark raving bitch.

And today, after letting the kitchen go all to hell for two days, (visualize sinks over flowing with dishes and you name it)… I did a top to bottom clean while he was outside painting some trim on the house.  I was in the bedroom sorting out some laundry when he tiptoed in and grabbed my hair and lifted me up and threw me down on the bed and beat the crap out of me.  It was only afterward, when he murmured a warm “good girl” that I knew it was a reward. 

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  1. So it turns out the creaky wheel gets the grease once again... nice work!