Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who is this guy?

Last I checked he had a pulse.

This tongue in cheek comment is in direct reference to a tired old joke I would make when people would ask if I was going to some fun and exotic kinky public event.  I would pause and listen, shrug and smile and say, "Last time I checked he was still alive."  An indirect indication that it is an "over his dead body" kind of situation.

So you can imagine my surprise when he was willing to at least listen to the various things available to do at the local Kinkfest this March.  He was pretty dismissive... definitely not the slightest bit interested in three days of stuff.  But then the option of Saturday only became possible so the willing to listen happened again.  But then the cost, $90 plus made his eyes bulge out... there wasn't anything there he was wanting to do or see that was worth that much.  But to my meek, plea of "But there are lots of things I am wanting to do.  Could I go by myself???  Puleassse?  Pleasepleaseplease???" was miraculously met with a grudging okay.

Pause, boggle... wow.  I did resist the urge to check to see if he had a pulse... at least until I had his cock in my mouth... but um... well how is a pretty girl supposed to express her gratitude?

So on March 19... this pretty girl is going out to the big city and rubbing shoulders with the kinky crowd.  

And then yesterday, as we were going through our good bye ritual before going out the door before work... (imagine hands fisted in the front of my coat, being lifted up off my feet and slammed against the wall, kisses taken rather than bestowed and you can well forgive the way my car tends to weave a little the first few blocks)... um, what, oh... anyway... back to the original topic... between kisses he made some reference to the fact that the Deacon X Fetish night was this weekend.  He made it clear that it was not a promise, but at the same time it was an option.  Goodness, what is going on with this guy??? Next thing I know, he will bring a flogger and make me get semi-naked... um... doubt that... but the guy keeps surprising me.

And I have a definite maybe for a little kinky dress up outing and ogling the other peoples this Sunday.

Add to that... a definite yes to a vanilla outing to see a gamer friend's band on Saturday night, a baby shower on Sunday, gaming Sunday afternoon... and all the other stuff we always do on the weekend and I am thinking we will be napping all day on Monday.  Gotta love holidays.


  1. Good times! The sleeping I mean. Everything else just sounds like icing lol (is it obvious I'm a bit lacking on proper rest?). Wonderful icing though. Complete with proof of life!

  2. O, that sounds like a fun weekend! Can't wait to hear about it!

  3. WhooHoo! Hooray for old guys that can still surprise!!!