Friday, October 8, 2010


Yesterday was an awesome day! Normally I run out of gas after a few thousand words... I get typing fatigue. There is a limit to how much creative juices I gots in me. After a few hours I just sort of dry up.

But yesterday I was splashing around in the stuff. Yesterday I wrote 13,694 words on Demon Child. And I am pretty much finished. I kind of have a post script floating around in my head. A kind of look back decades later but that is not necessary for the story and might just be left for a later date.

There are few things I would change and add... the "court" of the Aga Khan will become the "Citadel" of the Aga Khan. When I originally visualized it, I sort of saw a tent, a movable seat of government. I saw the male side of the Bak culture as transient, movable, that they only returned to the city of women during the rainy season... but that changed and when Aylanna was taken and imprisoned there, my vision changed from an elaborate tent city to an endless maze of stone hallways and rooms. The word 'citadel' carries the weight of stones in it.

Some names would change (they got a little ridiculous and many of the sounded far to much alike). I would expand upon the society a bit more, make reference to civil wars and the frequency of dueling as an accepted manner of solving differences.


IT IS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

172,031 words long... (give or take a thousand or so when the editing gets done) a book roughly 680 pages long. Or maybe two 300 plus page novels.

I will let it sit for a while. Let it age and then return to it. I find that a few weeks or months gives me enough distance to really take a look at it and be tough enough to make the necessary changes.

So the never ending story is finally, finally done. FINALLY! And I am so stoked that I have not had a chance to experience that let down that comes after, the realization that I am not going to be channeling Aylanna any more, that she is not going to be speaking inside my head so much anymore. Yes, she will pipe up, all the old characters do. I have that... what would Junie do? What would Bob say? But I also go through a bit of a mourning period when a story finally finishes.

Interesting word, finally... finally... it has a kind of all or nothing quality... it smacks of finality... fatality... mortality. It is the cliffs edge. The line in the sand, the not one more step, not one more word, not another day sort of flavor. Finally.

Oh god, here it comes... the pensive period, the savoring of the bittersweet feelings. It is like when I repeatedly reach down and slowly sensually rub at the bruises to feel the pain, to remember they are there. I analyze, I review, I massage and pick at the painful places, both physical and spiritual. Master says I think too much, and it is true I live inside my busy brain.

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