Sunday, May 23, 2010


I stand on the far side of the chasm,
Finally ready to take the leap,
To cross to the other side,
And leave everything behind.

Ready to embrace oblivion,
To give myself completely,
To extinguish the whispers of doubt,
And finally silence my fears.

How can the renunciation of free will,
Feel so much like emancipation?
Yet I am ready to fly, weightless,
Carefree and magically transformed.

I crave to relinquish myself,
No longer the owner of my mind,
My heart or my body,
I give them all to him.

If I am enslaved,
I have never felt so empowered,
I vibrate with energy,
And potential.

To give myself totally over to his will,
To exist on my knees at his feet,
My cheek pressed against his knee,
A vessel for his use.

It is silent and peaceful there,
Sheltered in his strength,
Serving him, worshiping him,
Drowning in his dominion.

I slowly sink below the waves,
Submerging, submitting,
Disintegrating in the crucible of his vision,
Dissolving in the tide of his passions.

Sweet annihilation,
The inexorable grinding away of what once was,
Leaving behind perfection,
Beauty and surrender.

I no longer fear the chasm,
I no longer fear falling,
In fact I want to fall.
And I step out into oblivion.

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