Friday, January 21, 2011


I can't remember the last time I said his name aloud.  And when I do, it feels strange, like it is the name of someone else.

I call him Master and I think of him as Master… when I ask permission for something I use the word Master, when we are just talking I use goofier words, like ‘sweetheart’ or ‘lover man’.  When he calls me ‘Beautiful’ I call him ‘Handsome’.  Out in the vanilla world he is ‘Husband’ when referred to and ‘Sir’ when being spoken to.   If he is being a bastard (and he so can be), I call him ‘Bastard’ or ‘Monster’ or ‘Asshole’ or ‘Fucker’.  And I can tell from his delighted sadistic chuckle when I blurt out those words that he is pleased with the evidence that he has successfully pushed my buttons.

He calls me ‘Pretty Girl’ almost all the time, with a smattering of ‘Beautifuls’ and ‘Sweethearts’, with an occasional half hearted ‘Bitch’ now and then.  I can’t remember the last time he said my name out loud.  And if you think that ‘Pretty girl’ is all soft and smarmy, you should hear it barked from across the room when you can tell he is pissed about something.  It ain’t soft or smarmy at all then.  It makes your sphincters pucker all up.

Do you have nicknames?


  1. I have always called Alpha "babe." Well, I must admit, "sadistic bastard" gets a lot of use these days lol. He calls me "babydoll" or "little one" as a normal course. We have kids so many nicknames are only used in private.
    If He actually uses my name, it's never a good thing. And if I use His, He's a big meany about it lol.

  2. I almost always call Master "monkey" or "babe"...don't ask why I call Him monkey, I just do lol its one of those names that just stuck. He calls me babe. Unless we're trying to gross each other out with smarmy nicknames like "snookum wookums" "snuggly wumpkins" or His favorites "pudding bear" "midget" and "spudling"

  3. in my vanilla life? i am 'flower' and my wife is 'weed' (snikkers...old vanilla inside joke)

    D/s world...Sir calls me 'little girl' a ton, and of course, slut, occasionally 'my little whore', and "Mine"...he does also call me nilla occasionally but never my IRL name.


  4. I have a million nicknames for her. "My girl" is one with a lot of meaning for us. "Slavegirl" is in heavy rotation right now, it seems to roll off my tongue the most. "Sweetness" is the other major one. Plus a grab bag of others that get used much less. Babe, love, slave, slut, whore, sexy girl, silly girl, and permutations of such.

    She mostly calls me Master or Sir in everyday conversation, occasionally babe. Occasionally she calls me meanie or fucker, but I don't think those are being used as nicknames, lol.

  5. I just call him Master. I'm not allowed to use his name, and we've talked about other names for him, but he doesn't approve I guess of me calling him anything other than Master, so Master it is. Yanno, or Sir.