Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rain, rain and more rain

I am finally letting the weather around here get to me. Damn it, I want shorts and sandals and sundresses... I want to let my pretty painted toenails out to breath some warm spring sunshine.

My practical pragmatic... freakin' power of positive thought perky squirrelly personality scolds me, reminds me that there are millions of people who have it worse, live where the snow has not melted, or actually have to work outside... there was a miserable landscaper outside yesterday morning pushing around a lawnmower in the driving rain... I mean it was RAINING... cow pissing on a flat rock kind'a raining. I could have her job... instead of a cushy stay inside where it is warm and dry and look out at her kind'a job. But DAMN IT... I WANT SOME FUCKING SUNSHINE!!!

Thank you for listening.

On other news... I had a wonderful weekend. Got laid, TWICE! Hung out with the grand daughter. Watched a couple movies... wrote about a thousand words... went to a party (family, vanilla... yeah boring but Master does not let me go to those other kind of parties)... went to a Yoga class at a local dungeon... fun to do the "down dog" with a whipping cross peeking in the corner of your eye. And now my glutes and triceps are talking to me about how I ought to be doing that a hell of a lot more often. Cooked some good food... ate some good food.

I did cave in and totally jump the ship diet wise on Sunday... after the yoga class before heading over to son #1's house for D&D... (yeah, I know... geeky) I succumbed to a massive caving and bought and totally wooooofed down a huge bacon cheese burger... with fries... yeah... well when you jump ship you have to really leap out to keep from being killed by the propellers... at least that is what I hear.

And now it is back to work... so far no serious bruises or dramas... three more days with kids... then a training day... and then a WEEK OFF... hell yes!

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  1. My best part was right at the end. Cheeseburgers and a WEEK oFF!!!