Friday, May 13, 2011

Sex toy fantasy... part two.

Toy review fantasy part two…

He held the box in his hand, staring across the room at her, one brow cocked with that sardonic enquiring look she knew so well.

“What is this?”

She squirmed a little… chewing on her lips… her eyes shifting nervously.

“Um… um… it is that thing that sex toy company was sending to me to test.”

“Really, what is it?”

She could not bring herself to say the words… “anal beads”.  It was simultaneously clinical and nasty.  She squirmed more and could feel her face heat. 

He grinned, that scary, feral smile that signaled that he was happy with this avoidant reaction.  She was pulling back, away and he knew he would have to reassert his force over her.  He loved it when she showed resistance.  It triggered something inside of him, set free the animal.

He pulled a small folding knife from his pocket and neatly slit the paper tape sealing the box.  It was an efficient movement and the sound of the blade moving along the paper was a hissing, shearing whisper that made the hair on the back of her neck stand up… the sensation an echo of the crackle of paper as he dipped his hand into the box.  He deliberately took his time, staring at her face rather than into the package, the smile turning sharper, his eyes narrow… measuring. 

She was frozen there, trembling, impaled with that look, pinned like an insect to a board, wings and legs still flexing, vibrating with the futile impulse to flee but rendered incapable by his eyes.

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