Monday, June 7, 2010

The Delicious Art of Caning

It rained again yesterday... the weather guys said an inch and a half just yesterday. In the last 62 days we have had 57 days of rain. No wonder the dirt is mud. And it looks like at least six more days until another sunny day... ARGGGGHHHHH!!!! I mean I know this is the pacific northwest but this is getting to be a bit much...

But even though it was raining, or maybe because it was raining, Master and I went to a class put on by the Portland Leather Alliance. The Delicious Art of Caning put on by a local guy who calls himself DungeonMaster Mark. And it was delicious. He was knowledgeable, witty and entertaining. A nice display of pretty bottoms and just the sound of swish, whack, sigh, groan that accompanied the demonstrations made my insides turn to mush. And it was not so freaky as to turn my Master off.

I am very curious to see what Master brought away from the class, how it will impact his style... how his style will impact me?

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  1. I'd gladly endure 57 days of rain to get W into a class like that. It sounds as if it was tastefully done, you lucky dog. I know, I know... jealousy is a petty emotion.