Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Poodles or Pitbulls?

On a group on Fet someone was talking about being a poodle vs. a pitbull... the concept was comparing the "twoo", fire in the slave belly, naturally submissive?, perhaps even fluffy slave types to the um... how does one say this... to the snarkier bitches that hang out in the parking lot and say "make me" to the boys, all the while deep in their not so "twoo" slave hearts hoping that some guy would come along with the balls and the grit to do exactly that... make us. 

Now to give all the peoples credit... many took umbrage at the analogy of poodles and pitbulls... very accurately pointing out that many pits are sweet and submissive and don't let your guard down just because some bitch is small or has a nice hairdo.

But this conversation got me thinking about it... I definitely am not a poodle (even though the squirrelly hair could pass for it some days) and he does try to make me sit on a pillow (well the couch but you get my drift)... I also am not a pit bull... I think I am a wolf in sheep's clothing.  (That explains the poofy type hairdo... it is a disguise.

I used to have huskies... a breed not far different than their wilder cousins.  They were independent, happy souls, funny, and would eat anything smaller than themselves.  They would submit only if you had a firm grip on the collar and even then they were pulling with all their might much of the time.  If they were loose, and you called they would only come if they felt like it. 

What kind of breed would Master be?

I don't know but whatever it was it would have to have a laugh like this....


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