Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Here is how to make a simple fun little string flogger. It is not the slightest bit extreme. Master has to put a lot of oomph into it to make it bite at all. I made one like this almost two years ago when Master and I first began to experiment with hurting me. It was a great beginner and yet... to this day, Master will use these on me, if only to change up the sensations as we play.

They also make awesome pussy floggers... mmm... awesome.

What you will need:

Some mason's twine... it comes in all kinda bright colors. I guess mason's need to be able to see it easily, or maybe they just love pretty colors like me.
A piece of 1/2 inch dowel... about 5 or 6 inches long... depends upon how long you like your handles and how big your hand (or your Master's hand is).

And some tape... I tried this new wrapping tape but after using it, it smelled funny. I think I prefer electrical tape and you can find nice colors of electrical tape if you look. And I do like pretty colors.


Something about two feet long to wrap the string around and around. I have a Formica desk top but a cutting board, or any kind of board will do... even a piece of cardboard, scissors, and scotch tape.

You will get something like this... though I chose some orange string this time. This is an old one that has seen a lot of use. You can see how the ends of the string have frayed out. It is now wonderfully soft and sends endless warm tingly chills over me when Master trails it over my skin.

On this one, Master took the time to tie a knot in the end of each string. It stings more.

Okay... take your board and wrap the string around and around... count fifty times... that will make a hundred string flogger... and if your board is two feet long... that uses up about 200 feet of your string. Leaving you 300 left of your 500 foot spool to make another one. Don't know about you... but Master has been known to dual wield.

I use a little scotch tape to anchor the ends and then I wrap around the bundle in a couple of places to keep it from falling all apart after I slide it off the side.

Now you have a loop... I carefully put my piece of dowel in one end and try to arrange the strings evenly around it and anchor them with some more scotch tape. The scotch tape gives you the freedom to fuss around with it.

And once you are satisfied, take your electrical tape or tool handle wrap and wrap it around and around spiraling up and then back down, making sure that the entire length of the dowel is covered.

You can give it a haircut and trim the ends all even if you have the urge to make everything pretty and perfect looking.

And when you are all done... you have >>>>>>
It is fun, cheap to make, not very intimidating to play with for beginners. It also is fun to hold in your hand, run your fingers through. It is sensual and pretty. I know when I made our first one, Master never put it down.

Now that you have the basic idea of how to get started with making floggers, you can experiment with different handle lengths, different types of string and other stringy stuff... I have used leather shoe laces. I have been thinking about surgical tubing?

Now for a piece of advice... Do NOT make something like this. It is some dense plastic jump rope that someone was throwing away at the school. It is beyond mean or nasty... it makes marks long before it even starts to really hurt... and take my word for it... it really REALLY hurts. For the life of me... I cannot figure out why I am so attracted to things like this, things that literally can kill me. Master already looked at the stuff and declared it too dangerous... and look I could not resist doing it anyway.

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  1. OOO!!! Crafts! I love craft projects. Don't think I'll use this one for the cub scouts though ;-). Thank you.