Thursday, October 14, 2010

One Hour a Day...

So far I have been sticking to it... the instant I walk into the house I set the timer... one hour.

Last night I was so tempted to put in 45 minutes or even just 30. I was dragging ass... I had spent a couple hours kid wrastling. We have this cuuuuute new little guy, as uncivilized a child found raised by wolves. He won't sit still, he is up and moving every ten seconds, he has no sense of boundaries, getting into all the cupboards and cabinets, he grabs stuff, he runs out the classroom door and zips down down the hallway at top speed... and if you block him, say no, say wait, say "first lunch, then..." his beautiful brown eyes widen, he opens his mouth wide and shrieks and ATTACKS. He pinches, he bites, he hits, he kicks... he is little but SQUIRMY and his family has left us with a directive that they do not want us restraining him. Yeah, right, just let the little darling bite the fuck out of me... NOT! I was dripping with sweat by the time I got someone else to take a turn with him.

Anyway I was one tired kid wrangler when I got home. But I was good, I put on 60 minutes. And I got lots of stuff done, ran the dishwasher, folded three loads of laundry, dusted, swept, put a couple coats of finish on my new spreader bar, set some mouse traps... (the big hole in the wall, the one Master made when he was working on the insect damage, seems to have let in some squatters... lots of little mouse poopies showing up in that room).

I was still working when Master got home. He is learning, he looks at the timer. After throwing myself down onto my knees, my forehead respectfully on the floor the minute he came in (no delays today) and I got some happy greeting spanks and then a big hug. He sat and watched me putter around the house for the last ten minutes and then told me to go sit down.

I asked him if he was happy with my new resolution, and he said yes, but he did not require it every day. He said he knows what it is like to come home tired from work. Erk... I wish he had said that it was a rule, an expectation, a DO IT, BITCH... it is so much easier to be externally disciplined rather than internally. Pout...

I need to check my trap line before I go to work.

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  1. Yes IT IS SO MUCH EASIER TO BE DISCIPLINED EXTERNALLY RATHER THAN INTERNALLY. I often times think of asking for help but you know what, they will be so much prouder if you do it on your own :).
    There are times of course that asking for help is the best, you have to decide which one of those times this is....