Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trip to the beach: Part One

Master was in no mood to hurry and refused to be tied down to a schedule.  He refused to tell me when we were leaving.  And I did a pretty good job of concealing any impatience or vibrating in my chair. 

I packed up everything we might possibly need:  warm clothes and rubber boots… handcuffs, straps and spatulas and vibrators and lube… sandwiches and thermoses of coffee, oranges, cookies and chocolate… computers and books and cameras…  

And once everything was stuffed into bags, I sat on the couch and avoided sending him sidelong glances. 

He lazed through the morning.  Television news… shower… without sex… interesting… hmmm???? Was he saving it up for some hot hotel action later?  Breakfast and then a nap.  If it was up to me we would have been on the road before daybreak, but then I am a morning person.  A serious morning person, a 4:00 am kind of morning person.  And it was his vacation perhaps more than mine.  My work gives me a week off nearly every month and he hardly ever takes time off.  And naps are what he loves… so if he wanted nap, he is the Master after all… and he looked so sort of sweet and harmless in his big chair, snoring. 

So by the time we finally loaded up the car and pulled out of the driveway it was 2:00 pm.  It was a gorgeous afternoon, brilliant, bright and clear, almost blinding to eyes that had grown accustomed to too much rain and gloom.  I remember glancing at Master with a special kind of awe that he had managed to plan on these amazing two days of all the year, the first two sunny days to take me to the coast.

The drive was quick and painless, the only thing that stood out was Master taking a slightly unfamiliar route and requiring me to keep an eye out for the signs through Salem for Hwy 22.  I was ordered to sing out, “Highway 22 West!” every time I saw a marker.   Each time I called out I got a “good girl” and a pat or a stroke or a little tug on my hair.  I did get in a little trouble once we were out of town and kept doing it… long after it was no longer needed and I had been informed I could stop now. 


I took a bunch of pictures out the car window on the drive south and then west toward the coast, but strangely the lens of the camera seemed almost as dazzled as my eyes and all those pictures ended up deleted because they were over exposed.  We saw literally thousands of geese flying and on the ground.  And I especially love the way the oak trees are festooned with this pale yellow lichen and moss.  

We arrived in Lincoln City and pulled into our favorite hotel on the Siletz Bay that is just a short walk to the beach.  And once again, Master chose the perfect days for our trip.  A suite with a king sized bed, kitchenette and a view of the ocean was only $80.00.  Winter rates… even though if you looked outside you could tell it just had to be spring.  

It was a race to unload the car and get on our rubber boots and race down to the ocean.