Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Master plan

<----I have spent the last month I have been digging out grass, weeds and black berries from that little garden area above the retaining wall, next to the neighbor's spite... um privacy fence.

Before I got started it looked very much like this---->

Now I have a master plan... (no nothing to do with Master, please note the lower case 'm') ...Now I am completely aware that the war on weeds is far from over. In fact it has only just begun. I know that I may have gotten maybe 80% of the roots out at a very generous estimate. And that little garden area is just a small proportion of my very large and weed infested yard. And those little roots hiding down there are like little sleeper cells, terrorist weeds ready to spring back the moment my back is turned.

The first thing I need is grass clippings... lots and lots of grass clippings. Lucky for me the lawn had been very cooperative in that department. Please pause for a moment and admire Master's beautiful grass... it is lovely isn't it.

So you take newspaper, nice biodegradable, water permeable newspaper, free if you grab it out of the recycling bin at work... thank god for all those guys at work that read the newspaper rather than work. (Screws up nose... I think thank god for them, thank god for the newspapers.)

Anyway, you take the newspapers and layer then up on top o the dirt, over those little evil terrorist weed roots. Lots of layers, the more the merrier... I was laughing my most evil of muahahaha laughs as I contemplated those frustrated roots wondering where the sun had gone.

And after you lay out the newspapers, put a nice thick layer of grass clippings over them. Pretty, clean, sweet smelling grass clippings. I had just enough to cover my little piece of reclaimed soil.

Eventually it looked all pretty like this --->

<--- and this.

And in the end, I get to wash my dirty, dirty hands...


  1. I love that newspaper trick.

    Are those rhubarb plants along the ground in the first picture? I just made a whole bunch of strawberry rhubarb jam the other day. Nom. If you want the recipe, let me know!

  2. Yes, rhubarb... Last year I had stalks two feet long and the leaves were big at table tops, but this year it seems sick. Don 't know if it was rain, bugs or some disease, but I got a very terrible crop this spring. It just keeps falling over and getting slimy. Next thing is to put some slug bait around it to see if that will help.

    Thanks for the offer but Master and I don't eat jam... I am the only one that eats rhubarb and I like it just as sauce.