Sunday, February 20, 2011

Best laid plans...

Going out last night was awesome.  Master got all duded up in his special black pants and shiny Dom shoes.  We managed to snag the last empty booth so I could snuggle up close to him.  The band was awesome, kind of rock and roll/jazzy stuff, nice beat, super base and guitars.  I was totally swaying and toe tapping the whole time.

I had a couple of drinks and I swear the bartender is a very generous person.  I was blotto when we got home.  And getting my ass caned and nipples pinched while intoxicated was a whole new experience.  I was unusually bold and practically dragged Master to bed.  MMMM....

Then bang in the middle of the night... way in the middle of the night... dry mouth and head ache middle of the night, Master shook me awake...

Son #1 called.



I never hear the phone in the night but Master got up to see who had called and saw the phone message so he woke me.  By the time I had called back they had called someone else to come over to spend the night so they would not have to wake up Livie.  I will go collect her this morning.

Daughter-in-law's due date was March 8... so this is a bit unexpected but only a week or so early.  So plans for kinky public parties have been replaced with grandma stuff... and I cannot be more excited...


  1. Congratulations! I hope everything goes smoothly with the baby.

  2. Congratulations! How exciting!!!


  3. Congratulations! The baby beats kinky stuff any day! I hope it is a joyful day for all of you.