Thursday, February 24, 2011

Serious Happy Dance

As usual the weather fairies have it all mixed up.  Now that the buds on the trees are starting to swell, the daffodils are peeking out and about to bloom, now... now after a record warm and wet winter it snowed.  Beautiful white sparkling snow... enough snow to cancel school.

The school district representative came on the news just as I made my way up the stairs and wandered naked toward my room, debating what to wear to work... he came on and announced "School is closed."


Master very much approved.

I know, it is not much snow... you guys who live where it really snows will sniff at my snow, but it is the only snow we have gotten.

And it is pretty.  And I get to stay home.  And right now, between waves of clouds and supposedly another two to three inches around noon, the sky is shockingly blue. And the branches of my big oak tree are coated with sparkly white winter frosting. 

And I get to stay home.  Oh did I say that already?

Another happy dance seems in order.


  1. thanks for the contribution to boot week!

  2. Enjoy your snow!

    The Captain and I were just grousing that we're expecting another 15cm tomorrow... and we have to go into town for groceries. I've already made 1 week's worth of food stretch to 2 while we've waited to get the van back from the shop. There's no way we can put groceries off until the weekend. Sigh.

  3. YAY! Happy for you!


  4. gorgeous pictures....there is nothing so blue as the sky immediately after it snows.

    we'd not had snow for almost 2 weeks (thank gawd)...and then today...more.

    tis raining now, but expected to turn back to snow when the cold air comes whipping down here later today.

    daffodils? srsly? i have a terrible case of the jealous now...

    (daffodil times are still 6+ weeks away here in New England)

  5. It looks beautiful... and that kind of snow one actually misses... particularly at this time of the year :(