Sunday, February 13, 2011


In honor of Kelly's reminder that I am just a duck and to let the stress of work to flow off my back... 

Fortunately there have been more and more windows of sunlight between rain storms so Master and I are getting out and walking more and more.  And being sort of springlike... the first crocuses are peeking out here and there.... (apologies to all of you still buried under snow) we are seeing dozens and dozens flocks of Canadian Geese.  And I am reminded of a curious scientific fact... and I took the time to impart this little tidbit of wisdom to Master...

So as another flock of honking and quacking and shouting geese speed across the sky, the ones in the front yelling, "Follow me!  Follow me!  Follow me!"  And the rest honking back, "We are!  We are!  We are!"  And a few stragglers hurrying to take their place at the end of the ragged V squalling, "Wait for us!  Wait for us!"  Master and I pause and look up.

I point and ask, "You see the V?"

Master nods, shading his eyes.

I ask further, "You notice how one side of the V is always longer than the other?"

He nods again.

"I learned on the science channel why they do that."

Master looks at me, interested now.  He loves little scientific facts.

I point at the rapidly disappearing flock and impart this little known fact with a serious expression.

"There are more geese on one side."


  1. I'm all geared up for the genuine scientific explanation and...lmao.

  2. Did you get a swat for that cheekiness?