Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Nothing big, just a long series of little things. October is finally here. Livie's pumpkin plant that started out like this...

...turned into this...

And if you peer between the leaves you will find...

Livie already picked it and took it home. It was a great experience for all of us. There are about six other big pumpkins that will be ready to pick in another week. Dunno exactly what I will do with all of them... but I might put to test my father's theory, that if you leave something in the teacher's lounge it will get eaten.


I spent all afternoon doing battle with a nasty excel program. I finally think I have the bugs all worked out... but I do remember that near the end I sent an email to my boss telling him that if he finds me unconscious from beating my head on the desk... DO NOT RESUSCITATE.


I have started a new resolution. Everyday when I get home, I set the oven timer for one hour. I do NOT sit down for one hour. I do house slave crap... laundry, cleaning, cooking... work, work, work. Master found me making a nice big pot of clam chowder for dinner. I was so absorbed in my busy bee mind set that I did not promptly kneel down... mannn when I finally got round to it... the spanks were not happy spanks. Yike, yike, yike. The soup was nummy though.

Hopefully this new resolve to get something done around this dump will result in a neater nest. (Lucky for me that controlling bastard does not automatically equal neatnick or clean freak... Master seems just fine with the clutter and cobwebs).


I am slowly but surely making a spreader bar. Master has uncharacteristically been hands off with my little project. When I get done with it... I will post a pic.

I posted the last two chapters of Demon Child on Lierotica, I will put up the more intense alien abduction thing I have been writing lately on the "what is she writing now" page pretty soon.


I found this thing on youtube. I really don't know who this Osho guy is... or if I even really agree with everything he says, but somehow this thing sort of tickled me, his accent, the way his hands move... warning it is kinda long but I enjoyed listening the whole time.

And love making is sort of magical at times... as long as there isn't too many vegetables involved.

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