Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rainy Sunday...

Arghhh... yes... the weather guys were right... It is raining again. I can look out at that pitiful little patch of mud that I exposed in the middle of the waist high weeds and just feel those evil roots extending back to reclaim the lost territory. Shakes fist in righteous stubborn anger... quotes Macarthur... "I shall return"... or maybe the Governator... "I'll be back." "I have a dream..." and that dream involves rose bushes, heather, bulbs, flowers, color, order and beauty!!!!!

On the upside... Master, who never goes anywhere, never has attended any kind of BDSM event has consented to go to a class this rainy afternoon. "The Delicious Art of Caning". I have this little ritual, with his permission. Whenever there is an event or a class that looks interesting, I will read it to him and he will say no. Well today... today he said "sure, lets go". ZOMG!!! WOOT!!! Double WOOT with a little excited happy dance!!!

So I need to get in gear, get the breakfast cooked, figure something out for dinner that I can get on the table in the 30 minutes I will be home between the class and game. Go grocery shopping... and the little voice in my head is reminding me that I have not serviced Master in several days and he will most likely be grabbing me for some fun. Damn it, it is raining and my day is quickly getting more busy than yesterday.

And that being said, here I go... up and doing with the heart that is in my feet... and if I am lucky... other more central portions of my anatomy.

You guys all have a good day too.

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