Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sex toy fantasy... part one.

She watched the mail…  checking the mailbox every day… it was going to come soon.  The mere thought made her ass clench and twitch. 

She had this secret… something she had not even told her husband.  She could not even begin to think of how to put it into words.  Her ass itched.  It twitched.  It was beyond ignoring.  Her ass demanded to be scratched.  All hours of the day and night it would make her pause and squirm, look surreptitiously around before reaching back and furiously digging at it.  She had even asked her doctor about it… but only got some evasive answers about over the counter hemorrhoid creams and to not do “things” that irritated it.  Stupid doctor did not even have the guts to ask about what kinds of things she had been doing…

And she really did not want it to stop… well, yes, maybe at work or at the grocery store… but stop entirely?  No way.  The sick truth was it felt to fucking good to scratch that itch to ever wish to stop.  The rush of sensation when she rubbed at her asshole with toilet paper was beyond description.  It was exactly like that last rush of sensation, the “Oh yes” moment right before orgasm, but it was instant and on demand… and lasted as long as she kept scratching.  She spent way too much time in the bathroom.  She worried sometimes when she would find blood on her toilet paper, worried that perhaps she was damaging herself.  But there was no way to resist…

Soon the toilet paper was not enough… and she began to peruse the bewildering variety of things designed solely for soothing this compulsion… butt plugs, beads, vibrators, dildos… so many things… so embarrassing… and yet… just the sight of them, made her anus twitch and itch and demand… something… something…

It was inevitable that eventually she would be here, waiting at her mailbox… squirming in dreadful anticipation.

The mailman handed her the box with a friendly smile… and she could feel her face heat as she took it from his hand…


  1. My face heats with embarrassment at how much I identify with this story, and my ass twitches with delight at how much I like this story.


    1. I love your comment. The itching is intense.

  2. Woo! Don't ask me why this is hot, but it sure is... aisha