Friday, February 4, 2011

So you want details?

So I am putting together some stuff to post but I think I will start with trying to see if this works...

 This was a little experimental video of the surf that I shot with our little digital camera.  Yes that is Master walking along in front of me and yes, that is my voice asking in a bit of panicked confusion about how to stop once I had started.  Go ahead and enjoy the movie while I get to work on this details stuff.

Official teaser...

...what the fuck is this and why did she post a picture of it???

And now that I have your attention.  I will go off and write down some details. 


  1. Uuuumm, it's a rock and you took a picture of it because it's going to be put up places it really doesn't belong?

  2. A paleolithic phallic simulacra made of picklestone, intended for intimate Goddess worship?
    a green rock?

    Waiting with baited breath.