Monday, January 10, 2011

Warning... rant

I read on other people’s blogs about men that fuck at the drop of a hat.  Dominants, submissives, hell just about everybody… once twice three times a day… rogering, humping, fucking for extended periods of time.  Hours?  Hours???? 

What, oh what has gone wrong in my life?  How did I end up here with my measly fifteen minute hygienic shower sex once a week… once a week if I am lucky and the moon isn’t in the wrong phase, work does not call, the city has not put a notice on his car… his digestion isn’t out of whack from eating too many almonds… gah…

One fantasizes about sneaking some kind of little blue pill into his mashed potatoes.  Just once one wants to hearken back to the days of one’s youth, where penis’s sprang to life spontaneously and stayed hard and had stamina… back to days when refractory periods were counted in minutes, not days.

Pant... pant...  Thank you for listening.  I feel a little better now. 


  1. Laughing - kind of. Just between us, I'm happy if they can do it at all. SHhhhhhhh. I didn't say that...


  2. I feel for ya! Got to agree with beinggaisha.