Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday Fashion show.

So I had on the school girl outfit when he got home.

And the first words out of his mouth were "Just don't start."  And he had definite storm clouds over his head.  Work sucked, the commute sucked more.  He was just not in the mood.  But he was careful to clarify, "It's not you.  I am just grouchy."  But he brought in a box that the UPS man had left on the front porch... a box with a leather vest in it. 

Careful not to start... careful to not even talk or meet his eyes... I grabbed the box and moved to the other side of the room to open it.  It was either the leather vest or the Hitachi vibrator.  I wasn't sure which I was most hopeful for.  He could not resist walking over and peering over my shoulder... "What is that?"

By then I was in deep enough to catch the whiff of leather and gleefully held it up.  "Something kinky for you to wear on Sunday!"  I could not help the excited tone or the little wiggle of convulsive enthusiasm.  Maybe it was the smell of the leather.  And I am infectious.  Slowly he grins and chuckles at my antics.  His eyes slide over me and he comments that I look cute.

I pose and twist and look surprised, "Oh this old thing?"

Then I laugh and  dance around a bit.  "I was trying on different fetish outfits.  I have a couple others laid out to change into when you are in the mood."

Already all memory of the "grouchy" seems to be erased and he grins.  "You go ahead.  I will smoke and come in and see what you have next."

So I raced off to my room and pull one some shiny spandex and my corset and some boots.

He comes in and spends an amazing amount of time adjusting the laces of my corset.  Not only must they be perfect but the tightness, line across the bottom and top must be exactly perfect.  He is very picky.  His hands are all over me, tugging at this waist line, that string.  But in the end the shiny legs were ruled out.  Not feminine enough.

I tried pulling a skirt on over the legging but that was a quick "no".  "Don't you have any fish net stockings?"

Okay... off to the lingerie drawer and a selection of various garters, thigh highs and pantie hose.  A pair of textured lacy thigh highs were peremptorily chosen.  "Those."  And it was kind of disconcerting to have him insist that the lines of the lace on the stockings be perfectly vertical. 

So we ended up with this.

But they are thigh high stockings... which means that if I lean over even a little bit...

Um... well... you can see... um... yes that is it... you CAN see.

Now KellyRed was of the definite opinion that I should have a poll or let you guys vote on what I would wear, but in reality... It is not a democracy around here.  If I don't get a vote... you guys sure don't.

Oh and when we were all done and I was putting my Friday night sweats back on, I got a demonstration of how it feels to wear handcuffs and have your ass thoroughly spatulated.  (I really, really need to find a place to lose that spatula into.)  The handcuffs hurt if you struggle.  I definitely learned a lot about predicament bondage.  Arms or ass?  Arms or ass?  And you learn quickly it is not arms OR ass... it is ass ouchie alla time and I get to choose whether I want my arms to hurt too. 

I squalled at some point, "Why are you spanking me????"  Because in my head I had thought that I had been a very good girl. 

And he grabbed a handful of hair and held my face down to the bed and then picked me up to stand on my tip toes as he continued to swat the crap out of me.

It was only later that he answered my question... with a question.  "Why are you questioning "Why"?"

I cringed, my ass still glowing and sizzling.  "Um... I just wanted to better understand your reasoning????... Master????"

He smirked.  "Because I can.  Because I wanted to."

Oh yes, that was perfect.  Him owning that he wants to hurt me.  Absolutely perfect.


  1. I think you look adorable in the plaid! very Domme in the shiny (W thinks you have nice legs, btw)but the outfit your Master picked would have been the one I would have picked! That last pic is a very, very seckseh pose!

    (I was hoping to see the romantic DIL dress though)

  2. I'm jealous. You're not only not nervous, you're excited about this. Plus, you have wardrobe options. (for what it's worth, I like the third one too).

  3. I am partial to the school girl outfit myself. Mick

  4. Gawd, I love you in the spandex especially! :)

  5. The third outfit is perfect, IMO. Although, the school girl one is adorable. I'm not so big on the spandex pants, i agree that they're too domme-ly.

    So excited for you!!! Can't wait to hear about it!!!


  6. You don't happen to have a dog that might want to steal the spatula and bury it in the back yard...? Yes, I have been told that I'm a bad influence, but I swear they were wrong!

  7. @ lil... lol... um, sorry no dog and something that devious would end up with something far, far worse than the spatula.

    I have decided to not touch the spatula. But I am going to add a few other shiny things to lie next to it... hoping to distract him to other toys.