Monday, June 27, 2011

Something for your bucket list...

The pilgrimage was generally painful and fraught with frustration, but it did have one very bright point... a glowing, brilliant, scintillating beacon of light.  My father made reservations for Master and I to go on a salmon fishing trip down the Kasilof river.  The guide had this float boat powered by only the muscles in his arms... I mean having a handsome strong tanned man row your boat all day is amazing.  This is a pic of another group getting the same treatment. 

One of the most magical things was the weather... bright blue skies... warm breezes...
We did not catch any fish, but that did not matter.  It was just awesome to float silent and peaceful, holding the fishing poles, listening the endless stories of this fish caught here or another that got away... the voices of the old men resurrecting old memories and dusting them off, reliving those bright moments.  It was almost as good as catching the fish themselves.
I ended up with the worst sunburned nose... I am peeling now. 

If you ever have the chance, don't pass it up.  It was dreamlike.

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