Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bad weather and oil spills

Work yesterday was nucking futs. We had three people out in my most intensive classroom, including the teacher. And all three subs had never been there before. It is nearly impossible to teach someone how to do this job if you aren't already juggling monkeys (code for dealing with a very disabled child that needs a 100% of your attention). So I am in there, sort of careening from one disaster to another.

Long story short, I was overjoyed when the school buses finally arrived. Whew! I made a half pot of coffee and sucked down about two cups first thing after I got home to give myself a bit of a jump start. Then I made a delicious beef, broccoli, mushroom stir fry. Double yum. And I was good and did not over stuff myself. I have not been very good lately... so it was step in the right direction. Master made lots of appreciative mmms and grunts as he woofed his plate down and filled it up a second time.

After eating I got up and asked permission to visit. Visiting means climbing up into his lap. I put my knees on either side of his, straddle his lap and snuggle up close. He held me close and asked if I needed to talk about anything... and it is true that when I really need to say something, I do "visit" but today I just wanted a snuggle and I told him, "no, not really" and burrowed my face into his neck and inhaled. I may have said this before but that man just smells right.

He ran his hands down my back and held my ass... and gave me few gentle swats. I sat up and gave him a boiling hot look and he laughed, "Oho... now that is a look..."

I blinked and purred, "Look?"

We played a bit, him pinching my nipples, me protesting just enough to make it fun. And then he commented, "I like this. I am having fun." He looked over at my shoulder at the TV news and made a tired face. "The only thing on the news is bad weather and oil spills."

I wiggle on his lap and agree... "That is the only thing on the news for that last month." Then I purred again, "...turn it off with me."

He flipped me over and in an instant had me over his lap, my head hanging down off the arm of his big chair and yanks my pants and panties down to my knees. POW, POW, POW... his spanks were hard and wonderful. I squirmed and squealed and yelped and called out to him... "Don't hurt your hand!" More of a taunt than a real concern, though he sometimes complains that his hand does hurt after spanking me.

After a while he pushed me off and ordered me to "Get my strap." I loved that he called it "his" strap. Though the mere mention of this made my heart race with fear. I scurried fast and soon was presenting it to him... and he said sadistically, "Assume the position," gesturing at his lap once again. Soon I was more than yelping, I was squalling, panting, screaming, cussing... and just as I was reaching that softer, warmer, relaxed place where the agony starts to give back rather than take from me. He stops and orders me to "Suck my cock!" I have to admit a bit of reluctance, the ouchies were just getting good, and my selfish little self wanted more, more, more... but I do love this new activity too... decisions, decisions. Actually he is the boss, so it isn't really a decision and I was soon on my knees and had him lodged deep down by my tonsils.

But that did not last too long... the next thing I hear is, "get your towel." (Code for we are going to take a shower, code for you are going to get your brains fucked out. Or maybe just a quicky... one never knows with Master but hope springs eternal.)

OOOOOOOHHHHH!!!! Oh holy fuck... I am going to get fucked... fucked on a work night... oh holy shit!!!! I was in the shower tout suite. And between continued sound spankings (My ass was scarlet!)I had a cock down my throat again and then was bent over in his favorite position. I swear, I really want to take a picture of this, my view of the act, my feet, sort of pigeon toed and straining up on my tip toes, nestled between his bigger ones... the shower water splattering all around us. It is how Master always fucks me... bent over in the shower. He will fuck me until he almost comes and then stop and mess around with me... and then start again... pushing himself to the edge over and over. Then when the water heater finally gives up its last drops of warmth, he pushes me out of the shower and we go down to his lair.

He had grabbed the strap and pushed me down onto my back and made me lift my legs up and began to beat me again. Hitting me on the tender backs of my thighs. After all the hot water and in this more vulnerable position I am instantly overwhelmed with pain and strangely the only thing I can do as I panic is violently slap at my own skin, somehow the sharp smacks from my own hands do battle with the tidal wave of pain, create a breakwater, and shelter me just enough so that I can keep the stringent position and not flip over and try to flee.

But he does not permit this for long... "Play with your pussy... Do it now!" And as I reach down to obey, he keeps beating me... snarling, "You better come!"

As I have pointed out, I am not a masochist. I like pain, I love subspace but it is not erotic for me and I plead, "Its hard... I can't focus when you hit me." But he does not relent. He grabs a big dildo and shoves it in me and pumps it hard, banging it deep against my cervix. He still hits me randomly, but his hands are full and he can't hurt me quite so bad. I grunt and tense, straining to force it, and as my focus turns inward my legs start to sag and he hits my foot with the strap. "Keep your feet up." Over and over as I get close, I forget and lose position and am shocked back by the sharp strike on my foot.

Finally I get there, and I groan out to him, "Coming, coming now." And as I writhe and cry out, he keeps pushing the dildo into me, levering it up against my g-spot and forcing me to keep coming for a long time. After he can't force another tremor from my sweat drenched body, he climbs up on top of me and begins to fuck my face, slowly, luxuriously taking his time. Finally when he is close, he moves down and plunges into my cunt and growls as he finally releases his come into me.

I look at him and smile a wide, slow, satisfied grin and giggle. I don't know why but after coming I just feel like giggling. He gives me a gentle smack and asks if I am going to go to sleep, but it is still early and I can feel the extra caffeine from the coffee still singing in my veins.

"No, not for a while."

And after I am upstairs, he growls at me this funny thing, "You need to clean your dildo." For some reason that totally cracked me up... but then after an intense scene, anything seems funny to me. I giggled the whole time I washed it off.

And this morning, it was more of the same, bad weather and oil spills, but after last night, it doesn't seem so depressing.

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