Wednesday, May 4, 2011

COnfession time.

I have a dirty little secret… I am addicted to scratching my ass.  Oh, I am discreet.  I go into the bathroom.  I use toilet paper or a washcloth.  I wash my hands afterward.  It is all performed in the name of hygiene.  But the secret… the secret is that I am totally strung out on the sensation… and I do it way more than is perhaps necessary… because… it… feels… so… fucking… good.  It is as good as an orgasm… or depending upon the orgasm… even better… a whole body rush that leaves me with all the warm, tingly after effects of an orgasm.

When I got my wanna be Hitachi (read the cheaper model) they threw in an attachment… overly complicated thing that has a anal bead part as well as a vaginal g-spot/clitoral stimulator.  Anytime you have so many things trying to touch so many different places, it never quite met the need in any one of them.  But the beady anal part… that was um… intriguing, but the big front part was just distracting.  I am still seriously considering getting out a utility knife and cutting off those big irritating for the pussy parts that kept getting in the way.  

So when Eden Fantasies approached me with their sex toys for links in your blog offer… I was shamelessly eager to the “let me look at your anal toy selection”.  I think I actually used the words “drool over anal toys” and then reconsidered and chose some different perhaps more tasteful words. 

There was this classic shape… 

...much like those very expensive solid stainless steel plugs that all the cool girls have.  And I seriously entertained the thought.  I so wanted to be like the cool girls, even if I was reluctant to spend that amount of money for something I might end up regretting purchasing.  And I wanted something more… something that could perhaps scratch that itch… if you get my drift… I wanted something that had a little more texture… more bumps… so I finally chose this.  It was not easy to make my mind up… so many anal bead options.

I eventually chose the Love Pacifier x 10 beads. 


Master found the box in the mail and he was the one that opened it up.  He laughed at me… in a not so nice way.  My face turned red… red… red.   

Hmm… if anyone has any questions or ideas… things you want me to do or try?  I will report soon about if it really does scratch that itch.  


  1. Lol! You make me chuckle.

    Is your Master going to be helping with the testing? My suggestion if he's helping...have him get you to cum, then pull it out, slowly, while you're cumming. Does it really prolong your O? "They" say it does, but I think we need proof. Maybe a series of experiments, to use proper scientific method, do it right. At least three tries. ;D

    You are not going to believe my word verification..."hypoth" all we need is the esis!

  2. O, my goodness! There's a post to look forward to!


    P.S. and my word verification was supegear...

  3. I'm glad you cleared up the itch thing. I was about to suggest a medication. lol

    Well, I've looked at this toy, too, so I'm anxious to hear what you honestly think about it. Sometimes I find beads difficult to insert if the rod isn't stiff enough and they aren't spaced just right.

    Good luck,