Friday, January 14, 2011

Fashion decisions...

So here I sit in a micro mini, plaid school girl skirt, black lace bra with a see through white blouse and over the knee stocks and some really cool wingtip heels.  Nothing quite so kinky as an old lady dressed up like a little girl. 

I have been trying on kinky outfits all day long.  Corset, shiny black spandex leggings  and a ruffled black spandex miniskirt are the favorite so far, but I do have an amazing weak spot for the romantic off the shoulder black velvet gown but that is technically my DIL's.  I am just not sure why they left it here when the moved out.  It is way too small for her... though it fits me like my fairy goth mother made it just for me.

Of course all this is moot.  It will be up to Master.  I am sure he will veto the maid outfit.  It is crotchless.  And the school girl thing is so short that the ruffled panties show all the time.  Pretty sure Master will not be cool with that.

Maybe I can talk him into snapping some pics as I do a little fashion show for him.

His leather vest has not arrived yet.  I am crossing my fingers for tomorrow.   

Can you tell that I am getting excited about a kinky night out?

1 comment:

  1. Yes, we can tell *grinz*

    You should have him take pictures this evening , do a late post, and let US vote!!!!!!