Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fifth Annual Blog Lurkers Day...

So I guess it is the day when us bloggers say thank you to all you lurker types... and ask you to come out of the shadows and say hi.

I must confess that I like the idea of you guys staying in the shadows. It makes you all that more mysterious, vaguely scary... luminous eyes reflecting the light of my creative fires. Yes, stay out there, just out of reach, made all the more magical by your mystery.

But if you must approach the flames... come, sit down, warm your hands. Tell me what attracts you to my little circle of light...

Is it the humor?

Is it the sex?

Is it the fiction?

Is it my wisdom and insight... snort, cough, gag...

So thank you for lurking. Thank you for making my little hit counter tick up higher and higher numbers. Isn't that a strange little thing, ultimately meaningless, but I peek at it from time to time.


  1. All of the above...not the least of which is the wisdom.

  2. Hi Xantu,

    Happy LOL day! I like your blog and visit it regularly.


  3. Happy LOL Day and what attracts me is all the detail in your path post. You have a good knack of capturing an entire scene.


  4. Hi Xantu,

    Thanks for joining in our LOL Day celebration!