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Serial Saturday NORTHWEST HUNTERS Book Two, Chapter Ten

Northwest Hunters:  Finding Happiness

Chapter 10:  Old Wounds Healed.

For the second time in as many days, Junie found herself staring at her phone with distaste.  The caller ID said it was her ex-husband, Greg.  She let it go to message.  There was no way she was going to speak to him if there was any way to avoid it.  Every time she spoke to him, it always seemed to end up with him yelling and calling her names. 
A nagging worry that something might be wrong with one of her children wormed its way through her consciousness as she accessed the message.  She reassured herself that the message was not marked urgent.
The message was vague, a demand she call back as soon as possible regarding Tammi, their daughter.  Junie pursed her lips in irritation.  She had been in email contact with her daughter and both her sons letting them know that she had moved and telling them if they needed anything or just wanted to talk they could call her or email her back.  She had gotten a couple of short dutiful answers from one son and her daughter, but had heard from neither of them in a month or so.  Her oldest was in the military and seemed too busy or just too lazy to respond. 
Junie straightened her shoulders and dialed Greg back.  “Greg, this is Junie.  What did you want to talk to me about?”
“How come you didn’t tell me you were moving?”
Junie took a deep breath and blinked, determined to not let him get her upset.  And yet at the same time deciding that he was not going to bully her this time.  “Greg, I can’t see how where I choose to live is any of your business.  Your message said you needed to talk about Tammi.”
“We need to talk.”
“About Tammi?”
He exploded over the phone, “Fuck yes, about Tammi.  If you were here maybe you would know a little more about what’s going on with your daughter.”
Junie forced her voice to remain even.  “Greg, if you cannot discuss this civilly I will hang up.  And I have been in contact with Tammi.  She wrote me a nice letter about how school was going.  You and I both know that you did nothing to encourage our kids to spend time with me.”
“Well she wants to move out and get a place of her own.”
“Well, she is turning nineteen in just a month, maybe it is time for her to move out.  I don’t see why you called me about this.  I haven’t had any influence in her decisions since she moved in with you.”
Greg’s voice was taking on his old familiar tones of sarcasm and rage, “Nineteen or not, she is not ready to be out on her own.  When was the last time you even laid eyes on her?”
Junie paused, a tiny tremor of guilt shaking her, “I don’t know, maybe six or seven months.  It was Thanksgiving, I think.  You took her abroad at Christmas.”  The painful truth was that she had only seen her daughter a couple of times in the last year and then their meetings had been formal and strained.  It felt like she hardly knew the young woman her daughter had grown up to be.  “She seemed fine then.”
All her children had taken after their father, with his strong Mediterranean features and thick curly black hair.  Junie had been silently delighted that all three of them had grown up tall and slim like him as well, though her daughter had inherited her large, expressive, brown eyes. 
Greg’s voice was harsh and accusing, “Well, she is not fine.  She did not go abroad at Christmas.  She was in the hospital.  She has been in the hospital twice more since then.  Tammi has an eating disorder; she keeps making herself throw up.”
Junie felt a wave of rage and guilt flow through her.  “Why didn’t you call me?  Why did you keep this from me?”
Greg fell silent on the phone and then abruptly attacked, “And what good do you think you could have been?  What would you have done, cooked her something?  Maybe those amazing double fudge brownies of yours or maybe a cake?  Or those truffles that everyone raves about.  That would have been fucking brilliant!  And I sure as hell did not want you fucking visiting, walking, no, waddling into a fucking eating disorder clinic with a big plate of food.  That would have been rich!  You stupid fat cow!”
Junie hung up and raised her hand to throw her phone across her sewing room, but stopped herself and carefully put it down on the table.
Her whole body hurt like each of his words had struck her like fists.  Greg had never laid a hand on her in anger, but he always could destroy her with his words.
Junie found herself shaking so hard that it was hard to turn and walk up the stairs; blindly, almost instinctively, seeking the shelter of her owners’ arms.
Donna was curled up on the couch reading when Junie threw herself on the floor at her feet and buried her face in her Mistress’s lap.  Junie wrapped her arms around Donna’s waist in a frenzied grip.  Still too much in shock to cry, she just hung on, her whole body convulsed with spasms of grief and rage.
Donna had dropped her book and was holding her close.  “Baby, what’s the matter? What happened?”
It seemed like her words were the key to the flood gates and Junie burst into tears.  Donna kept her hold on Junie and crooned and rocked until the worst was over and then she prompted again, “Tell me about what has happened.”
In a quavering voice Junie told about her phone conversation with her ex-husband, not leaving out anything.  When she said the last part where he had called her a ‘fat cow’, she could feel Donna’s body flinch and tense with rage, but Donna’s voice remained calm and gentle, “Good job telling me the whole thing.  Now take a deep breath and tell me about your daughter.”
“About Tammi?”
“Yes, what was she like as a baby?  Was she good in school?  Tell me all about her.”
Junie looked at her Mistress somewhat distracted and bemused, “She was the cutest baby.  She had her father’s curly dark hair and my eyes.  She had the hugest brown eyes.”  Junie smiled at the memory, “She was a little butterball, with the cutest dimples and those rings around her wrists and ankles that fat babies get.  She was so good, so quiet.  She almost never cried.”  Junie’s smile faltered and collapsed.  “All her baby pictures that I had were in my filing cabinet.  That man burnt them all up.  All my pictures were in there.”
Taking a big shaky breath Junie forced herself to move on, “Anyway, she was a smart baby, too, even if she didn’t talk much.  And she didn’t stay fat.  She turned out to be very athletic.  We put her into dance and gymnastic classes.  She was a cheerleader in high school.  She was always her daddy’s little girl.  The separations and divorce were really hard on her.  She became pretty withdrawn and really threw herself into her school activities.  She wouldn’t talk to me much.”
Junie stopped and rubbed her face, a quiver of sadness shaking her.  “And I was pretty depressed then, too.  When she asked to go live with her dad, I didn’t fight it.  I am ashamed to say that in a lot of ways I was glad she went.  I told myself that she would be better off with him than with me.”  A tiny tired hiccup of a sob shook Junie’s voice, “I didn’t act like I wanted her.  There I was dying inside because I felt like no one cared about me and I was doing the same thing to her.”
Donna gently stroked Junie’s hair, “But you did care, didn’t you?”
“I loved my children more than life itself; losing them tore my heart out.”
“How old was she when she went to live with her father?”
“Beyond being withdrawn and naturally upset about the divorce, were you aware of any problems?  Looking back now do you think that there were any signs of an eating disorder?”
Junie paused and thought back, “Well, she seemed always to be conscious of her weight, but I thought that was from how her father was always criticizing me and my weight in front of her and her brothers.  But there was nothing like bulimia or anorexia.”
Donna paused and looked thoughtful, “That could have some influence.  Eating disorders are tricky, but they find their roots in body image and an attempt to gain control.  Growing up in a world that pressures a woman to match an impossible ideal, and then dealing with her father’s open rejection of your beauty, probably has a lot to do with it.”  Donna lifted Junie’s face from her lap and looked into her eyes.  “Don’t you think that some of her problems may stem from her father’s cruelty and controlling as much as from her feeling abandoned by you?”
The word ‘abandoned’ sent a pang of guilt through Junie.  She realized she had held this secret in her heart, that it had not been her children leaving her.  She had left them.  “I guess so.”
Donna prompted Junie, “Call Tammi, talk to her.  See how she is doing.  Start trying to be a mom again.  It sounds like she needs you.”
Junie reluctantly unwrapped her arms from her Mistress’s waist and lifted her face from her tear soaked lap.  “Thank you for listening.  Talking with you really helped.  I will go call her now.”
Donna smiled and patted Junie’s bottom as she stood up.  “Glad I could help.  Now tell her the truth.  Tell her how hard it was for you.  Tell her how much it hurt for you to lose her and ask for her forgiveness.”
Junie made a strangled sound.
Donna looked at Junie sharply, “Junie, as hard as it is to admit that to yourself, you know you need to do this.”
“Yes, Ma’am, I know.  It was just so much easier to live with thinking that they left me and avoid taking responsibility.”
“Nothing is ever so simple as to be able to put all the blame on someone else, little one.”
Junie sighed and nodded.

Tammi answered the phone on the second ring.  Her tone was cautious and surprised, “Momma?”
Junie felt her heart lurch, “Oh, sweetheart, I am so sorry I have not called you more.  I have been such a coward.  I felt so guilty about not being there for you during the divorce and I was afraid to talk with you about that.  I was so afraid you would never forgive me.” 
Tammi voice was soft, “I remember you trying to talk with me.  All I remember was I didn’t want to talk with you.”
“Will you talk with me now?”
“Oh yes, Momma, I missed you and Daddy has been acting so weird lately.”
“Your Daddy called me and said things weren’t going so good for you.”
Tammi’s voice was defensive, “What did he say?”
He said you have been in the hospital a couple of times.  He said you have been making yourself throw up.”
Tammi’s voice was confused, “You didn’t know?  He said he told you.  He said you told him you were going to visit.  And then when you didn’t come…” her voice broke and took on a tone of disbelief, “He lied to me.  I waited and waited for you to visit and when you didn’t come, he said that you were never dependable.  Sometimes, I just hate him.”
Junie interrupted, “Oh sweetheart, I am so sorry.  If I had known I would have been there.  I swear it.  I should never have let you go.  I should have fought to keep you, but I was so weak.  I was so depressed after the divorce; I felt like there wasn’t anything I could do right, that I really was a bad mother.  I made myself believe that you would be better off with your father.  I love you.  I love all you kids like you wouldn’t believe.  You were my whole life.”  Junie’s voice shook. 
It was Tammi’s turn to interrupt, “It’s okay, Momma, I remember how Daddy used to yell at you, call you names.  I remember how he always made you cry.  I know why you stayed away.  You called.  You emailed me.”  Tammi’s voice became cautiously curious, “Momma, where are you living now?  Daddy is all the time asking me if I know where you live.  He is all the time saying stuff about you being a slave or something.”
An icy wave of shock washed over Junie.  She forced her voice to be light, “A slave?  I have no idea where he got an idea like that.  Honey, I am a housekeeper for a nice couple.  I cook, clean and help around the yard.  They pay me and I have health insurance.  I have a nice room of my own and a nice sewing room.  It’s nice, a lot easier than my last job.”  She carefully jockeyed the conversation back to Tammi, “Darling, how long have you been making yourself throw up?”
“I don’t do it all the time.  I haven’t done it since March.  I go to my counselors and my therapy group.”  Tammi’s voice was evasive and Junie could sense her reluctance to open up about this part of her life.
“That’s good.”  Junie forced her voice to sound relieved, though a little worrying doubt nagged at her that eating disorders were not so easily dealt with, that eating disorders were like any addiction and denial and relapse went hand in hand.  “Tammi, if you ever want to talk to me about it, you know I would listen.  I promise not to yell or try to make you feel bad.  I just want you to know I care.”
Junie forced her tone to lighten, “Well, one of the things that your dad mentioned to me was that you wanted to move out.  Tell me about that.
“He says he won’t let me do that, that I am not ready to be independent.  I just want to move into the college dorms.  He says maybe in a year, if I stay in control of the eating thing.  It’s not fair.  I am in control; even my counselor says it would be a good thing.  And I have so many things going on at school in the evenings.  It would be so much easier without having to drive back and forth.  But he says it’s his money and he won’t pay.”
“Well, Darling, I am sure that you probably are ready, but he does have control of the money and if you want him to pay the bills you have to play by his rules.  Is it so bad at home that you can’t live there for another year?”
Tammi giggled and Junie was struck to recognize her laugh, “Not so bad.  His last little hottie moved out about six months ago and he’s out most nights looking for a replacement.  I have the whole place to myself a lot and I am busy with school a lot.”
“You were always good at school.  Do you still want to be a teacher?”
“I don’t know.  Lately, with this bulimia thing, I have been thinking about becoming a counselor.”
It seemed like they talked for hours.  There was so much to catch up on.  Tammi filled Junie in on how her brothers were doing and talked about dating.  Tammi had gone out with a couple of different guys, but so far had not felt very serious about anyone.  She was very involved in the cheerleading squad and had a heavy load of classes.  Finals were coming up soon.
When Junie was saying good bye for the tenth time, Tammi spoke up, “Momma, could I come out to where you live and visit you sometimes?”
Junie felt her heart sink, visions of the St. Andrew’s cross and the other contraptions in the basement looming in her imagination, “I don’t know, honey, I will have to ask the people I work for.  It is their house so it would be up to them.  I could come see you if you want.  It’s not that far and I have the cutest little sports car now.  You will love it.”
Junie was giddy after she hung up the phone, all the sadness of the previous call erased by the joy of reconnecting with Tammi.  She found Donna standing by the front porch scolding Honey, “No!  Honey, come out of there.  Honey, come!”  Honey was three-quarters under the deck and energetically digging a hole, completely ignoring Donna as the soft black dirt flew up between her hind legs, her tail wagging in absolute delight.
Donna gave Junie and exasperated look, “She did this last time, too.  She completely tore up all the flowers trying to dig a den.  And those hormones have her totally obsessed.  She won’t listen to me at all now.  Come help me.”
Donna reached down and grabbed Honey’s hind quarters and began dragging her out of the hole, “Come out of there you!”
Once Honey’s head was out of the hole, Junie grabbed her collar.  Honey looked up at her with soft shining eyes, smiled a wide doggie grin and strained to get back at the pit she had started. 
Donna grabbed at her collar too, “Oh no you don’t!”
Together Donna and Junie walked on either side of Honey, forcing her to go to the kennel.  As they walked by the garden Bob looked up from where he was working, his eyes curious.  Donna called to him, “She has been digging under the deck.”
Bob laughed, “That’s a good sign; it won’t be much longer then.”
Donna nodded, “Just a few more days.”
Honey walked to her cage without much of a fight, though she repeatedly tried to stop and look back.  Once she was locked inside she stood at the gate with her nose pressed against the wire, a low whine making her tremble. 
Her big brown eyes were so sad that Junie felt a wave of sympathy well up.  “Oh, sweetie, I am so sorry, but we can’t let you make your house there.  This is your house.  You have to have your babies here.”
Junie slipped into the kennel, deftly catching Honey as she tried to slip out the gate.  She knelt down and wrapped her arms around the soft golden neck.  She could smell the scent of the dirt as she laid her face against Honey’s fur.   She looked up at Donna, “I came out to thank you for making me call Tammi.  She missed me as much as I missed her.”
Donna leaned against the fence and looked down at the two of them.  “I am glad it worked out well.  I was never close to my mother and that is one of the things I regret most about my life.  Don’t let her go again.”
Junie blinked a little forcing back the tears, it seemed like she was crying all the time lately.  She took a deep breath, “She said one thing that kind of freaked me out.  She said her dad, Greg, was telling her that I was a slave.”
Donna’s eye brows shot up, “Really?  What did you say about that?”
“I told her that I could not imagine where he could have gotten an idea like that.  I told her that I had a job and that I was paid.  I told her that it was an easier job than my last one.”  With that last statement, Junie dimpled up and giggled, but then she sobered, “I just wonder where he has been getting his information.  There are only a couple of people who know about us, Agents Durant and Gold.”
“Don’t forget the police detective Funk.  She definitely was acting suspicious.”  Donna shrugged, “Well whatever, we will deal with that only if we need to.”
Junie sat down and leaned against the box, pulling Honey to lie down next to her.  “Tammi asked if she could come out here and visit me sometime.”
“What did you say?”
“I told her that it was your home and I would have to speak to you about it.”
“Good answer, a visit would need to be planned, but it isn’t out of the question.”
“Really, Ma’am?  I would love for her to come see our house.  She would love it here.”
“You would have to help take down the dungeon.”
Junie giggled and nodded, “For sure.  I think I will sit here with Honey for a while.”
“Good idea, try to encourage her to spend some time inside the whelping box.  I will get a leash; she will need to be on a lead when you take her out.  Bring her into the house with you when you come in.  And for god’s sake don’t let her go.  If she gets any more obsessed with that hole we might not get her out so easily next time.”
“Yes, Ma’am, thank you Ma’am.”  When Junie stood Honey jumped up and eagerly went to the gate.  When Junie did not move to leave, Honey began to pace back and forth, sniffing hopefully at the fence, looking for a way out.  Junie called and pointed at the doorway of the box, “Honey, kennel,” using the same command that Bob used to put the dogs to go into their travel boxes. 
Honey paused in her pacing and looked at Junie for a second.  Junie could see the conflict in the heavily pregnant bitch’s eyes, the urge to obey fighting a losing battle with the overwhelming urge to return to her chosen den.  Junie grabbed her collar and pulled her head around to face the door and once more commanded her, “Honey, kennel!” Junie made sure to put a low deep growl into her words.  Honey quickly slipped into the box and just as quickly turned around to come out.  “Oh, no you don’t.”  Junie moved to block Honey into the box, “Stay!”
Honey looked up at her with miserable eyes and Junie gently admonished her, “You know there is no way you are going to enjoy everything you experience here.”  Honey heaved a heavy sigh and flopped down on the cedar chips.
Together they stayed in the kennel for about an hour and then Junie took Honey for a walk on a lead.  Even once they were in the house Honey sat by the front door her eyes locked on the place that she had been digging under the deck.  Junie had a small inspiration and she slipped out the back door.  She found Bob cleaning his gardening tools, “Honey seems to be totally obsessed with that hole.  Do you think it would help her if I put some of the dirt in her box?  Just for a day or so, so it would smell like the hole she was digging?”
Bob looked at her in surprise, “I think that is a good idea.  A shovel full of dirt won’t make it all that dirty in there and it may help.  She always has resisted whelping in the box.  Last time she had them on the concrete outside.”
Junie smiled and hurried off to fill a bucket with the rich smelling loam and carefully sprinkled it over the cedar chips inside the box.

Over dinner they discussed Junie’s phone calls with her ex-husband and daughter.  Bob glowered as he heard about Greg’s harsh words.  He looked at Donna, “Should we allow her to take calls from this bastard?  He sounds abusive.  I hate the idea of him upsetting our pet.”
Junie looked up, surprised, part of her was happy at the prospect of never talking to Greg again, but another part of her rebelled at not being trusted to handle this.  A dry practical voice in the back of her head commented that she had not handled it all that well last time and it was not hers to decide.
Donna shrugged, “Well, there is no question that he abusive, but I don’t think we should forbid her to communicate with him.  He is the father of her children.”  She looked at Junie, “But I think you should only communicate with him through email.  It will keep the name calling to a minimum.  In fact, I want you to email Greg and tell him that because of his abusive language to you on the phone you will only communicate with him via email.”
Junie nodded eagerly, “Yes, Ma’am, I really think that is a good idea.  He is too smart to put anything too nasty into writing.”  She frowned a little.  “I don’t know his email address, though, he never was much of a one to do much with computers.  He hates to type and read for that matter.”
“What does he do?”  Donna seemed a little mystified at the idea of someone who did not use email.
Junie giggled, “Oh, he is a construction foreman, Ma’am.  I am sure he has email for work, but he has always had some bimbo secretary to do that for him.”  She looked thoughtful, “I can write him snail mail and give him my email address.  I am in no hurry to talk to him anyway.”  Her voice turned cautious, “I will be careful to not put a return address on the envelope.  Tammi said he was really curious to learn where I lived.”
“Good idea, if he calls you, just let it go to message and then come talk to me or Bob.  We will decide what to do about it then.”

Junie wasn’t sure if it was the scent of the dirt in the whelping box or if Honey’s natural inclination to obey had finally kicked in, but she seemed more accepting of the whelping box.  She willingly spent time inside, busily digging and rooting around in the bedding.
It wasn’t but a couple more days when Bob looked at Honey pacing the house.  She was lying down only to heave her heavily pregnant bulk up and waddle around the house restlessly, only to lie down again.  “It’s going to be tonight.  If she does not have them tonight, I am taking her to the vet.”
They had been taking turns sleeping in the whelping kennel.  Junie had begged to go first and tonight was Donna’s turn.  When Junie had begged to be allowed to stay out another night, Bob had laughed and pulled her to him, “No, Junie, Honey does not need a party going on out there.  She needs peace and quiet.”  Junie pouted a little at the idea that she could not be trusted to be quiet and begged Donna to come get her first thing once the puppies started being born.
Donna laughed, “Don’t worry, Junie; I will make sure you don’t miss anything.” 
In the end, Bob had to drag a reluctant Junie away from the quiet little corner of the garage.  Honey was sound asleep in her box and Donna was curled up in a sleeping bag with a book and a flashlight.  “Come on, you.”
Once inside the house Junie paced around the house, too excited to sleep.  Bob had gone into the office and was checking on some things on the internet.  Junie got out her laptop and wrote an email to both her sons and Tammi.  It was just a gentle newsy letter talking about her new life, what the house and yard were like and how excited she was about the puppies that were going to be born soon.  As she sent the email she had a random thought that it was odd that she had not even thought about sending emails or chatting with Monica.  She thought to herself maybe it was because it was that form of communication that had made them vulnerable to Sam Card’s predation.  She thought to herself that she would ask Monica about that in her next letter to her.
From her place at the kitchen table Junie saw Bob stand and stretch.  He came over and read over her shoulder as she finished the last few sentences of her letter.  Junie paused after signing off, letting him read.  As he read he slipped a hand up her back and casually gripped the back of her neck in his hand, “Your son?”
Junie arched and purred at the sensation of warmth and strength of his touch, “Yes, Greg Jr., he is a Marine.  I am not sure exactly where he is posted.  He just signed up for a second tour of duty.  I am going to send a copy to my other son, Daniel; he is in college in Virginia, studying architecture, and one to Tammi too.  Donna helped me realize that a lot of my alienation with my children had to do with my avoidance of taking responsibility for my own feelings.  I was avoiding talking with them much because I could not face that fact that I felt like I had abandoned them.”
Bob kept up his grip on Junie’s neck, “Our Donna is very perceptive and has a genius for understanding how people feel.  Once she has learned to control her enthusiasm, she will be an amazing Domme to you.”
Junie giggled, “I think she is pretty amazing already.  I think both of you are pretty amazing.”   The sensation of Bob’s hand on her neck was compelling, holding all her attention, Junie sighed and murmured, “That feels good.”
“Finish that up and come to bed.  I think we can find some other things that will feel good.”  Bob’s voice was a deep growl.
Junie shivered in delicious excitement.  “Yes, Master.”
Junie quickly finished her emails and followed her Master to his bedroom.  A thrill ran through her when she saw him shaking out some ropes and tying them to the bedposts.  “Come, Sweet Junie; let’s distract ourselves from all this talk of puppies.  Your enthusiasm has infected me and I doubt I will be able to sleep.”
Junie eagerly stripped off her clothing, but when her fingers went to her panties, Bob growled, “Leave those on.”
Junie’s voice was breathless, “Oh yes, Sir, how do you want me?” 
Bob laughed at shining eyes, “Oh yes, Sweet Junie, I want you in all ways.  But you can start by lying on your back and spreading out your arms and legs wide for me.”
Junie scrambled onto the bed and laid back, her heart racing and an excited smile lighting up her face.  “Oh Master, I love the way the ropes feel.  The cuffs are nice, but the way it feels as you wrap the rope around and around my wrists and ankles and then as it tightens up is so fucking hot.”
Bob quickly tied her down, praising her as he tied the ropes in wide spiraled cuffs around her limbs, “Wonderful enthusiasm, Sweet Junie, Donna and I are so pleased you love all this so much.  It makes it very fun to play with you.”
As the ropes pulled tight, stretching her out, Bob murmured, “Tight enough?”
Junie gasped and giggled, “Oh, Master, could you make it tighter please?  I want to feel it.”  She sighed and strained against the ropes as Bob forced her arms and legs into a tense X.  “Oh, yes, that’s nice.”  When Bob slipped the blindfold over her eyes, Junie lay back and waited her whole body tingling in anticipation. 
She could hear him moving around the room and when the sound of his feet moved out of the room she surged against the ropes binding her, relishing the ache and strain in her muscles, reveling in the her complete vulnerability.  When she heard Bob return to the room, her breath caught in her throat and her cunt clenched up.  A tiny whine of anticipation rose up in her throat as she felt a soft warm trickle of moisture leak down the crack of her tensely spread legs.
The sudden stab of icy cold against her breast made her jerk and cry out, “Oh god!”  Bob took his time, moving the ice cube from one nipple to the other.  Soon the stabbing cold faded to a deep painful ache, cold trickles of water running down her chest and belly as the ice cube melted against her chilled flesh.  When he finally took a nipple into his mouth, it felt like the inside of his mouth was an inferno of heat.  Junie moaned and let herself struggle against her restraints as the pleasure shot through her.  Another flood of moisture leaked from her.
The first touch of his fingers was shockingly cold as they reached down and slipped his hand inside her panties, sliding his fingers deep inside her, forcing a groaning gasp from her lips.  Bob worked his fingers inside her, pressing down on her cleft with the heel of his hand.  Junie surged and whimpered, hardly able to move against his hand.  Bob growled and abruptly pulled his hand away from her and grabbed the panties, pulling them up, forcing them up into the folds of her flesh, jerking them back and forth, almost lifting her from the bed.  Junie felt a thrill as she heard the fabric tear and felt it come free.
It took a minute for Junie to realize that Bob was continuing to rub the fabric of her torn panties against her soaking cunt, working the cloth against her throbbing flesh.  Bob began to speak, his voice deep and low, “You like that, cunt?  You are a little juicy fucking bitch.  Answer me, tell me how much you fucking want this.”
His words were electrifying, sending thrills through her.  Her voice was hoarse, her words almost a senseless babble of excitement, “Oh fuck yes, juicy yes.  I want it, yes, cunt, yes!”
Bob lifted the panties and began to rub them over her face, pressing the wet saturated cloth against her lips and nose.  Junie groaned and opened her mouth, reaching with her tongue to lick at the salty sweet nectar.  Bob growled, “Suck on them, bitch,” and pushed the panties into her mouth.  Junie groaned deep in her chest and sucked eagerly on the fragrant cloth.
The intrusive hum of the vibrator gave her the briefest of warnings before she felt it pressed firmly against her cleft, buzzing insistently against her swollen clit.  Junie clenched her teeth into the cloth filling her mouth and let out a loud keening groan.  At first she was confused by the intensity of the sensation, but it seemed like Bob’s hands were busy doing something between her legs and around her waist.  When she felt the ropes being wrapped around her thighs and between her legs and around her hips she realized he was tying the thing between her legs, trapping it against her cunt.  A wail of panic rose up in her throat.
She felt Bob’s hand pulling on the panties, “Spit them out.”  Junie pushed the wet fabric out of her mouth and gulped a deep lungful of air and groaned again, the vibrations against her clit were too much to contend with.  She could feel a huge climax building within her.
Bob’s voice was sharp, “Fight it, Junie, and beg for my permission.”
Junie gave a strangled grunt and nodded convulsively, “Yes, yes, beg.”
Junie was a quivering arch, dripping with sweat when she finally began to plead, “Please, let me come.  Oh, please, I can’t wait much longer.”  A strangled sob shook her as she felt her control beginning to unravel.  “Please, oh god, please.”
Bob’s voice was low in her ear, “What if I said no, Junie?  What if I refused you this?”
Junie wailed, “I would fail! Oh please, please I can’t wait.”
“What if I want you to fail?”
With those words, Junie made a desperate strangled scream, “No! Oh god no!” and exploded, her entire frame surging and fighting the ropes, refusing to surrender to the waves of ecstasy flooding over her.  The incessant vibration continued to torment her pushing her higher, demanding a response from her.  Junie wailed and shook her head, babbling, “Please, oh god, please.”  A sharp pain lanced through her as she felt Bob’s teeth sinking into her nipple.  Almost instantly she was coming again, a loud squeal of protest coming from her lips.  “Stop it!”
Bob lifted his lips from her and barked, “Fail, bitch.”  And leaned down and bit again his teeth sharp against her flesh, crushing and pulling at her hard nipple, his hand reaching down and pushing the vibrator against her flesh harder.
This orgasm was irresistible, Junie found all her resistance collapsing and she convulsed rhythmically, surrendering to the climax taking control of her mind and body.  Her last comprehensible words were, “Yes, fail for you.”
Junie had little awareness of what was happening after that until she felt Bob’s knees pressing down on either side of her face, his hard cock pressing past her open gasping lips.  Junie instinctively opened her mouth wider and tried to breathe past the gag of flesh pressing deeper into her mouth.  She groaned and wrapped her lips around him, sucking and licking as best she could, feeding on him in a spastic frenzy as the vibrator between her legs continued to force agonizing spasms of pleasure through her. 
Bob shuddered and lunged deep into her throat, his cock pulsing inside her mouth as he came.  Junie gagged and coughed, swallowing convulsively as her mouth filled with his essence.
Bob reached down and turned off the vibrator and let it rest passively against Junie’s aching and tender cunt.  He gently kissed her face and murmured against her cheek.  “Very good girl, you did very, very good.” 
Still blindfolded, Junie turned toward his lips and giggled a soft drunken little laugh, “I am such a failure.”
“Yes, a spectacular failure.  You fought every inch of the way even when you knew your struggle was hopeless.  You gave me what I wanted.  Do you know what the lesson was here, little one?”
A soft shudder shook Junie’s body, an echoing reminder of the passion that had taken possession of her just moments before.  “Oh yes, Master, I can struggle to obey, but only you have the ultimate control.”
“Good girl, that is what makes you such a wonderful pet.  You sense the meaning behind my actions so perfectly.”
Junie giggled again and whispered, “If my Master wishes for me to fail again, I must warn him I am about to lose control of my bladder.”
Bob laughed and quickly began to untie her.  “No you don’t.  I told you a long time ago I am not into water sports.  Get your ass and your bladder into the bathroom this instant.”
Pulling off the blindfold, Junie stood and swayed, dizzy for an instant, and then tacked drunkenly into the bathroom.  She giggled as the flow of urine sent another spasm of through her trembling belly muscles.  “I am going to be so sore tomorrow.”

It was very early in the morning when Bob’s hand shook her awake.  “You said you wanted to be there.  Come on then.”
Junie jumped from the bed and bolted naked for the back door.  Bob’s laughter stopped her.  “It’s a little cold out there for that.”  Giggling excitedly, Junie dragged on her clothes and ran out to the garage.
It was dark in the garage, the only light was a dim lamp lighting the corner of the garage where the whelping kennel stood.  Bob was quietly lifting the lid off the whelping box.  A soft grunting squeal of protest from a tiny pair of lungs sent an electric thrill of excitement through Junie.  Peering over the edge of the box she saw Honey very earnestly licking a damp puppy as it squirmed and complained about taking its first bath.
Soon the tiny puppy was energetically paddling with its tiny legs, instinctively seeking the warmth and scent of its mother’s teats.  Junie looked at Donna and Bob as they watched the tiny new life searching blindly at the nipples, each of them lost in the moment, soft smiles lighting their faces.
Honey suddenly paused, straining and then quickly curled up, licking at her birth canal as a dark mass swelled and pushed its way out.  Bob’s hand was blindingly quick as he gently snatched the first puppy out of the way.  Deftly upending the little body he glanced quickly at it and then handed it to Junie with a piece of old towel.  “Make sure she is dry and keep her warm.”
Junie held the tiny warm body in her hands and, for the briefest of instants, froze not sure what to do.  But the little yellow puppy squirmed and squealed at the change of temperature and Junie cuddled it close, pressing it to her face and inhaling the scent of the birth fluids.  A tiny primal memory shook through her. 
The sounds of a second puppy squalling in protest caught her attention and holding her charge safe and warm against her ample breasts, she watched as Honey carefully cleaned the newest puppy.  The times between the puppies being born varied greatly and Bob would carefully return all of Honey’s babies to Honey between each birth, letting her lick and sniff them as they jostled for position at her teats.  With each birth Bob would quickly transfer the puppies into Junie and Donna’s arms.  It was a bright morning was when the ninth puppy was born.
“Five males and four females,” Bob’s voice was pleased, if a little tired, “Not a bad litter and they all seem healthy too.  I hate it when one needs a jump start.” 
Junie looked puzzled, “Jump start?”
Donna looked serious, “Sometimes one won’t start breathing on its own and we have to try and get it going.  Rubbing them, swinging them to get the fluid from their lungs and then giving them puppy mouth to mouth.  Doesn’t always work though; we have lost a few over the years.”  Donna stood and stretched, “Well, that didn’t happen this year, and it looks like that’s all of them.”  She yawned, “I wouldn’t rule out a late comer though, last time she whelped, she had her last one an hour after all the others.  Surprised the hell out of us, we actually got into an argument over how many had been born in the first place.”
Bob yawned back at Donna, “Now you have me yawning.  I think we will all end up taking a nap today.”  He rubbed his neck, “I am going to take the other three for their walk.  I want someone to stay out here and somebody needs to make coffee.  I’ll let you guys decide who gets to do what.”
Donna looked at Junie staring raptly over the edge of the whelping box; her eyes mesmerized with the little pile of sleeping, twitching bodies snuggled up tight to their exhausted mother.  Honey lay limp and deflated, her eyes half closed, panting softly.  “Junie, you stay here and look over our little family additions, and I will go make a big pot of coffee.  Can I get into your knitting stuff and steal some pieces of yarn?”
Junie looked up again a little puzzled, “Of course, Ma’am.  May I ask what you need it for?”
“I want to put a different color piece of yarn around each neck.  Those little sausages look identical and if we color code them it is neat to see how their personalities develop.  It will make it easier to learn which are the bold ones, which are the playful ones and which ones will need a gentle touch.  I don’t need much, just a few inches of each color.”
“Help yourself.  I got a selection of Mary’s yarns from her; I think you can find nine colors.”
Junie scooted the sleeping pad they had been using over so she could sit down and look through the door opening and watch as the puppies and their mother slept, her eyelids heavy.  The puppies grunted and made little convulsive sucking movements with their lips and tongues in their sleep.  Honey lifted her head and sniffed possessively at her babies and then stretched and licked tenderly at her vulva.  Junie whispered sympathetically, “A little sore?”  Then she giggled, rubbed her belly and squeezed her thighs together, “So am I.  Man I wish I was that flexible.”
There was a chorus of squeals as the puppies were jostled by the sudden movement of their mother’s body, and the pile of little bodies began to squirm and struggle, bumping and pushing as they all tried to find a teat to nurse.  Honey sighed and flopped down, her eyes patient.  Junie gently reached in and helped the puppies, lifting them and pressing their little pink muzzles against Honey’s swollen nipples.  A soft grin of delight lit up Junie’s face as they all began to suck with a single minded urgency that had their tails poking up like little quivering spikes.
Junie was startled from her half drowse when Honey suddenly lunged to her feet and turned around nervously.  Junie had to quickly move the puppies out of the way.  Honey sat and began to lick at her vulva again, this time with the same nervous intensity she had shown earlier when she had been giving birth.  Junie looked around for Bob or Donna in panic, wondering if she should run to get one of them but she was reluctant to leave Honey or the puppies alone. 
When the familiar bulge of the dark amniotic sack began to bulge from Honey’s birth canal, Junie watched with a mixture of wonder and apprehension as another puppy slipped out and Honey began to lick at it.  Junie’s heart sank as she watched the puppy rolling limply under its mother’s rough tongue.  This time there was no reflexive wiggle or squall of protest.  Junie quickly reached for a wiggling active puppy and switched the lively puppy for the unresponsive one under Honey’s nose.
Muttering desperately to herself, repeating Donna’s words, “Rub them, get the fluid out of their lungs and mouth to mouth.”  She frantically rubbed the damp little body talking to it, pleading with it, “Come on, baby, breathe for me, breathe damn it!”  She swung the tiny body like Donna had shown her and then put her mouth over the tiny muzzle and breathed a tiny puff of air into the lungs.  Junie let out a convulsive sob of relief when the she felt a twitch and then a weak cry from the puppy in her hands.  “Good, that’s good, keep breathing, you.  Don’t quit on me now.”  She rubbed the little body vigorously and looked carefully between the legs of the newest baby.  “Hey, baby girl, welcome to our world.  I am glad you decided to stay with us.  I am sure you are going to make someone very happy.”  Giggling between her tears, she cuddled it close as the puppy responded with a louder yowl of complaint.
Junie gently put the newest puppy to Honey’s nose for her to smell and lick.  She could not help but notice that this puppy was quite a bit smaller than the others and the shade of her fur was almost white instead of the creamy yellow of her siblings.  “We won’t need a special collar for you, little one.  I will always know which one you are.”

When Donna came out with a thermos of coffee, Junie proudly pointed out the tenth puppy and told how she had helped it start breathing.  Donna’s voice was respectful, “Good job, to tell you the truth I always tend to panic when they don’t start breathing on their own.  It scares the crap out of me for some reason.”  Donna looked at Honey and shook her head, “I thought you were holding out on us, girl.  So now there are ten.”  She looked more closely at the smaller puppy, “Well maybe nine and a half to be more accurate.  We will need to make sure this little runty girl gets a fair share of the milk bar.”
Together they tied a separate color of yarn around the neck of each puppy and left the littlest puppy without a collar.  Donna sat down and poured herself a cup of coffee, “Go on in and get a bite to eat, take a shower and try and get some sleep.  Bob is already lying down.  He mentioned you might be extra tired.”  Donna’s eyes sparkled, “It sounds like you two managed to entertain yourselves last night.” 
Junie nodded and giggled, “Yes, Ma’am, I’m sure I would never have been able to sleep without our Master’s help.  I sure didn’t have any trouble falling asleep after he was done with me.  In fact, I am kind of sore.  I think that vibrator beat the hell out of my poor little clit.”
Donna laughed, “I don’t know if I should be sorry for you or a little jealous.” 
Junie giggled and cautioned, “I am learning to be careful what I wish for around here.”
“You love it.”
“Oh, my yes, I do.”
Junie gave the puppies a last loving look and praised Honey, “You did so good, little Momma.”  Giving Donna a quick kiss goodbye she headed to the house.

It was a lazy day.  Honey had no more surprises for them.  Junie and Bob slept almost all morning.  Donna slept away the afternoon, while Junie did her chores and made dinner and Bob worked in the garage.  Over dinner Bob mentioned that he had already had six prospective customers for the puppies, but he would contact a few of the local breeders to let them know they had a litter.  Junie listened with only half her attention, her mind lazily filled with the images of the night before.  Junie looked up from her plate and asked, “Ma’am, could I use your camera to take some pictures of the puppies to show Tammi?  I am sure she would love to see them.”
“Of course, little one.”
“I would like to take some pictures of our home too, the yard, the lake and our friends the trees.”  Junie’s voice was excited.
Bob laughed, “Sounds like a great idea.”
Bob had propped open the gate to the whelping kennel so that Honey could come and go as she pleased.  When Junie went out to peek at the puppies, she found Bob standing looking down into the box.  Junie slipped under his arm and wrapped her arm around his waist.  Honey was nowhere to be seen.  She had stuck to her training and was going out to the woods to do her business.  The puppies were mounded up in a pile in one corner of their box, little quivers making their tiny paws tremble and jerk.
Junie wondered out loud, “What are they dreaming about?” 
Bob chuckled, “Your guess is as good as mine.”
“It can’t be visual; they don’t have their eyes open yet.  It’s probably just what they have felt and smelled, the instinct to suck and be warm.”
Bob’s voice was solemn, “Maybe, or perhaps they have a special connection to the infinity.  Maybe they sense things you and I cannot even imagine.”
Junie blinked and nodded uncertainly, her voice was doubtful, “I guess I never thought about that.”
Bob laughed, “Sweet Junie, I am sure you are right, they are just dreaming about their next meal.”
Honey chose that moment to squeeze between their legs and flop down next to her mound of sleeping puppies.  She nosed them roughly, licking vigorously at them with her warm wet tongue.  A wave of activity surged through the pile of sleeping puppies as they woke and began to struggle to find a teat to suck on.
Junie protectively pushed one of the bigger greedy puppies to one side and made sure the littlest one got a fair share, “There you go, little one.  That will make you happy.”
Bob chuckled, “Happy.  That would make a good name.”
After that the littlest puppy was called ‘Happy’ and as she got bigger the name seemed to fit.  Despite being smallest, after her eyes were open she was always the most adventurous.  As her little legs gained more strength, the littlest puppy would always rush to greet her special friend Junie anytime she came out to visit. 

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