Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sunny Saturday!

Saturday and the weather is amazing. BLUE SKY! I had almost forgotten what it looked like. I was hot to trot to get my dusty old winter white skin out and wage war against the green.

Now I have this love hate thing about yard work (maybe it would be more accurate to call it a hate hate thing). It seems like no matter how hard you fight, the weeds always win. The yard is really big... and neither Master nor I really find that great satisfaction in the act of gardening you hear about, but now after two months of daily heavy rain the green stuff is starting to threaten to take over.

Here in the pacific Northwest the green just creeps up, you beat it back, mow, prune, trim, mulch, lay out plastic, heck an air strike with some old fashioned agent orange might not even work. The grass grows almost an inch a day. The black berries that I had chopped down only a month (or has it been two... god, its been raining for fucking EVAR) ...anyway, those blackberries had grown taller than me. Kudzu with claws.

It took a bit of focus, but I got all my Saturday chores out of the way by 9:00 am and talked Master into taking me to the Home Depot to buy a couple of perennials to bribe myself into not giving up too soon. He did sort of wander around the hardware section while I vibrated and made small impatient yelps... The weather men say rain again tomorrow and with only one day of sunshine, the first sunny day in weeks and weeks, I did not want to waste daylight fingering chainsaws. It was noon before we got all our town errands done and I was ready to do full out battle.

And I learned exactly how deeply the green can sink its roots in just a winter. And I am of course a woeful wimpy weakling. Sitting on the couch writing witty or raunchy repartee does not build shoveling, garden spading muscle. I worked hard for an hour, got a blister, became totally drenched in sweat... it was horribly humid, the soil I dug out under the black berries, weeds and grass was still heavy, clumpy wet and saturated.

Master mowed the lawn, it took going over it twice to get it down. I am praying that the weather men were wrong and I will have at least an hour tomorrow to get out and attack once again. I know I need to take it a little easy... if I overdo I will just hurt myself and then all the green will come back before I can get better. So after digging out the green and forking and forking that heavy clumpy dirt from a pitifully small area of about 10 x 10 feet, I called a cease fire and made a tactical retreat. But I got a start... and darn it... I want to keep at it. I refuse to be defeated!!!!

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