Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Naturally Messy Hair

Today at work a kid had an emotional meltdown. His lunch did not look exactly like he had imagined and he totally freaked out. (I do work with emotionally disturbed children after all.) Anyway the little freak out monster threw his chocolate milk all over my head... into my hair. Arghh... you have no idea how much work it takes to get my hair just right.

All the rest of the day I would touch my head, feel the dried in chocolate milk, the curls stiff and sticky instead of soft and silky... shudder... I was in the shower within seconds of getting home.

More than once someone has asked me if my hair is naturally curly. It always amazes me that someone would think that I actually paid someone to make my hair do this. Or maybe they are sympathetic and are hoping this is just temporary... maybe this was just a bad home permanent disaster and will eventually grow out and go away.

I shake my head and ruefully answer, "No, I have naturally messy hair."

It is fine, soft, fly-away, slippery, frizzy, unmanageable. Master calls it squirrely hair. I asked him, "Squirrely like the fooffy end of the squirrel's tail? Or, squirrely, like how a squirrel can be all still, and then leaps up and squirms around, wiggling, jumping, tumbling around like a wild, crazy squirrel epileptic fit? Of course he meant the latter. You just never know what my hair is going to do one minute to the next.

And yet is it deceptively beautiful, shining, ripping blond ringlets. And oh so soft to touch, like silk, softer than silk... baby soft. Master cannot resist, and all it takes is one touch, one hand gripping pulling twisting, fingers tangling and poof... shining water fall is transformed into a tangle of cotton fluff. But he likes it messy, loves it squirrely. I swear he messes it up on purpose. He will have me kneel at his feet and endlessly run his fingers through it. And I find it ultimately sensual when he does that.

Master requires I keep it long and I dye it a soft buttery strawberry blond... the color he selected. If I let it go natural it would be white and I am not ready for old lady hair quite yet. (Darn family genetics). I use three kinds of conditioners and carefully comb it out and arrange it carefully with my fingers... as fine as it is I don't often use heat to dry it... It breaks off so easily now. (I know... dye... it's a bit fried... vanity... sigh).

Early this morning, before my chocolate milk adventure, I woke up and slid closer to the warmth of his body and he turned lifting his arm to urge me closer, to lay my head on his chest. And as I did, my wild squirrely night hair must have floated up and settled down over his face because he smoothed it down and back. And being full of piss and vinegar, I waved my hand, stirring it up like a pile of eider down, causing it fly up and away and over his face once again. He called me a poop... one of my favorite nick names.


  1. I too have fine, squirrelly hair. Although mine is iron gray underneath the lovely coppery red that comes from the box. Did you hear that the new middle age is 40 to 65? Not so old lady hair I think. :-)

  2. You have Gorgeous Hair Ma'am! And the pictures are priceless! Great write though, it amazes me how you can write about hair and still make my eyes glued to your writing till the end. Beautifully done! (Both the hair and the piece)