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Serial Saturday NORTHWEST HUNTERS Book Two, Chapter Four

Northwest Hunters:  Finding Happiness

Chapter 4:  Fantasies Met

Junie walked around and around her new, bright yellow, little sports car.  She had an ear to ear smile that just seemed to grow each time she made a pass.  The dealer was giving her a long speech about the features on her new car and she had an armload of paperwork clutched in her arms.
James Conrad had followed their instructions perfectly.  There was a very nice CD player and an extended maintenance package.  The little car was the most beautiful sunny yellow and the dealer told her she probably had the only yellow Miata in the state.  The whole thing was hers, free and clear. 
Junie giggled a long, happy, triumphant laugh.  She looked at Bob and Donna, her eyes sparkling.  “This makes all this almost worth it.  So who wants a ride home?”
It was late in the afternoon.  They had gotten everything done and the SUV held several boxes of her belongings salvaged from her vandalized apartment and the papers from her former job.  A consignment lot was selling her car for her.
It had not been easy.  Several times during the day Junie felt the waves of anxiety and nausea and had to stop and force herself to breathe.   
All that was left was to go home.  Junie felt like a huge weight was lifting from her shoulders.  She was impatient to hit the road.  The speech of the dealer was just so much babble that she had no interest in listening to.  She turned to the man and abruptly thanked him and demanded he hand her the keys. 
Turning to Bob and Donna she spoke up, her voice firm and clear.  “Bob, would you please ride with me?  I am going home now.”
Bob gave her a big smile and made a sweeping bow.  “I would be glad to accompany you, sweet Junie.”
The air was brisk and cool in the early evening and Junie left the top up.  The little car was nimble and surprisingly powerful, the slightest push on the gas forced her back in her seat, forcing a small shriek of glee from her lips.  “Oh, Sir, this is wonderful.”
Bob looked at her proudly.  “I am glad that our Donna thought to extort this from that bastard.  She has some of the most delightfully evil impulses.  I think it is the lawyer in her.”  Junie giggled and nodded.  “You will have to let me drive part way home.”
“Any time you want.”
“We will need to build you a carport for this little hotrod.”
They were about half way home when Junie pulled over and switched places with Bob.  As they jumped from the little yellow sports car and passed each other Bob pulled her to his chest and gave her a huge hug, and then took her mouth in one of his wildly intense kisses. 
When he released her Junie swayed for a second and giggled.  “My goodness.”
As Bob adjusted the seat and reviewed the controls, touching the levers and feeling the accelerator and brake pedal with his foot.  He grinned and commented, “I always wanted a little car like this.”
Junie looked at him, “It was not that expensive.  Why didn’t you just get yourself one?”
Bob looked very thoughtful and spoke as he pulled the sports car out onto the highway.  “I think Donna had convinced me that it was… um… wasteful for us to have two cars and we needed the SUV because of the dogs and it was the most efficient, environmentally aware choice.  And she was right too.  There was no reason for us to have two cars with just the two of us.  All my life I would look at all the people that had fleets of cars parked around their houses and feel outrage at the waste and the disrespect for our mother.”
Junie reached across the console and touched his hand where it gripped the top of the transmission knob.  “Well, we have one now, and with the three of us, I think it is not such a disrespectful thing.  I am sure that this car will be the vehicle of choice for those quick errands to town.  It has great gas mileage, probably as good as the Escape.” 
Bob was really getting the feel for the handling of the Miata and was starting to push it through the corners of the windy road.  He was smiling in satisfaction.  He looked over at Junie with his eyes sparkling and he laughed and said, “We should name our new car.”
“Name her?”
“Oh yes, I can feel her spirit.  She is happy and eager to serve.  She will be a wonderful addition to our circle.”
Junie could not help but shake her head and laugh.  Sometimes she did not completely understand all this talk of spirits and circles and yet it seemed to endear Bob to her all the more.  “Okay, I have to definitely agree with you, she is definitely a she.  She is yellow, but we already have a Sunny in our family.”
“Sunny would have been a good name for her too, she is like the promise of new day.”
Junie stopped and then smiled broadly, “Aurora, let’s name her Aurora.  It is a sunbeam and it seems to fit just right in my head.”
Bob nodded solemnly, “That sounds like a good name.  I like the ‘au’ at the beginning for the golden color she is, and the ‘roar’ in the middle is how she talks to me.”  He pushed down on the accelerator and they flew home.

Junie was not surprised to see that Donna was not home yet.  She felt a little flush of guilt that Donna had to drive all the way home by herself.  They parked the little car beside the garage and took the dogs out for a long walk, letting them get some much needed exercise.  Junie noticed that Honey seemed to be moving slower and staying closer.
“Is Honey doing all right?  She looks tired.”
“The puppies inside her are growing very fast right now.  She probably is feeling tired or more accurately, a little drained, low energy.”
Junie nodded, “I remember that when I was pregnant; there were times when all I wanted to do was sleep.  That was difficult with the other kids always needing something.”
“I kind of envy your experiences.  To be able to hold the creation of a new life in your body must be the most beautiful of things.”
“There are no words to describe it, Sir.  It was the most important, most rewarding thing I have ever done.”  Junie sighed, “And the hardest was letting it go.  Having them grow up and become independent, leave my nest, was painful.”  Junie slipped her hand into his.  “Donna once wrote me she could not have children.  Why?”
“We were busy with our corporate pirate lifestyle.  We always spoke about having time for family, for children later, after we got the brass ring, after we made the big killing.  We were young and we felt invincible.  Then she got sick, her lab results were botched and they caught it late.  She probably would have had to have had the hysterectomy no matter what, but we had to fight the doctors so she could keep her ovaries, or at least one ovary.  She refused to be ‘castrated’ as she so indelicately put it.”
Junie squeezed his hand, “I am so sorry, Sir.”
“I nearly lost her.  At first I was afraid she would die and then she was so angry.  She kept trying to push me away, to drive me off.  She had some idea that she failed me, that I had to go find another woman who could give me children.”
“What did you do?”
“I just wouldn’t leave.  I let her fight with me and I fought back, but I refused to leave.  She was not at all rational.  She was insanely cruel and sarcastic, harping on me continually for anything and everything.  I finally got fed up and something snapped.  I took her and tied her up and beat the crap out of her with my belt and told her that she was going to stop this bullshit and start treating me with the respect and obedience I deserved.  The strangest thing happened after that.  We were both so wildly turned on we ended up fucking like wild animals all night.  After that night, it seemed like all of a sudden everything was simpler and Donna began to act completely different.  She was still sharp and edgy, but underneath was the gentleness and lovingness that had gone missing for so long.”
“It’s funny, but that gentleness and lovingness is all I see when I am with her, Sir.”
“I have seen her try to get you, but you are a genius at not fighting with her.  I love to watch her try to tease you and you just open yourself to her and absorb her little jabs.  Your loving acceptance of her is beautiful to watch.  I learn from watching you.”
“I do see it when she does it to you.”
“Junie, remember she is the one still balancing in the middle.  When she pushes against me it is as much to check that I am still there to keep her in check, as to test me or struggle against me.  You must also remember that Donna does not have your natural submissive nature.  You instinctively know your role.  Donna has had to learn each step of the way.  She has a duality to her spirit.  She could have easily been a dominant in a relationship.  It was her fate to be bonded with someone who could never have let that happen.”
As they made their way back toward the house, they could see the lights of the SUV driving up the driveway.  Junie slipped her arm around Bob’s waist, “Thank you for talking with me about this.  I see how much you love her.”
“She is an amazing woman, smarter than anyone I have ever met, except perhaps you.”
“Oh, Sir, I am not all that smart.  I barely went to college for a couple years studying secretarial stuff.”
“You keep up with her verbally.  I see you play those pun games with her.  You are amazingly talented at making things; cooking, sewing, even the simple act of giving of yourself, for you, is an art form.  There are dozens of kinds of intelligence and yours compliment hers.  Let’s go unload your stuff from the car and then you should cook her something nice.”
Donna had the back of the SUV open and was just starting to unload the boxes out of the back when Bob and Junie walked into the garage.  “I see that you guys made good time.”  Her voice had that familiar crisp bitter edge to it.
Junie could not help it.  She giggled and then ran up and wrapped her arms around Donna.  “I love you so much!  I missed you all the way home.”  Junie took the box from Donna’s hands.  “I love my car.  You were so smart to think of making that bastard buy me a new car.  You are the best!”
Donna looked at Junie with a puzzled look on her face.  Her lips quivered with a smile that she seemed to fight for a few seconds, before she shook her head and laughed.  “I missed you too, little one.”
Junie noticed Bob looking at her with wonder.  She winked happily at him and busily went about arranging her small stack of belongings on the shelves in the garage.  He nodded at her and smiled in approval.

Bob had finished the framing and drywall of Junie’s new bedroom and sewing room.  At her request he had built in an extra large closet in her bedroom and the sewing room had a whole wall devoted to storage cupboards. 
Junie had painted her sewing room bright white and had strong lights put in.  She had laughed when Bob had asked her why not yellow, telling him that she wanted to be able to see what she was doing and that it was easier to see the true colors of the fabrics with a white background. 
Her bedroom she painted a soft rich wine color on the interior walls and asked to keep the natural stone on the exterior.  Her bed was king sized.  Bob had told her in no uncertain terms that he wanted room for all three of them, no matter where they may end up.  If he decided to sleep with his ‘bitches’ he wanted everyone to be comfortable.
The plumbing contractor had finished making a nice big bathroom with a walk in shower with multiple shower heads.
Junie brought up a question that had been nagging her since she had come to live with Bob and Donna.  They were sitting around the dinner table and Junie carefully spoke the question that she had been rehearsing in her head.  “Sir and Ma’am, one of the things I liked to do before I came to live here was watch movies.  If it would be permitted, I would like to purchase a television and a DVD player so I could watch movies while I sew.”
Donna hardly looked up from the seafood pasta, “I don’t have a problem with that.”
Junie smiled at her words, but her eyes never left Bob’s face, waiting for his permission.  He was staring at Donna, his eyes surprised.  He looked at Donna and added, “Sure it might be fun to watch a movie every once in awhile.”
Junie was very aware that there was some kind of undercurrent going on in the conversation, but was not sure exactly what was happening between Donna and Bob.  She bent over her plate and concentrated on taking small bites, every once in a while looking up through her lashes as Donna seemed to carefully avoid Bob’s eyes.
Bob said it again, “I think it will be fun to have a television to watch movies on.”  Junie noticed he emphasized the word television.
Donna flushed and pressed her lips together and then muttered, “Sometimes people can change their minds about something.  Anyway it is not our way to inflict our beliefs on another person.  If Junie wants a TV, she should be able to have one.  It will be down in her space anyway, not like it will be up here in the middle of things.”
Bob laughed and wrapped his arms around Donna.  “I promise it won’t let any demons into our house, my goddess.”  He looked at Junie.  “Our Donna has some very strong political beliefs that television is at the root of all that is wrong with our society.  I distinctly remember hearing her say at one point that she would never live under the same roof as one of those demon boxes.  And I really can’t disagree with her.  But it will be nice to watch a movie now and then.”  He grinned devilishly, “Maybe we could make some of our own?”
Donna grimace and looked up from her plate.  “You would have to be the star.”

The last contractor had finished the work on the basement room addition and Bob was impatient to move his ‘dungeon’ back into the basement.  Junie was helping him and together they were putting the last few bolts in the St. Andrew’s cross, anchoring it to the floor and ceiling in front of the big fireplace. 
After it was up Junie stood for a minute rubbing her hand across the wood, her face thoughtful.  Bob moved to stand behind her, pressing his body against hers, crushing her against the wood.  He leaned down and murmured, “Did you miss it?”
Junie shivered and whispered back.  “Yes, very much.”
“We have been busy with building your room and trips to town.  We have been neglecting your training haven’t we?”
Junie felt a delicious thrill of fear and excitement.  “Yes, Master.”
He kept her trapped there, his voice was deep and his breath hot in her ear.  “Tell me what you think about.  What do you wish someone would do to you?”
Junie was trembling almost continually.  Her voice as a hoarse whisper, “I think about you, Master.  I think about you tying me and whipping me until I scream and scream and then you take me anally.”  Just saying the words out loud made a tiny convulsion of excitement shake through her, a low whimper rose up in her chest.
Bob eased the pressure holding her to the cross and turned her to face him.  “I promised you once to help you fulfill all your fantasies, my sweet Junie.  This is one that will be a pleasure.”  He leaned down and took her mouth in his.  Junie writhed against him, all her senses on fire.  After he released her he laughed and whispered, “But it will be later, not now.”
Junie felt a frustrated wail of protest start to rise up and she quickly strangled it down.  “Yes, Master.”

Junie was busy in her sewing room working on a pair of tailored steel gray slacks.  She was muttering around a mouthful of straight pins about how much she hated pockets. 
From the waist up Junie was only wearing one of her peek-a-boo bras.  She was having to work carefully because she was wearing rubber bands around her nipples had a little fishing weight dangling off each tender swollen nubbin.  Each time she would accidentally bump one of the little weights or her nipple, she would wince and flinch back. 
Donna pulled up a chair and watched as Junie meticulously sewed the pockets into the pants.  “If you don’t like pockets, why do you put them in?”
Junie giggled around the pins, “Oh, Ma’am, I like pockets.  I just hate to sew this particular style of pocket.  I really hate pants without pockets in them.”
Donna nodded, picking up a scrap of cloth that Junie had set aside, running it through her fingers.  “Have you ever made a corset?”
“No, Ma’am, but I have looked at patterns.  I am sure I could.  Would you like for me to make you one?”
Donna grinned and nodded, “Yes I would, but I also want you to make one for yourself.  But no rush on that, go ahead and get the clothing you need made.  I think you should make replacing the clothing you lost a priority.”
“Yes, Ma’am, I would need to talk with you about styles and fabrics anyway.  Corsets come in a wide variety of styles.  But it does sound like a fun project.  We could have matching corsets.”
Junie looked up at her wristwatch and made a rueful smile.  “It’s time to report to our Master for him to take my rubber bands off.  I will be right back, Ma’am.”
Donna laughed, “I will come out with you.  He is certainly making a project out of your poor nipples.  Do they hurt all that much?”
Junie giggled and looked down at the almost cherry sized nipples sticking out of the holes carefully crafted in her bra, “Only when he wants them to.  Most of the time it’s an itchy achy feeling, but when he takes them off it is pretty intense for a while.  He has had me keeping them on for 30 minutes and then off for 30 minutes.  It is when the rubber bands go on and then the first five or ten minutes after he takes them off that it is the most… um, distracting.  But that is almost more from being so fucking horny than my nipples hurting.  He seems to like keeping me all atwitter.”
Donna followed Junie upstairs and out into the garden.  Junie stood by Bob and waited silently as he worked his way down a row, thinning the tiny carrot seedlings.  Once he was at the end he stood and beckoned Junie to him.
He looked at his dirt covered hands and shook his head.  “Junie, just take them off yourself and keep them in your pocket.”  Junie reached down and took both bands off simultaneously.  She flinched and pressed her palms against her nipples pressing in, slowing the rush of blood to her tissues, her eyes were clenched shut and her lower lip was trapped between her teeth.
Donna moved closer, her eyes on Junie’s face, a feral hungry look on her face.  “Sweet Junie, you look so delicious right now.”
Junie opened her eyes and smiled at Donna.  She lifted her hands from her nipples and looked at Bob as she murmured, “Perhaps my Mistress would like to taste?”
Bob nodded in approval as Donna leaned down and took one of Junie’s nipples between her lips and nursed softly.  Junie gasped and breathed carefully through her open mouth, letting the pain flow over her.  “Oh, Ma’am, that is so nice.”
Bob laughed and then cautioned.  “No fun and games, my sweet bitches.  Save your energy for tonight.  I have something planned for tonight.  In fact, for tonight I think you two should help each other get all prepared for some ass play.  Donna, you know what to do.  Show Junie.  Just no coming you hear me?”
Junie gasped out, her voice throbbing with excitement as Donna continued to kiss and suck at her nipples, “Yes, Master.”
Bob looked at his watch.  “Put the rubber bands back on in 30 minutes.  Donna, that’s enough, let her be for a while.”
Donna reluctantly stopped playing with Junie’s breasts and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.  “Yes, very delicious.  I am going to eat you up, little girl.”  She made a hungry growling sound and tickled Junie’s belly.  Junie screamed and giggled, twisting in Donna’s arms.
Bob pulled Donna away from Junie and pressed her to his chest, his face inches from hers, his hands making dirty smears on her bare arms.  “Perhaps you did not hear me, my goddess?”
Donna met his glare for a second, her eyes filled with excitement and challenge and then she faltered and leaned her head against his chest.  “Yes, Master, I heard you.  I was just playing.  I was going to let her go.”
He spoke softly.  “I have been neglecting you, haven’t I?”
Donna froze and then a tiny tremble shook her.  “It’s okay, I understand.  She needs this attention and she is new.”
“You will always be my goddess.”
A tiny soft sob rose up in Donna’s throat.  “And you will always be my Master.”
Junie watched as Bob gently took Donna’s lips in his.  When he released her he spoke softly, “Go and get the little vibrating egg.  Make sure it has fresh batteries and then put it inside your sweet cunt.  I know it will remind you of my love for you all afternoon.”
Bob laughed as he watched both women walk from the garden their arms around each other’s waists.  Keeping two women busy and happy was going to be a challenge, but he had some creative ideas about that.
Junie watched Donna curiously as she put newly charged batteries in the controller for the egg.  “Can I put it in for you, Ma’am?” 
“You just want to make me crazy, like I was doing to you.”  Donna pulled her shorts off, lay down on the bed and nodded at Junie. 
“I don’t know if I so much want to make you crazy as torment myself, Ma’am.  Just touching you is so sexy for me.”  Junie gently lifted one of Donna’s legs and leaned down and lightly kissed her light pink folds.  “I love the way you smell and taste.  Just the sight of your beautiful pink flower makes my mouth water.” 
Donna shivered and sighed as Junie slowly pushed the egg deep into her opening, wiggling her fingers a little as she withdrew them.  “You were already soaking wet, Ma’am.”  Junie promptly stuck her wet fingers into her mouth and made a soft, “mmm”, sound as she sucked them clean.
Donna laughed and pulled up her panties and shorts, turning the control on high she put it in her pocket.  “My sweet little lesbian, you have turned out to be dream come true.”
Junie laughed and commented, “Lesbian?  Maybe, bisexual for sure, but the way our Master has been tormenting my tits lately, I am so horny I could hump a… a camel.  No disrespect, Ma’am.” 
Donna cracked up.  “A camel?  Now that is an odd image.”
“I don’t know where that came from, maybe it was the word hump… it seemed to go with camel.”
“So you hump a camel, buzz a bee, dam a beaver?”
“…bark a dog?  Oh no, here’s a good one… purr a pussy… ” Junie dissolved in giggles.
“Oh, I like that one.”
“You would.”  Junie looked thoughtful, “Ma’am, when our Master spoke of his plans for this evening he said we should help each other prepare.  He said you would know what needed to be done.  What is it we must do?”
“Just make sure we are extra clean, inside and out.”
“Do you mean we will need to take an enema?”
“Yes, have you ever done that?”
“Only for doctor things, the tests for colon cancer.”
At the word cancer, a shadow dropped over Donna’s face.  Junie wrapped her arms around her Mistress and spoke softly.  “Our Master spoke to me about the time you got sick.  I am sorry; I forgot.  I hope I didn’t make you sad.”
“It was a long time ago.  It just was a really hard time for both Bob and me.  I hated being sick.  I hated that it was attacking what was female about me.  I took all that rage and tortured Bob with it.  I am still amazed that he stayed with me.”
“He loves you very much, Ma’am.  I see how he looks at you when you don’t even notice, when you are asleep, when he talks to me about you.”
“He talks to you about me?”
“Of course, Ma’am, just like he talks to you about me.”
Donna laughed and squeezed Junie tightly.  “You are a precious treasure, Junie.  I am so glad we found you.”
“Not half as happy as I am.  When do we need to get ready for our Master?”
“Oh, probably not until after dinner, after the dogs are fed and put to bed.”
Junie laughed.  “Ah yes, the children, the parents must wait to play until the kids are asleep.”
Bob walked into the bedroom and stopped, looking at them.  They were both sitting on the foot of the bed with their arms around each other.  “What have you two been up to?”
Junie giggled and piped up.  “We were just talking, Sir, just talking about you.”  Donna giggled too.
Bob looked at his watch and then looked at Junie.  “You might check your watch, young lady.”
Junie glanced at her wrist and yelped.  “My goodness, time flies when you are having fun.”  She jumped up and pulled the rubber bands with the little weights attached and began to pinch at her nipples to make them erect enough to wrap the bands around. 
Donna pushed her hands away.  “Let me help you with that.”  She leaned down and took Junie’s nipple between her lips sucking until it was hard.  “There you go.”
“Thank you, Ma’am, that helps a lot.”  Junie was giggling as she put the rubber bands back on, little squeaks of pain leaking out between the bubbles of happiness.

After dinner Bob stood up and looked at Donna and Junie.  “After you get done cleaning up in here, make a big pot of coffee.  Then go get ready.”  He headed out and called to the dogs and headed out on his walk. 
Donna laughed, “I will make the coffee; you finish cleaning up the kitchen.  Meet you in the downstairs bathroom.”  Donna grinned, “Come naked, pretty girl.”
Donna was in the bathroom when Junie came in from her bedroom.  She had a big pitcher and she was stirring something inside it with her hand.  Junie looked at her curiously.  “I am just mixing up a concoction, Sweet Junie, a mild soap and saline solution.  The salt will help keep it from stripping too many electrolytes from our tissues.  The soap will help with the cleaning.” 
Donna began pouring a generous amount of the mixture into a red rubber bag that looked like a hot water bottle but had a long rubber hose coming out of the bottom.  On the end of the hose was a white plastic nozzle.  Donna saw Junie’s eyes grow bigger as she looked at the equipment.  “They haven’t improved on this design in a century.  Get on your hands and knees, sweetie.”
As Junie got down onto her hands and knees Donna kept talking.  “Go ahead and get your head a little lower.  We won’t put too much in this first time.  How has your pooping been since you got here?  Have you been regular?”
“Yes, Ma’am, actually I have been doing better.  I think it’s the fresh vegetables.”  Junie’s voice faltered and jerked as she felt the hard plastic nozzle slip into her bottom.  “I am eating a lot healthier since I have been here, lots more fiber.” 
“That’s it, just relax.  Good girl.”  Donna opened the simple clip and began to let the water run down into Junie’s bowels.  “That’s good to hear.  Have you gone today?”
The liquid flowing into her belly was warm and Junie began to feel a fullness and pressure.  Her voice was soft and a little tense, “Yes, Ma’am, I went this morning.”
“You are doing great, just a little more.  Sometimes this can be very erotic feeling if you relax.”
“I mostly feel embarrassed.”
Donna gently pulled out the nozzle.  “We will let that sit in there for just a little while and then you can go to the bathroom.  Let me know if you start cramping.”  Donna began to mix up some more solution.  Her eyes watched Junie carefully, an amused smile on her face.
Junie felt a little queasy, like she had the first inklings of an attack of diarrhea.  She focused on keeping her anus clenched shut, worrying about the possibility of losing control.
Donna reached a hand down.  “Okay, let’s get you up on the toilet.”  Junie sighed in relief as she finally sat down, but then felt mortified at the noise of the water rushing out of her, making a loud sound as it hit the water in the toilet, and then the louder splash and smell as some feces passed out.  She blushed and mumbled, “Excuse me, Ma’am.” 
“Don’t be embarrassed, pretty girl.  That was the goal of this whole exercise.  It’s all part of the fun.”
Junie stared miserably at her feet.  “If you say so, Ma’am.”
Donna stopped and lifted Junie’s face.  “Sweet heart, in the famous words of our Master, ‘It is all just crap’.”
Junie began to giggle and then laugh out loud.
 “Okay, one more time to make sure everything is squeaky clean.”
This time as Junie felt the warm solution filling her insides Donna quizzed her about her experiences with anal intercourse.  “You once said that you had tried it a few times with your husband, but it hurt.  Tell me about that.”
“It was during the last few years of my marriage.  I think he hurt me on purpose.  He did not use any lubrication and he was not gentle at all.  He also did not give me any warning.  It was all pretty traumatic.”
“Why do you think he was trying to hurt you?”
Junie’s voice faltered and dropped, “Things were not very happy between us.  He hated the fact that I was…”  Junie hesitated and looked at Donna.  “He hated that I was fat.  He would not make love to me.  I would beg him to make love to me and I think he did it to punish me for forcing him to have sex with me.”  The last words tumbled out and Junie turned her face away, struggling with her humiliation.
Donna urged her up and onto the toilet, “He was so bad for you, Junie.  He hurt a lot more than your ass.  You want I should go kick his ass for you?  I will be glad to do it for you, sister.”  Donna postured aggressively raising her clenched fists and punching at an imaginary opponent. 
Junie sniffed and tried to smile.  “I am sorry, Ma’am.  I guess I am being kind of a wet blanket.”
Donna shrugged, “I was asking some disturbing questions.  I did not realize what I was bringing up.”
“It was a long time ago.”
When they were done Donna pulled Junie into the shower.  “Let me wash you this time, pretty.  Let’s get ourselves all crazy turned on before we even get to our Master.”  Junie let herself relax as Donna sensually washed her from head to foot, and then massaged moisturizer into Junie’s skin and then shaved her smooth.  After the razor would slide over Junie’s tender skin, Donna would kiss and lick, using Junie’s technique to look for stray hairs and stubble.  Junie stiffened and then shivered as she felt Donna’s tongue lick across her anus. 
Donna murmured against her flesh, “Relax, Junie, just relax.”  Her tongue pushed against the puckered brown star, working its way in deeper. 
Junie felt a wave of heat rush across her and she moaned in excitement.  “Oh, Ma’am, I had no idea that would feel so good.” 
Donna lifted her head and gave Junie a warning look, “Remember Master says no coming.”  Then smiling evilly she sucked Junie’s clit into her mouth and began to tickle it with her tongue.
Junie squealed and fought to escape, whimpering.  “No fair.  You are fighting dirty.  Please don’t.  Oh god, Ma’am, please don’t.  Stop!”
Donna let go of Junie and arched a brow.  “Don’t stop?”
Junie scrambled away from her, shaking her head.  “You know what I meant.  I can’t stop myself when you do that.  I have no defenses against you.”
“We are taking too long in here anyway.  Okay, you wash me, but no fooling around.  We are going to make our Master wait.  He hates waiting.”
Junie made a face, “No fair.”
Bob was standing next to a small wooden platform.  He looked up and grumbled, “You girls certainly took your time in there.”
Donna laughed, “It was my fault, we got to talking about some things and then I just couldn’t keep my hands off our sweet girl.”
Junie blushed and giggled, her eyes looking at the narrow platform.  Her eyes flashed up to Bob’s face with curiosity.  He held out his hand to her, “Come here, sweet Junie.  Step up here for me.”  Junie stepped up and stood balanced; the platform raised her up almost five inches, almost as tall as Donna.  He kissed her lightly and chuckled, “Hey there, short stuff.”
When Bob leaned to open the toy box and Junie noticed that there seemed to be a lot more new things inside.  Bob saw her inquisitive eyes and laughed, “We do have some new toys.  I do love to play with new toys.”  He pulled out some leather shackles.  “I ordered these extra wide to help support you better.”  He carefully buckled the wide leather restraints around her wrists, then knelt and began to fasten two ankle shackles above her feet.  Junie held one of the heavy, black leather bands up to her face and examined them.  They were lined with fawn suede and had heavy stainless steel D-rings.  She pressed the cool metal to her lips and inhaled the scent of the fresh leather. 
Donna moved to stand behind, bracing and supporting Junie, kissed her neck and whispered, “I like the smell of leather, too.”  Junie could feel the length of Donna’s body pressed against hers, her hands sliding over her skin.  She whispered, “Raise up your arms, Junie, hold them wide and high.”  As Junie held up her hands, Bob clipped them to ropes hanging down from the rafters.  Donna praised her, “Good girl, now spread your legs wide, but keep your feet flat on stage.”  Junie looked down and watched as Bob snapped the ankle shackles to rings set in the platform. 
Junie felt exposed and just a little precarious perched up on the raised platform.  Her skin was tingling and it seemed she could feel the air as it swirled around her.  When Donna slipped the blindfold over her eyes, she shivered and a soft whimper rose in her throat.  She swayed and caught herself on the ropes holding her wrists. 
She could feel the added tension as Bob adjusted the tightness of the ropes holding her and then touched her face.  “You know what is going to happen don’t you, Junie?”
Her voice was breathless, “Yes, Master, you are going to do what I told you about, what I think about, being whipped and then you are going to take me anally.”  Again just saying the words sent a shiver of excitement through her.  Her head tipped, sensing the bodies moving around her.
A soft tickle swirled down her back and across her ass and Junie surged against the ropes holding her.  Almost without conscious thought she cried out, “Oh god, not tickles!”  She squirmed and fought the ropes, a terrified squeal of laughter rising from her lips. 
Bob’s voice was a deep growl, “Don’t laugh, Junie.  Feel it.  Just let the feelings flow over you.”
“Yes, Master.”  Junie’s voice quivered with the effort to obey, to change how she experienced the feeling of the light touch that was traveling over her body.  When it moved around to her front and swirled up and over her labia she realized it must be feathers.  Each touch left a trail of tingles behind it, somehow making the lights that sparkled in the back of her eyes dance in concert with the sensations.  Junie was able to contain her giggles even when the feathers touched and teased at her nipples, but when it darted to her armpit she jerked and another shriek of laughter ripped from her mouth.  She heard Bob growl from somewhere else in the room and the feathers left her body instantly.  Junie realized it must be Donna who was lightly brushing her with the feathers.
A cooler more slippery sensation slipped across her back and the she felt the strands of leather slide across her face.  Blindly she turned her face to follow the feeling, her lips kissing at the whip.  Bob’s voice was close now, his breath warm against her ear.  “Junie, I want you to tell me how this is feeling.  If it gets too intense, if there are places it feels better and places that just feel wrong.  I want this to be erotic for you, but I also want this to take you places you have never been before.  Remember your safe word, but it is just as good to tell me if something is wrong.  Do you understand?”
“Yes, oh yes.”  Junie felt like her skin was itching in anticipation and when she heard the swish and the light thump of the flogger against her shoulder blades she sighed and leaned toward the sensation.  There was the lightest of stinging sensations that lingered briefly and faded.  At a predictable pace the swish and thump worked its way down her back and across the quivering cheeks of her ass.  The tongues of the whip wrapped around her thighs, licking and kissing at the sensitive skin and then worked down to her calves. 
The swish and thud of the flogger moved to the front of her body and the pattern broke.  Randomly the tongues of the whip would seek out a target and move on, her thigh, her breast, then her side, and then back down to her thigh.  Junie found herself tensed and trembling not knowing where the little shocks would illuminate the colors dancing on the back of her eyelids.
Bob’s voice was almost an interruption, a distraction from her focus on her body, on her skin.  “How are you feeling, Junie?”
“Oh, Sir, it is tantalizing but I want more, so much more.”
“There will be more, my Sweet Junie.”
This time the swish was sharper and faster and the strands of the whip snapped sharply against her, it seemed that it took a heartbeat for the burn and sting to register, like an echo coming back across the lake.  The sting did not fade so much as mellow and spread, like warm honey spreading across her skin.  Junie moaned, “Yes, that’s nice.  I like that.”  Again the pace and pattern down her back were rhythmic and predictable and again when he moved to her front they became increasingly random, snapping against her breasts, her inner thighs, her belly, even her tender underarms. 
Junie felt a building tension, her whole body undulating under the waves of sensation, her cunt swelling, hot and throbbing.  Each touch lit a fire behind her eyes and in her skin.  The blows were coming faster and became more precisely targeted, snapping into her nipples and her labia.  Junie found herself gasping and moaning with each surge of feeling.
Again Bob paused and again she felt his words as much as she heard them as he breathed into her ear, “Tell me again, Junie.  How are you feeling?”
It was almost more than she could do to find words in the swirling storm of sensations.  “Wonderful, it’s wonderful.”
This time the whip whistled as it cut through the air and the blow shook her, a crack and a flash of fire lighting up her skin.  Junie let out a sharp cry of excitement as much as of pain.  “Yes, fuck yes.”  As the whip made its way down her back, it set her on fire, leaving a trail of burning embers down her back.  There was no piece of her skin untouched, unkissed by the lash.  Junie was gasping and surging against the ropes, reaching out toward the pain, begging for its bite. 
Junie felt the familiar warm soft length of Donna pressing against her breasts and belly.  Donna’s lips were on hers, feeding on her cries, murmuring against her mouth, “You are doing so good, sweet Junie.  I am so proud.”
Junie could no longer speak, her breath coming in gasping puffs, sweat coated her skin and Donna’s skin glided over hers as she slid her mouth down to Junie’s breasts and then down over her belly to the widely spread juncture of her legs.  A crashing cascade of excitement swept over Junie, the flame of the whip licking against her back and ass, the heated brand of Donna’s mouth pressed to her cunt and then the sensation of Donna’s fingers slippery with lubricant probing and worming their way into her tight brown opening.  Junie could barely stand; her arms and legs jerking convulsively against the ropes holding her spread wide, moaning with each gasping exhalation.
Donna continued to kiss and lick at Junie even when the blows of the flogger stopped and she felt Bob move to stand close behind her, the heated tip of his cock pressing against her ass, Junie cried out in a frenzy of excitement, “Yes, oh yes!  Do it! Do it!” pushing back against him, impatient for the penetration she craved.  As he slowly slid deep within her she groaned a deep primal sound and began to tense and tremble, contending with the sudden orgasm that threatened to sweep her away.  Bob’s voice was deep and compelling as he slowly began to thrust against her, “Don’t fight it, Junie.  Come for me, give me your passion.” 
Junie almost lifted herself up off her feet with the sudden contraction of her muscles.  For what seemed like forever she hung there, lifted by the intensity of the sensations consuming her, the ropes holding her so helpless, the way it felt in her whole body when she pulled and fought to be free, Donna’s fingers and tongue busy in her cunt, her whole skin seemed to be on fire, and most of all Bob’s cock filling her with heat.  A deep strangled groan was wrenched from her throat as she hesitated at the edge of the precipice of ecstasy and then threw herself over the edge, falling and spinning down, once again joining the stars in their orbits.

Junie had no clear memory of how long she hung there, her body lost in paroxysms of pleasure, her legs failing to support her.  She had only the cloudiest of recall of being untied and gently urged and steered into the shower by her lovers.  She only became fully aware of her surroundings as she sat cradled in Bob’s arms as Donna gently washed the two of them.  Intensely aware of Bob’s eyes looking deep into her own, she whispered, “Oh, Master, that was so much better than I ever imagined.”
Bob gave her a squeeze and held her tight.  “You are an amazingly passionate woman.  I am grateful to be able to have shared this experience with you, Sweet Junie, to have helped you touch infinity.”
Junie paused and then whispered again, “Yes, that was it.  It was infinite.”
Donna laughed softly, “Yes, that is one word for it.  Are you feeling all right, little one?  How are your arms?  You were putting a lot more stress on your shoulders than I liked to see.”
Junie experimentally stretched and then rotated her arm.  “They are a little sore, Ma’am, but I liked the ropes.  It added a lot to be able to pull against them like that.  It made it take over my whole body.”
Donna smiled, her eyes looking inward, “Yes, I know what you mean.  I like that too.”  A tiny shudder shook her.  “But I don’t want you injuring yourself.  I did not like the way you were hanging like that with all your weight on your arms.”
Bob’s voice was thoughtful, “Yes I saw that too, but it would have been too disturbing for you to stop the experience at that moment.  I will have to figure out some way to give you some additional support.”
Donna pulled at Junie’s hand.  “Come on, wobbly legs, let’s get you into bed.  I want to put some lotion on your back.”
Junie giggled, “Wobbly legs?”
Bob helped her to her feet.  “You were pretty much out of it, little one.  You could walk, barely; but, you weren’t very steady on your feet when we moved you into here.  I think wobbly is a good word for it.  So wobble into your room and lie down.  Donna is right; we should get some lotion on your skin and I expect you to crash pretty soon.”
Bob stroked her damp hair out of her face.  “You will probably just feel sleepy, little one.  You used up a lot of your energy.” 
Junie lay down on the bed letting her whole body go boneless as she felt Bob and Donna’s hands gently rubbing the mint scented lotion over her tingling skin.  She let her eyes drift shut and let her mind drift, her body feeling weightless.  The last thing she heard as she drifted to sleep were Bob’s words.  “You are a treasure, Junie, you are our treasure.”
She did not notice or hear when Bob reached to Donna and whispered, “I have not forgotten you, my goddess.  Come with me.”

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