Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It was close to bedtime and as I realized a whole weekend had slipped away without any sex of any kind I crawled up into his lap and snuggled him and then leaned back and looked solemnly into his eyes and whispered, “I feel neglected.”

His brows lifted high and he chuckled and repeated back to me.  “Neglected?  Neglected?”  And he flipped me over across his lap and ran his hand over my bottom and said it again.  “Neglected?”  He swatted me tentatively and I wiggled and lifted up my bottom, reaching for more. 

“Get up and go into the kitchen and get the spatula.”

Oh, shit, not “the” spatula.  Not that big, cumbersome wooden thing that is not good for anything but spanking.  Shit.  Shit.  Again, shit.  That is not what I was looking for.  Anything but that.

I protest, “Don’t wanna,” and hunkered down in his lap.

No such luck.  He dumped me on the floor.  “Go get it.  Now.”

I must admit I dragged my feet on the way to the kitchen and on the way back I was barely inching along.  Working the pitiful big eyed, little girl thing to the max, I managed to get the lower lip and chin to tremble convincingly… convincingly for anyone but Master that is.  He just snorted and held out his hand. 

Shit, shit, shit.

I remember once squirming so much that I slipped off his lap onto the floor and he just stopped and growled, “Get your bottom back up here, now.”  By the time it ended I was about as close to tears as I have ever been with getting my bottom spanked… or spatulated might be more accurate.

The next morning as I brushed my teeth before work, Master commented he ought to spank me like that every night. 

I shot him a sidelong glance and kept brushing, debating  arguing that that idea was a really bad idea… in fact it sucked monkey balls.  But then I knew if I argued that would just about guarantee a sound thrashing every night.  But too much indifference was perhaps just about as dangerous. 

Spit, avoid eye contact.  “Why?”

“You slept really good last night.”

Wondering to oneself what made him think that.  I generally sleep really good, if you don’t count a pesky habit of waking up very early. 

He repeated, “You slept good, didn’t you.  That spanking helped you sleep better, didn’t it.”  Funny how his questions sound more like declarations. 

Rinse and wipe mouth… muttered noncommittally, “Didn’t hurt.”

“Then I will have to do it harder.”

Abrupt double take.  What the fuck.  Oh, shit… I said, “Didn’t hurt”… to a frickin sadist.

Babbling, “That’s not what I meant.  I meant that the spanking didn’t hurt how I slept.”

Shit.  Shit.  Shit.  Shit. Be very, very care of what words you choose when speaking.


  1. I love how you describe moments like this.
    The spatula...Sigh, we have a slotted metal one and they really are evil.
    And can I just say, totally wonderful to see someone else use "sucked monkey balls" in a sentence lol.

  2. Hehehe this made me grin. Obviously I can't speak for your Master but whenever I get the wide-eyed innocent act it just makes me wanna do whatever evil thing I have planned more :-)

  3. You know if one had to point at the precise moment you started to cast yourself under the bus, one would have to say it was right here...

    "...I wiggled and lifted up my bottom..."

    Nothing good ever comes from those sorts of manoeuvres :(

  4. What a fun post - well, fun for me to read anyhow... thanks!


  5. @ Piece....But, but he was touching my ass. I did not even hear the bus coming. But thanks for the pointer.